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#aussieED - a professional learning network for teachers. 5 Tips To Build An Instructional Design Portfolio - eLearning Industry. There's no rule that says you should have a carefully crafted Instructional Design portfolio on-hand when trying to find eLearning jobs. However, as the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, and properly showing off your talents, skills, and experience with an online portfolio gives you the opportunity to prove that you have what it takes to create winning eLearning courses.

Here are a few key Instructional Design portfolio tips that you may want to keep in mind. Focus on specific professional skills. While all of your skills are important, given that they have been accumulated through years of experience, there are only a handful that you'll want to focus on when choosing work samples for your online portfolio. Include work examples that highlight a wide range of eLearning course designs and layouts. Use these instructional design portfolio tips to offer clients and employers a glimpse of what you can bring to the table. Get 2 Free eBooks. Looking for the latest available job vacancies? Land Your Dream Job Using the Power of Scientifically Proven Techniques Dear job seeker: The resume at the top is chosen 10x more often than the ones mid-pile.

Here’s how you can vault your way up there. Hi, my name’s Dougles Chan. I have over 20 years in various fields of business and recruitment. People called me The Recruitment Guru. (Search Google and you will know who I am). Now I spend 100% of my time helping smart, qualified individuals win at the game recruitment industry. On the following page I’m going to pull back the curtain, and show you: How to get that attract the HR Manager/Hiring Manager attention.A simple “win by the numbers” technique that virtually guarantees you a position — even when the economy is down.How to literally flip that interview you’ve been dreading right on its head, creating a bond with the stereotypical “tough guy interviewer” in the first three minutes. “So what, I’ve heard it before” I know you’re a job seeker, can you start to empathize with me a bit?

Project & Content Management Intern (Hong Kong) | Hong Kong. Project & Content Management Intern (Hong Kong)EF Education FirstHong KongSummer2017 Education Policy. Global Research. Thought Leadership. And Other Fun Stuff. Research and write about the impact of 70 countries’ education policies on their economic competitiveness. Responsibilities: - Writing, fact checking, and copy editing content for the EF EPI - Collaborating with designers to produce graphics, ads, and other marketing materials - Liaising with country managers and marketing managers in 40+ countries to gather information for the EF EPI - Managing translators, printers, and other vendors - Drafting press releases, pitches, and answers to reporter questions Qualifications: - Superb attention to detail and an obsession with accuracy - Ability to write snappy, clear, concise prose - Flawless written and verbal communication skills - Excellent copy editing skills - Highly organized - Ability to adapt gracefully to changing priorities and multiple projects with a high level of accuracy.


How not to get a lab job – What your approach says about you. Enough already: words can kill your prospects Did you cut my name out of the phone book at random? People who know me will agree that I am certainly not a formal person. I don’t own a suit, have a single tie that I have worn all of three times, and my preferred attire is jeans and training shoes. I am also a big fan of modern technology, and have a growing appreciation of electronic and social media.

However, when it comes to job applications, I do draw some boundaries: a job query should not resemble a text message or tweet. As a principle investigator (PI) running a research team in a big university, I get a lot of emails from people who want me to give them a job. Some of these have the exact opposite effect, and I’ve been collecting examples of these for some time now. How not to get a job #1 Dear Sir Hope you are fine. With Regards, Translation for PI: How not to get a job #2 I am XXX from Omaha. Yours sincerely How not to get a job #3 Hi Dr. My name is Dr. Dr. How not to get a job #4.