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Paper Architecture

Paper Architecture

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Pago de los Capellanes November 9, 2011 | 10 Comments Designed by Mucho | Country: Spain “DVD packaging for Pago de los Capellanes, a special winery from Spain. Peintures à la crème glacée - Othman Toma Iraqi artist Othman Toma creates these paintings using melted ice-creams. If you look at his site he usually draws with pencils or paints with watercolours, these paintings are proof that you can produce art in a variety of unconventional ways. There are some out there that say that these paintings, could not have been painted with the ice-creams, Othman says that, that is what he used as his paint, maybe next time he should do a time lapse video to prove them wrong. Explosion de couleurs - Hua Tunan Hua Tunan is a rising artist in China. Combining the traditional elements of Chinese art and culture with a modern twist, Hua brings about beautiful explosions on the canvas. Based out of Foshan, Hua (also known as 画图男) does performance and street art in addition to his paintings. His work has gathered the attention of companies such as Volvo, who flew him out to Zurich to do graffiti art on one of their blank cars for a performance. As his art continues to stimulate viewers, we at Visual News will keep an eye on him and his work at Chinese creative agency NeochaEDGE.

Sculpture sur Papier - Calvin Nicholls It was only a matter of time before Calvin Nicholls' life-long passion in art and wildlife combined! The Canadian has been a full-time paper sculpture artist since the mid-1980's. With such a variety of animals in his collection, he's essentially created his own paper zoo. Many of the animal paper sculptures belong in Nicholls' most extensive collection, which includes over 75 pieces for Follett Library Resources in McHenry Illinois. The series began in the mid-1990's and continues to this day.

Les robes géographiques “Le Voyage dans les Entrailles”, Voyage of Sir Francis DrakeAtlantic Ocean map, rep. 1585Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt, 2012 841 x 594 x 30 mm, price on request “Pierre Verte, Rubis Rouge”, Voyage of Sir Francis Drake SaintAugustine map rep. 1585Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt, 2012 841 x 594 x 30 mm, price on request ACDSleeve x Big Scary Monsters December 1, 2010 | 1 Comment Designed by ACDSleeve | Country: United Kingdom Tom Leggett started ACDSleeve out of necessity.

Temari balls faites par une dame de 92 ans These stunning embroidered balls called "temari" were made by the prodigiously nimble fingers of a 92-year-old grandmother in Japan. Although she only learned this elaborate skill in her sixties, she has since created nearly 500 unique designs that have been photographed by her granddaughter NanaAkua. Impressive does not even begin to describe this feat of dexterity, imagination and keen eyesight. The difficult process of becoming a recognized temari craftsman in Japan is tedious and requires specific training and testing. She now volunteers every week teaching others how to make their own temari. Temari, meaning "hand ball" in Japanese, are embroidered toy balls fashioned from the silk scraps of old kimonos.

Lieux de tous les jours sous dessins ajourés - Shamekh Bluwi Shamekh Bluwi, an Ammam, Jordan-based illustrator and architect, is creating a striking series of photographs that feature paper cutouts of women whose dresses can become literally anything… Shamekh’s sketches are completed with the patterns and scenery he encounters in his everyday life — From beautiful tiles… To intricate mosaics… To cityscapes… And natural textures.

Dessins au crayon et illusion de relief - Ramon Bruin Most of these drawings by Ramon Bruin seem relatively simple, but at the same time, because of their shadows and some intriguingly placed real-life props in the photographs, the sketched images appear to be almost magically leaving the bounds of the paper they’re drawn on… (via My Modern Met) Mia Pearlman - Cloudscapes MAELSTROM is a giant multilevel mobile, 12 feet in diameter and 11 feet high, with 6 independently rotating (360°) layers of cut paper. An upside-down whirlpool, it echoes both the East River currents and the cloud formations visible through the windows. MAELSTROM utilizes the actual internal weather system of Smack Mellon to generate its movement, air currents produced by the rotation of four ceiling fans and hot air blown by the heating system. On a deeper level, this work evokes the inevitable reminder of the nearby skyline: 9/11. Unknown forces, much bigger than us, beyond our control.

Light-Transmitting Concrete, Presentation by the Inventor Áron Losonczi, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York - January 30, 2006 January 30, 2006 - Hungarian Cultural Center, New York 447 Broadway, Manhattan, Soho, NYC LiTraCon - Light-Transmitting Concrete Heavyweight Transparency: Architecture with LiTraCon Presentation by the Inventor Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy Áron Losonczi, architect from Csongrád, Hungary, was introduced by László Jakab Orsós, Director of the Hungarian Cultural Center, New York