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Autodesk 123D - Personal Fabrication, 3D Printing, and Making Products and Services

Autodesk 123D - Personal Fabrication, 3D Printing, and Making Products and Services
123D Make update history Find the entire 123D Make release history here. Click an update from the list below to get more info: Version 1.4 for Windows and Mac / January 6, 2014. Improved dowel controls. We’re excited to announce this highly requested feature!

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BEE Stand_natural(kit) d-torso paper craft by Aki Co.,Ltd. D-torso is started with paper craft mannequin for knit cloths show, and this Eve, Adam and torso model is the very first model of d-torso. So all the staff and especially designer Mr.Matsuoka is emotionally involved to this model. If you are owner of shop, then this model add spice to your cloths and products. d-torso are cardboard craft figures created by Aki Co., Ltd. in which an original system is used in a similar way to a CT scan, in order to cut and break a 3D image for a later reassembly. Each piece of the figure is cut by a highly precise laser machine, which makes the assembling process very simple, since no extra elements are needed (scissors or glue).

Autodesk 123D Design Simplest way to get your ideas into 3D. 123D Design is a free, powerful, yet simple 3D creation and editing tool which supports many new 3D printers. PC download 3D printing Version 2, June 1991 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. Preamble 3D Scanner Digitally Immortalizes Invaluable Masterpieces in Five Minutes Flat Last year, the Smithsonian opened a virtual museum. With Smithsonian X 3D Explorer users can take a virtual tour of (and even 3D print) high-definition digital models of artifacts like Lincoln’s life mask or the Wright Brother’s plane. It’s a brilliant concept. Once digital, artifacts can be easily accessed and explored in detail by researchers, students, and ordinary museum goers. Whereas, most museums only keep a fraction of their inventory on display—a digital museum can show it all off all the time. And of course, digitizing objects saves them for posterity should they be lost or damaged.

Universal Art Frame by emmett Sandwich the art between a backing and a piece of glass. The glass is the most expensive part of this frame, but it's still quite cheap. I used a kind of particle board for the backing, and the hardware store custom cut it and the glass to size for free. Design Technology: Mechanical Toys by Focus Educational Software Mechanical Toys Design Technology software and VLE SCORM resource supports the teaching of KS2 and KS3 Mechanical and Moving Toy themed projects. This easy-to-use resource is perfect for whole class DT whiteboard teaching and individual study. Focus on Mechanical Toys is available as a PC software program and VLE Learning Platform SCORM package. English and Greek language versions are available. Windows software single user licence:£29.95Windows software site licence:£99.95Learning Platform VLE SCORM Package:£99.95Basic Principles of Mechanisms Structured to encourage students of all abilities to conduct their own investigations into the basic principles of mechanisms, this simple-to-use learning aid includes sections covering: Windows PC Software and Learning Platform VLE SCORM packages: Available in either PC Windows software format (XP,Vista, Win 7,8,10) or as a VLE Learning Platform SCORM package. » Blog Archive » Press-fit Geodesic Dome September 16th, 2008 Tags: fab, fablab, how to make almost anything, htmaa Week 2: Make a press-fit kit out of cardboard. An exhibit on Buckminster Fuller just ended at the Whitney in New York and served as the inspiration for this press-fit kit. Geodesic domes and spheres have been extensively used in architecture since their popularization by Buckminster Fuller. The geodesic dome is constructed by starting with a icosahedron, and then modifying the sides through projection.

3D Printer Builds Homes From Mud In Impoverished Areas Nearly one billion people around the globe are homeless or live in substandard housing. In the era of 3D printing, some have addressed this crisis through quickly built concrete buildings. While this method would create a secure dwelling, delivering the raw materials and bulky printer increases the cost significantly, reducing its feasibility. The Italian 3D printing company WASP may have solved this problem by developing an easily-transportable machine that can quickly create dwellings out of mud and natural fibers—materials already available where the houses will be built. Making houses out of mud is not anything new. cardboard interior design Cardboard light fixtures? Furniture made from cardboard? Sure, it’s not a material that typically comes to mind when you think of interior design.

Basic computing elements created in bacteria The "friendly" bacteria inside our digestive systems are being given an upgrade, which may one day allow them to be programmed to detect and ultimately treat diseases such as colon cancer and immune disorders. In a paper published in the journal Cell Systems, researchers at MIT unveil a series of sensors, memory switches, and circuits that can be encoded in the common human gut bacterium Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. These basic computing elements will allow the bacteria to sense, memorize, and respond to signals in the gut, with future applications that might include the early detection and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer. Researchers have previously built genetic circuits inside model organisms such as E. coli.

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