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Display Tools From BlenderWiki Download the addon. To install the addon you can : 1 - Put a copy into your \\.blender\scripts\addons folder. 2 - Remember the location and use built-in install function on User Preferences Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences. Click 3D View then Display Tools to Enable the script. Click Save as default and close the User Preferences. The addon is designed to provide several tools to speed your workflow in viewport display related tasks and interaction with multiple objects. Blender 3D Design Course Blender 3D Design Course Note: Added new Lesson #13 - NURBS Surfaces / Meta Objects - April 27, 2013 Note: Added new Lesson #14 - Rigid Body Dynamics- June 1, 2013 Students: This course is also available for downloading to your iPhone or iPad via Tufts University iTunesU. (Install the iTunesU app / Search Colleges and Universities - Tufts University / Subscribe to "3D Design - Blender"). You can also download the course to a desktop or laptop via the iTunes application.

Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts - BlenderWiki From BlenderWiki Quick Links Release, Contrib and External categories: what are they? Add-on Development Guidelines: if you want to develop add-ons. Add-ons Process: if you want to have your add-on included with Blender. Downloads Layer Manager Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D interaction/layer manager Log in < Extensions:2.6 | Py | Scripts | 3D interaction Blender 2.6 English Blur your Traces in Blender Gernan Version The last time I have explained how to hide compression artifacts using the Bilateral Blur. But there are many other situations which lead to nodes destroying your picture. Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/PrintToolbox From BlenderWiki Example of Cura with an exported mesh. The purpose of this addon is to be a collection of useful tools when printing. Currently there are 5 main sections to this addon which can be accessed from the toolbox. Statistics Error Checking Cleanup Rescaling Export

Blender Encyclopedia: Modifiers There’s too many settings and functions in Blender to remember what each one does. And Google searches often raise more questions than they answer! Introducing the Blender 101 series! The series where we focus on a specific area of blender and show you what each function does. First up… by Anderson Baptisa Edge Tools VTX Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/Edge Slice Log in < Extensions:2.6 | Py | Scripts | Modeling Blender 2.6 Fighting Compression in Blender German version Especially while working with selective color correction, you may quickly strech the heavily compressed material to it's limits. So, because of the low bit-depth and bitrates you will encounter annoying compression Blocks, primarily in the color components. Yet, Blender's compositor provides a little workaround to save the trouble: The Bilateral Blur Node. Though that name sounds quite complicated, the way it works is rather simple. It blurs the picture while trying to preserve important details.

Set Origin to Selected Bored by the obligation to set the 3d cursor to change the pivot of an object, try this little script which permit to set the object pivot directly from Edit Mode Selection. Installation First download the script here, Place it in the "BLENDER_VERSION/script/addons/" folder, Start blender, Open user preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U), Go into the add-ons panel, Check the checkbox near "Set Object to selected" : Use Switch to edit mode, Select 1 point or more :

Smart Sampling Hi everyone, some of you may already tried the “Non Progressive” integrator, which has been added in Blender 2.64. The integrator received some fixes recently which brought it up to speed. Note: You need a SVN build (53719 or newer). Sun Position addon From BlenderWiki Introduction The sun position widget can be used for creating sun animations as well as for just studying the sun position for given locations and times as a singular object or multiple objects on the ecliptic or as an analemma. Sun animation • Created using Cycles. Installation Yet Another Thread about Cycles Materials This material is made with Blender and Cycles. I tried to do brushed stainless steel material, like this coffee pot. I have mixed two Glossy shaders, both with GGX option selected. This kind of glossy is recommended for high roughness glossy materials. The former is the base color and gloss. The latter adds specular and mirror reflections.