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3DBuzz - Professional Video Training

3DBuzz - Professional Video Training

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Creating Ambient Occlusion with transparency texture– Tutorial In my previous post Dissecting the mib_amb_occlusion node. I talked about using transparency in Ambient occlusion, but I didn’t really cover the subject of using texture with alpha and having that casing AO on the nearby object. In this simple scene we have a texture file with alpha assigned to a separate geometry. If we would to render, we get this result. A regular AO pass would look something like so This in theory is accurate, since ambient occlusion doesn’t recognize alpha in texture files. Modelling in Blender & Maya « Welcome to possibly one of the most useful modelling tutorials I’ll ever do! (At least from a reference point of view anyway). You want to get a thorough look at the modelling tools available in Blender (& as a consequence you’ll get a glance over all the Maya equivalents)You want to search for a tool that you are used to using in Maya and need to know the Blender equivalent. When you’re used to the practices and prose of one application (in this instance Maya) it can be very frustrating to be in another application (Blender) wanting to merge together some vertices sat in the same location and then find out the kind of merge you were looking for is actually called ‘remove doubles’. Have your tools enhance your creative flow and not compromise and halt your thoughts.

Proven Tips for Animating Believable Lip Sync November 18, 2013 5:12 pm Mark Masters Whether you’re a student or a professional animator, inevitably the time will come when you’ll need to tackle some sort of dialogue shot. With the need to create believable lip sync, on top of the rest of your character’s animation, its understandable why they are typically viewed as some of […] Whether you’re a student or a professional animator, inevitably the time will come when you’ll need to tackle some sort of dialogue shot.

A Layman’s Guide to Projection in Videogames « Significant Bits Oftentimes when a videogame has a skewed, overhead point of view, we call it isometric. That’s rarely the accurate term, though, and it’s not just pointless semantics. Although Echochrome uses a single projection type, its gameplay is based on constantly rotating and morphing its 3D structures. Unity 4.x Cookbook Matt Smith Matt Smith is senior lecturer in computing at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland ( In 1980 (you do the math) Matt started computer programming (on a ZX80) and has been programming ever since. 100 Creative Packages for 2010 Details April 18, 2010 by Tom McCracken Seeing Red: The story of CD Projekt I travel to Warsaw in Poland to visit CD Projekt, celebrated house of The Witcher, and there's one thing I discover that I can't stop telling people: The Witcher 2 was very nearly canned, and the entire company almost collapsed. It was 2009, two years after the first The Witcher, and the global economic crisis had CD Projekt on its knees. The money from the first game had been burned trying to clear up the mess of The Witcher: White Wolf, the console game that never was. Elsewhere, the publishing-distribution business CD Projekt was founded on had become a black hole, sucking money away, and GOG was barely big enough to sustain itself.

Visual Effects for Low Budget Filmmaking In filmmaking, sometimes the simplest solution will be the cheapest, most realistic and easiest. This doesn’t happen often…but when it does, embrace it and enjoy it. In a world where CGI seems to always be the first choice…models and miniatures offer realism and immediate feedback in-camera to let you know if you got the shot.

Understanding Steering Behaviors: Pursuit and Evade - Tuts+ So far we have looked at the seek, flee, arrival and wander steering behaviors. In this tutorial, I'll cover the pursuit and the evade behaviors, which make your characters follow or avoid the target. Note: Although this tutorial is written using AS3 and Flash, you should be able to use the same techniques and concepts in almost any game development environment. You must have a basic understanding of math vectors. What Is a Pursuit? A pursuit is the process of following a target aiming to catch it.

Unity 4.x Game AI Programming A practical guide with step-by-step instructions and example projects to learn Unity3D scriptingLearn pathfinding using A* algorithms as well as Unity3D pro features and navigation graphsImplement finite state machines (FSMs), path following, and steering algorithms Book Details Language : EnglishPaperback : 232 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]Release Date : July 2013ISBN : 1849693404ISBN 13 : 9781849693400Author(s) : Aung Sithu Kyaw, Clifford Peters, Thet Naing SweTopics and Technologies : All Books, Game Development, Unity Aung Sithu Kyaw

3D printing 'Factory of the Future' opens in NYC 3D printing is changing the way creatives can make their designs and ideas a reality, and it's taken another big leap forward, with 3D printing marketplace and community Shapeways cutting the ribbon on its new 'Factory of the Future'. Based in New York and billed to be the world's largest 3D printing factory, it will house 30 to 50 high definition, industrial-sized 3D printers, each capable of producing more than 100 products a day and three to five million products a year. Shapeways' director of industrial engineering Kegan Fisher comments on its website: "We are building a factory that gives everyone the ability to create, where the only barrier to entry is imagination." We are building a factory where the only barrier to entry is imagination The 3D printing facility will have more than 50 engineers, craftsmen, 3D printing specialists, and industrial designers to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Mass Effect 3 Video Game Wall Graphics: The Team Wall Art Additional Information Premium, Re-Positionable Wall Graphics from WALLS 360 Materials

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