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Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games. Animex came about through a vision for an inclusive festival that would draw animation's brightest lights and future stars to a little town in North East England.

Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games

Animex prides itself on being an inclusive event where people meet to be educated, inspired and entertained. At Animex you can learn from the foremost in the field and get the chance to meet and discuss the state-of-the-art, see behind the scenes of the biggest hits, do business and have a great time at one of the premier games and animation events anywhere in the world. Consisting of a unique blend of talks, workshops, networking events, exhibitions and screenings, Animex promotes an ethos of collaboration and sharing, bringing the world of computer games and animation to audiences of any level of expertise, regardless of background and prior knowledge.

Home EN - Holland Animation Film Festival - HAFF. Anima 2015. Inscription La 34ème édition d’Anima aura lieu du 13 au 22 février 2015.

Anima 2015

La pré-sélection se fera entre le 1er juillet et le 1er octobre 2014. Vous pourrez inscrire vos films en ligne à partir de cette date et nous faire parvenir un DVD pour vision à l’adresse ci-dessous. Réglement Anima 2015Fiche d'inscription Anima 2015 à téléchargerFiche d'inscription Anima 2015 onlineSpécifications techniques 24 bd de l'Empereur 1000 Brussels - Belgium T: +32 2 534 41 25 F: +32 2 534 22 79 E: Anima is qualified by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the short animated film category.

News Tante Hilda en clôture Cette année, la clôture d'Anima (dimanche à 20 heures, Studio 4) sera bien plus qu'une distribution des prix puisqu'on pourra y voir, après la proclamation du palmarès, l'avant première de "Tante Hilda! " Samedi c'est la Nuit animée Dépêchez-vous de réserver vos places, il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde! Monstra Festival - Festival de Animação.

Ottawa International Animation Festival. Animasivo. Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014, September 17 - 20, Portugal. Cartoon Media - Cartoon Masters - Cartoon DIGITAL. BGS - Brasil Game Show - 08 a 12 de Outubro de 2014 - Expo Center Norte - São Paulo. Cyber Sousa-Xiamen International Animation Festival. 移动手机> 联通手机> 电信手机> The competition entry form of CYBER SOUSA.

Cyber Sousa-Xiamen International Animation Festival

Indonesia International Filmmaking Resources Expo. Festivals – Swiss Made VFX: Swiss Visual Effects Association. Events and Media. BFX. AEAF, VFX Festival. The VFX Festival London – Home. Animation Festivals - List of International Animated Film FestivalsAnimation Festivals. PISAF 2014 10.22 ~ 26 부천국제학생애니메이션페스티벌. Euganea Film Festival - Este, Monselice, Colli Euganei 2014. Cortoons.WebSite. MIA Animation Conference & Festival. MIA Animation Conference & Festival. International 3D Festival. What?

International 3D Festival

The International 3D Festival (I3DF) is an international film festival fully dedicated to "3D contents", i.e. to stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) film and VR content. It brings together the full spectrum of people sharing the passion for such 3D contents. I3DF features competitions, awards, and screenings (with many open to the general public).

I3DF features two types of awards: "Lumiere Awards" from the Advanced Imaging Society based in Hollywood, CA, available for eligible contents from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA), and recognizing contents;"3D Guild Awards" from the 3D Guild (3DG) based in Brussels, Belgium, available for eligible contents from anywhere the world, and recognizing individuals. A given content may compete for both types of awards if it is eligible for each independently. The awards are given out during the Awards ceremony that is the final fireworks of 3D Stereo MEDIA. Whom for? When & where? On 13-15 December at Théâtre de Liège. How to participate? Site officiel du Festival et du Marché international du film d'animation d'Annecy.

Home - Digital Cinema, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Stereoscopic 3D, Video Games, 3D Animation & Visual Effects. Asia 2014. SIGGRAPH 2014. PIXEL 8 - annual austrian conference on computer graphics & animation. — Paris ACM SIGGRAPH. Nordic TD Forum. MYCONTENT. C… what it takes to change. Each year’s Ars Electronica Festival program features a colorful palette of event formats and offerings.

C… what it takes to change

The spectrum ranges from conferences and speeches to exhibitions, concerts, performances and interventions. The settings of these artistic-scientific explorations are various cultural institutions and art venues as well as public spaces throughout the City of Linz. You can get an impression of the festival lineup by visiting the Ars Electronica 2013 festival website. To view lots of vibrant images, click here. Concerts Orchestral music and digital sounds, on one hand; live electronics and visualizations on the other — since 2002, these have limned the program of the Ars Electronica Festival’s Big Concert Night produced jointly with the Brucknerhaus and the Bruckner Orchester.

Exhibitions The CyberArts exhibition in the OK Center for Contemporary Art is one of the festival highlights each year. Conferences. MUNDOS DIGITALES 2014. London International Animation Festival. Laval virtual - International conferences and exhibition of Virtual technologies and uses. KLIK! Festival 2013. HOME - FANTOCHE. Encounters 2014. Dubai World Game Expo. CVMP. 1st European Crossmedia & transmedia Market. Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games. AWARD: HOME. FMX: FMX 2014 is over - see you in 2015! 3D Animation & CGI Vernissage 2013.

International CGI Workshop 2014.