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The Descent: Hill-Bomb Photo Feature Art by James Callahan | Words and animation by Adam CreaganIT MUST HAVE BEEN one of the first thrills ever on a skateboard. The ancient art of hill-bombing remains a monster rush to this day and is a universal skate experience. No matter which way skating progresses, the urethane plunge has not diminished one bit and never will. Other than bending your knees there's no technical skills involved with a hill-bomb, yet basic "control" is required: you have to remain standing and keep those feet on the grip. It sounds easy, but it's a battle of nerves with huge consequences. When the descent gets hectic do you jump off early and take your guaranteed lumps?

Fortune 500 Daily & Breaking Business News - FORTUNE on CNNMoney What is a magazine app? Fortune brings a new perspective to the iPad. Panama Papers: Diese Politiker tauchen in den Papieren auf Es ist ein Paukenschlag: Durch ein Datenleck bisher einmaligen Ausmaßes sind Briefkastenfirmen von Politikern und Prominenten auf der ganzen Welt aufgeflogen. Darunter mehrere amtierende oder ehemalige Staats- und Regierungschefs. Das Wichtigste in Kürze: Die „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ hat brisante Daten über Finanzgeschäfte international bekannter Persönlichkeiten zugespielt bekommen. Hip-Hop Music News and Politics Music by VICE theCHIVE - Funny Photos and Funny Videos – Keep Calm and Chive On Follow Us @thesourcemag Entertainment News Celebrity Gossip, Relationship Advice, Beauty and Fashion Tips