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iBooks Author
Available free on the Mac App Store, iBooks Author is an amazing app that allows anyone to create beautiful iBooks Textbooks — and just about any other kind of book — for iPad and Mac. The app has been beautifully redesigned for OS X Yosemite. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions, and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could. Download iBooks Author free from the Mac App Store

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Why Apache OpenOffice Why should I use Apache OpenOffice? Apache OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. A retrospective on my first lean publishing experience I only mentioned it briefly here, but this spring I wrote and released the book Everyday Rails with RSpec. You can buy it right now, if you'd like, for only nine bucks through Leanpub. This post isn't about marketing the book, though; it's about the experience I had (or have had, I should say; it's ongoing) with putting together the book, getting it out the door, things I think went well, and things I'd do differently next time. The idea for the book sprouted from a few places. Coming into Rails from a very unstructured form of programming, it took me a little time to fully appreciate automated testing. The resources I originally learned from didn't help.

39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom Pages - Menu This Blog Linked From Here Sites to Follow FlipSnack - 2013 Nurlu Jalbingan... by Bryce Wastney Some pages of this flipbook are locked due to the use of a mandatory form. CopyCopied Using free embed code, the flipping collection will display only 3 flipbooks, each limited at 15 pages/pdf. The other publishing options don't contain such limitations. Book Creator for iPad Overview Book Creator is a versatile beginner’s book making app. Due to its open ended nature it allows users of a range of ages to use their creativity to create their own books. Children are given the opportunity to improve their writing skills and ability to follow the writing process from start to finish by creating, editing and publishing their own books. There are numerous features including the option to add photos, text, videos and music.

How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple By Dolores Gende Apple’s iBooks2 and authoring app has created big waves in education circles. But smart educators don’t necessarily need Apple’s slick devices and software to create their own books. How educators think of content curation in the classroom is enough to change their reliance on print textbooks. As the open education movement continues to grow and become an even more rich trove of resources, teachers can use the content to make their own interactive textbooks.

scrivener workflow I use Scrivener as part of my workflow. Just started using Leanpub, and am liking it. I sync Scrivener out to Dropbox, plain text (not RTF). This also gives me a naming convention that automatically adds some meta data to the file names. Primp My Blog: How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Sidebar Now that your blog is getting beautiful, you’re going to want to share it! Adding buttons to your blog requires a tiny bit of know-how, but it can make a big impact for your readers. I’d also like to take a moment to share that you can now follow Her New Leaf on Facebook! I plan to use the page to communicate with my readers, find out what you want to read more about, and even provide some exclusive content for Facebook followers only!

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