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The 12 Basic Principles of Animation Day 1 – AE Premium | Aetuts+ So, what are the 12 Basic Principles of Animation and why should you care about them? The goal of the principles is to bring life and excitement to any animation - to take the mediocre and make it exceptional. Originally created by Disney animators for hand drawn animation, these are principles that anyone hoping to create quality animations should know and use. Overview Core Training Value: You will learn the fundamental 12 Principles of Animation and how they can be used within After Effects to give all your future projects more life.Difficulty: Beginner This is a Premium Tutorial. Premium Tut Preview Tutorial Sneak Peek Once you've joined, log-in to the Premium Dashboard with your username and password to immediately access your Premium Content.

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Teach For India There are many ways to be good and these days, some of the most noble people have assumed the manners of the business world — even though they don’t aim for profit. As Warren Buffet on his recent philanthropic visit to India said, “Part of life is to plant trees that other people will sit under. Somebody planted a tree for me long ago in the form of an education institution and I sat under that tree, metaphorically.” It is a season of reckoning for Teach for India (TFI), the programme that dispatched 80 top college graduates and a few who had stints with top corporates to teach hard-to-staff low-income rural and urban schools in India. The first group’s two-year commitment is up, and the programme now faces expectations: can a small crop of bright and idealistic people with boot camp training help change India’s education system? Shaheen Mistri, founder of TFI spills the beans on her ambitious goal. Way to TFI fellowship Catalyst of change The impact Not a ‘cushy’ job Education crisis By :