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FRONT - The funniest, sexiest magazine on Earth

FRONT - The funniest, sexiest magazine on Earth

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The Descent: Hill-Bomb Photo Feature Art by James Callahan | Words and animation by Adam CreaganIT MUST HAVE BEEN one of the first thrills ever on a skateboard. The ancient art of hill-bombing remains a monster rush to this day and is a universal skate experience. No matter which way skating progresses, the urethane plunge has not diminished one bit and never will. Other than bending your knees there's no technical skills involved with a hill-bomb, yet basic "control" is required: you have to remain standing and keep those feet on the grip.

Four Minutes to Midnight Colloque Recherche-Creation: Demo or Die I recently presented a talk at UQAM’s Centre des Sciences as part of a conference on the state of Research-Creation. I was invited as a member of Artivistic, but I have to admit, I felt a bit out of my league amongst seasoned academics and artists, addressing a subject I wasn’t sure I quite understood properly. Nonetheless, I tackled it from my own perspective, presenting Artivistic’s Promiscuous Infrastrcutures project, and was happy to contribute to the more action-oriented panel Demo or Die. CANNABIS Infinity @= ړ]= @ We have moved! Hot Girls, Sexy Photos & Videos, Celebrities, Gaming, Hot 100, Entertainment The Maxim Girls section is a collection of the most beautiful women in the world. It features photos from cover shoots with behind-the-scenes glimpses of the sexy Girls of Maxim and women from your neighborhood with the Hometown Hotties series. Let's also not forget about the much-anticipated yearly list of the hottest women in the world in the Maxim Hot 100. Best Places to Find Hot Girls on Check out the Girls of Maxim pics to browse hundreds of sexy photos from within the pages and covers of Maxim Magazine.

RED BULL CURATES : CANVAS COOLER - Galerie Celal, 45 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris le projet Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler s’expose à Paris en invitant les meilleurs designers et graffiti artists de l’Hexagone. Le concept est simple: des minis-frigos Red Bull sont confiés à des artistes de tous horizons (graffiti, street art, design…) qui vont les réinventer intégralement pour les transformer en œuvres d’art uniques où le design rencontre la fonctionnalité. A Paris, Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler a confié ces réalisations à des artistes réputés de diverses scènes artistiques. theCHIVE - Funny Photos and Funny Videos – Keep Calm and Chive On GERMAN SAEZ Magazine with unseen pictures from my archives. Published between 2009 and February 2012. Limited edition, 250 copies (only #1 & #2) SOLD OUT.

田中達之HP - CANNABIS HOLE SHE SAT PERTLY "She kissed me on the mouth. Her mouth tasted like iced coffee and cardamom, and I was overwhelmed by the taste, her hot skin and the smell of unwashed hair. I was confused, but not unwilling. I would have let her do anything to me." — Janet Fitch, White Oleander (Source: venula, via vicgro) Le Street-Art mis au frigo par Red Bull : Skeuds La marque de boissons énergisantes Red Bull confirme que les collaborations entre les marques et le Street-Art se multiplient mais ne se ressemblent pas. A l’instar de Kronenbourg et Heineken, Red Bull a offert un espace d’expression assez atypique au Street-Art en faisant intervenir des artistes d’envergure comme Psykoze, RCF1, Givetogod, Popay, Nassyo, Onewo ... sur un objet indispensable à la bonne consommation de sa boisson, un réfrigérateur. Un frigo, qui pour le coup se fait relooker (au propre comme au figuré) par les hommes et les femmes. Ce projet baptisé Red Bull Curates Canvas cooler a déjà était présenté dans plusieurs grandes villes telles Miami, Tokyo, Bruxelles, Istanbul, Los Angeles avec pour pitch: So fresh & So Clean Art. La présence d’un frigo de taille surdimensionné dans la galerie a également attiré la convoitise d’artistes en herbes, parfois costumés, le tout accompagné d’une bande son Hip Hop indémodable et bien vue.

Electro . House . Moombahton . Trap . Dubstep Campaign Against Living Miserably So what’s CALMzine all about? CALMzine is our quarterly serving of literary MANspiration. Pick up an old skool paper copy of the magazine in Topman stores or select venues across London – check out the impressive list of proud stockists here – or you can feast your eyes on our fancy pants digital issues below. The young men of the UK are asking more questions than ever about what is expected of them in the 21st century and at CALMzine we aim to go some way to addressing these all-important issues. We look at the world from a REAL man’s perspective, offering an eclectic mix of features and interviews that embrace what it is to be a young man in the UK today. We talk about what’s hot & what’s not, what to challenge and why.

Lovely Derrière Home Ask me anything Submit Archive Mobile Lovely Derrière SKWAK Launches Lifestyle Boutique in China! This week my friend, French artist, and fellow Maniac, SKWAK, took one step closer to blurring the distinction between the Maniac World and the Real World. Partnering with Chinese entrepreneur, Tye Chen, SKWAK launched SNEAKYMOB, a pair of lifestyle boutiques in Shanghai and Chengdu. Look at the size of that Maniac! This is on a level typically reserved for the giant Companion at Kaws’ flagship OriginalFake store in Tokyo. Nice. SKWAK designed a range of graphic and character merchandise including shirts, denim, hats, housewares, textiles, furniture and there’s even colorful SNEAKYMOB wristbands that would pair well on your arm with these AllerMates!