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Jen Stark

Jen Stark

highlighting interesting projects involving paper. Quilled Paper Alphabet by Dan Hoopert 19 year old Uk-based graphic designer Dan Hoopert has crafted an intricate 3D alphabet series out of swirled quilled tendrils of paper as a personal project. The ornate detail in each of the letters is absolutely remarkable! For creation of typography in the realm of paper, this definitely sets itself apart from the rest. One can only imagine the amount of hours it took to produce this piece. Well done! Snake-like Paper Sculpture Made From Thousands Of Lips You may remember the Swarm Pinned Skin Collage by David Adey comprised of thousands of clippings of various complexions from fashion magazines. Accumulation Paper Cut Sculptures Talented artist Christine Kim has delighted us in the past with her illustrations, which showcased the use of penciled collaged figures, incorporated with watercolor backdrops and paper cut imagery to produce beautiful motifs. Hermes Atlantis Paper Craft Window Display Origami Bench by blackLAB Architects

designboom since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics Paper Art - Elsa Mora Artwork and Photography © Elsa Mora ↓ Links to other galleries: *Artist’s Books *Mixed Media *Painting *Editorial *Drawing *Jewelry *Photography

The Arts Board of Cardboard | For people who love to create beautifull big things out of cardboard Best Photo Locations: Abandoned Swimming Pools © Jonathan Haeber | Catskills, NY If you’re an on-location photographer or filmmaker, then you know how much value a great location can add to the shoot. I like to find and feature supercool locations around the world. Stuff I discover, stuff that others send me, places I’d love to shoot. Case-in-point, these photos of abandoned swimming pools. These pool images led me to discover photographer, J Bennett Fitts, who traveled 20,000 miles around the USA to photograph barren pools attached to deserted hotels in beautiful locations. Sometimes you have to go looking a bit. © Cari Ann Wayman | Two Guns, Arizona © Troy Paiva | San Jose, CA Thomas Hawk | San Francisco, CA © Saaty Photography | Northern Arizona © Phill D | Harpurhey Swimming Baths, Manchester © Laura H | Govanhill Baths, Glasgow © Julian Ratel | Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France © hkvam | Eyjafjörður, Iceland © Corman Phelan | Dun Laoghaire © Cari Ann Wayman | Chicago, Illinois © Troy Paiva | North Shore Marina, the Salton Sea

anniversaire raphaël Paper Mache | Rich Helms Two of my favourite websites for information on how to paper mache have included Wilburine. Gourmet Paper Mache Click to view the post Dan (the monster-man) Reeder is a premier maker of paper mache dragons. Dan has written several books and his blog is one of the go-to places on the web for ideas and techniques. Ultimate Paper Mache Another favourite is Ultimate Paper Mache by Jonni Good. Click to view the article They are both rich sources of ideas and techniques.

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама 10 Artists Who Reimagine the Creative Possibilities of Paper There are endless possibilities when creating with paper. More than just a surface to draw on, artists manipulate the ancient material into sculptures, collages, and even fashion accessories. The diverseness of paper lends itself to a myriad of stylistic approaches and exploration of themes. Some artists use collage cutouts to create mystical characters, while others build new types of architecture in sturdy sheets of paper. Technique is important—the right series of cuts and slices can make the material look as light as a feather or as thin as a strand of hair. Above: Asya Konzina created a paper wig inspired by the Baroque style of art. With every snip of the scissor, Morgana Wallace creates lyrical shapes that lay in harmony. Morgana Wallace Morgana Wallace creates multi-layered compositions through paper collage. Woodlucker’s paper sculptures have a scientific bend to their artistry. Woodlucker Inspired by historical botanical prints, Ann Wood of Woodlucker creates exquisite flowers.

Greg Broadmore - Home Cut Scene: Kirigami Star Wars Paper Art This incredibly detailed, three-dimensional Star Wars scene is actually formed from just a single sheet of paper. Artist Paper Dandy a.k.a. Marc Hagan-Guirey strategically cuts shapes, then bends and folds paper to his will using an ancient art called kirigami. It’s like origami but focused on cutting designs using both positive and negative space to create shapes, shadows, and depth. In a recent interview with CNN, Marc explains how he became involved in such a interesting art style. “These are the product of a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error,” he says. He’s started a kickstarter in hopes of displaying this art in a gallery exhibition titled “Cut Scene”. “It’s simply to produce the exhibition so that Star Wars fans can enjoy seeing the unique kirigami models in their physical form. Check out more mind blowing paper scenes after the break along with the project video. (Cut Scene Kickstarter via CNN) Tagged as: art, kickstarter, star-wars

Gilbert Garcin - Artiste Photographe Visite de Paris, Nantes et Metz Avant avec iPhone | Ma Ville Avant GupaJuhe - Digital Artist, Taipei