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Full-body Scanning IR’s Capture facility features a 115x DSLR, High resolution 360° full body 3D Scanning system, using Photogrammetry and structured light. Full-body Scanning Face Scanning Featuring a 52x DSLR, High resolution 360° face capture system. Producing 7.5million polygon models. 10k texture.

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Artec 3D Scanner for Textured Scans 3D scanner for professionals Artec Eva 3D scanner is the ideal choice for those that need to receive a quick, textured and accurate scan. Eva doesn't require markers or calibration. It captures objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited applications. €13,700 Artec Eva €9,700 Artec Eva Lite 2 Nikon D90 cameras, 3D portraits Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo will have a 3D photography exhibition "Stereo Portrait Project" in Sydney Australia on 27th May (scroll down for the full press release). Here is the technical background: For the Stereo Portrait Project, we used off the shelf hardware and software, from the cameras, lighting, triggering, post production to the printing of the book. We shot using Nikon d90's with shutter cables connected to an RF trigger. The Lighting system was three Nikon sb900's, one connected via pc sync in a soft box, the other two optically slaved. A custom camera rig was needed to put the cameras as close together as possible, roughly emulating the distance between the human eyes.

Blue Light Scanner, 3D Digitizer for 3D Scanning/3D Inspection/3D Measurement_Products_Shining3D_SHINING3D OpticScan 3D Scanners | 3D Digitizer for 3D Scanning/3D Inspection/3D Measurement OpticScan 3D Scanners are the most versatile and popular 3D Scanners of Shining3D-Scanner. One scanner with the capability to provide the accuracy and detail required for 3D scanning of jewelry, medium size sculptures, even large-scale cultural relics, etc.OpticScan include three series: ● OpticScan-D: Dual Lens Series ● OpticScan-Q: Four Lens Series are available to change scan range freely without re-calibration. ● OpticScanD5: Dual Lens 5 Mega Pixels blue light scanner, the high-resolution camera will lead the data of scanning with more detail, high resolution. OpticScan 3D Scanners scan the 3D digital model of freeform surface object with high accuracy in short time.

Photogrammetry in Archaeology Photogrammetry is definitely the “new” thing in archaeology, slowly clawing its way into how we treat and record archaeological sites. As far as its potentials go though, there is still a lot of research to be done, in order to assess the uses that this technology has, but also the limits that we will have to deal with on a day to day basis. One of the aspects that has always interested me is a question of scale. Maya Tutorials Displacement Mapping in Maya with ZBrush Displacement Maps 2.97K Views0 Likes Displacement Mapping in Maya with ZBrush Displacement Maps by Mega J In this tutorial, I walk through the steps on how to create a displacement map in ZBrush, import into Maya and assign it to your base mesh and rend...

3D Modeling Software for Urban Environments - (Fenster-Sitzung: Tools-2014-03-11) Menu Products Esri CityEngine Ballistic Publishing - EXPOSE 10 For the last decade, Ballistic has released the Computer Graphics industry must have, digital art annual: EXPOSÉ. The latest installment of the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe brings together a record number of inspiring works from not only the giants of the entertainment industry, but also many rising stars. EXPOSÉ 10 is the largest EXPOSÉ to date with 288 pages, and features a record-smashing 548 images by 380 artists. EXPOSÉ 10 draws artists from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica), making it the most diverse collection of styles and cultural influences, and a true depiction of the worldwide digital art community. Ballistic has also, for the first time, included a commemorative Honor Roll that lists all of the artists that have been featured in all EXPOSÉ books from one through to ten.

Enwaii photogrammetry for VFX : Making of Smurfs 2 Plug Effects' photogrammetry masterpiece for Smurfs 2 We are delighted to present this masterpiece of photogrammetry achieved by the artists at Plug Effects. The French studio was in charge of the flying ride sequence around Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris for the movie Smurfs 2. During the ride, the Smurfette and the Naughties are flying towards Notre-Dame and keep slaloming amongst the arches of the cathedral.

Enwaii photogrammetry for VFX Enwashot converts raw photos from DSLR, removes distortion and generates HDR images from bracketed photos. Automatic sorting of bracketed photos Select the images to convert Distortion removal and HDR generation via OpenEXR Multi directories conversion, select and forget Convert hundred of raw photos at once It automatically sorts bracketed photos and can generate HDR from them in OpenEXR format. 3D printing 'Factory of the Future' opens in NYC 3D printing is changing the way creatives can make their designs and ideas a reality, and it's taken another big leap forward, with 3D printing marketplace and community Shapeways cutting the ribbon on its new 'Factory of the Future'. Based in New York and billed to be the world's largest 3D printing factory, it will house 30 to 50 high definition, industrial-sized 3D printers, each capable of producing more than 100 products a day and three to five million products a year. Shapeways' director of industrial engineering Kegan Fisher comments on its website: "We are building a factory that gives everyone the ability to create, where the only barrier to entry is imagination." We are building a factory where the only barrier to entry is imagination The 3D printing facility will have more than 50 engineers, craftsmen, 3D printing specialists, and industrial designers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Like this?

Introduction Next: 3D from images Up: Visual 3D Modeling from Previous: Contents Contents In recent years computer graphics has made tremendous progress in visualizing 3D models. Many techniques have reached maturity and are being ported to hardware. This explains that in the area of 3D visualization performance is increasing even faster than Moore's lawA1. What required a million dollar computer a few years ago can now be achieved by a game computer costing a few hundred dollars.