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Jen Stark

Jen Stark

Design : Des meubles en carton recyclé du studio Lazerian - OrSériE - Le journal du Beau & du Bien-être Un petit coup de projecteur sur le très intéressant Studio Lazerian qui nous vient d’outre-manche avec une gamme de meubles en carton recyclé. La légitimité des meubles en carton n’est plus à démontrer. Cela fait longtemps que les studio de design se sont emparés du carton comme un authentique matériau de conception. Via Lazerian

Paper Art - Elsa Mora Artwork and Photography © Elsa Mora ↓ Links to other galleries: *Artist’s Books *Mixed Media *Painting *Editorial *Drawing *Jewelry *Photography COUSCOUSKID.CO.UK Introducing the World Design Impact Prize Montreal (Canada) - What would happen if design projects and initiatives with the potential to change the world were given the opportunity to tell their story? The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is proud to unveil the World Design Impact Prize, an innovative and interactive design prize dedicated to recognizing, empowering and stimulating socially responsible design projects and initiatives around the world. Starting 22 February 2011 at, Icsid will begin accepting nominations from member organisations for exceptional industrial design led projects and initiatives that exemplify progress, impact and social responsibility in design. "We at Icsid truly believe that the World Design Impact Prize has the potential to be a great vehicle for social, cultural, economic and environmental progress throughout the world," stated Icsid President Dr. Download the News Release (PDF - 385KB) Links About the World Design Impact Prize

One Good Chair: About The Sustainable Furnishings Council and World Market Center Las Vegas are proud to once again bring you One Good Chair Design Competition. The FINALISTS are chosen! Vote for your favorite: “Beauty rests on necessities. The line of beauty is the result of perfect economy. The cell of the bee is built at that angle which gives the most strength with the least wax. The world of green design is pulled in two directions, for the aim of sustainability has been described alternately as “doing more with less” and “celebrating abundance.” This year’s theme, “Minimum/Maximum,” embraces the idea that smart design can both preserve natural resources and amplify human delight. MaterialProductionShippingAssembly ComfortUtilityDurabilityBeauty

+-water – Water Conservation Meter by Young-Suk Kim Water is Money The +-water meter is a digital device that attaches to faucets and gives you accurate feedback about usage. It stands out from other meters by converting the consumed liters into actual cost! Now you’ll know your water bill in advance, sort of! Designer: Young-Suk Kim

SMP Lights par Sergio Mendoza L’artiste et designer espagnol Sergio Mendoza, s’inspire de divers matériaux de récupération, ici des cagettes de bois pour en faire des lampes à l’aspect déstructuré. Une réalisation brute mais simple pour un rendu industriel que j’affectionne beaucoup. L’impression que tout le monde peux créer ces petites lampes offre un effet épatant, ce qui n’est pas la cas bien sûr (faire du feu avec des cagettes en bois oui, mais des lampes non). Tristan. Pin It Pin It Lens Bracelets Jud'éthik University of Maine Creates Biodegradable Golf Ball Made from Lobster Shells If you love to golf, but feel guilty every time your ball plops into the lake as another piece of litter, never fear — your environmental concerns may soon come to an end. An undergraduate student and an engineering professor at the University of Maine have developed a biodegradable golf ball that completely dissolves in water in one week. Using cooked lobster shells, a natural binding agent, and a mold they bought on eBay, the team has created an eco-friendly golf ball that hits and flies like the real thing, and costs 80 percent less than other biodegradable balls currently on the market. Professor David Neivandt and student Alex Caddell, got the idea from former student Carin Orr, and they worked in conjunction with UMaine’s nonprofit Lobster Institute. The lobster shell ball doesn’t fly as far as traditional golf balls, but it does not damage wooden drivers when hit hard — a characteristic of most other biodegradable balls. Via Bangor Daily News Images © UMaine

Superb Idea: The Bee Station - Food Last summer, 31-year-old Jamie Hutchison was listening to the radio when an expert from the RSPB (a leading wildlife conservation nonprofit in the United Kingdom) was on the air, responding to several callers' concerns about slow, seemingly sick or tired bees crawling on their lawns. The expert explained that, due to the decline in the UK’s bee population, the bees that remain are overworked: Many people keep seeing bees lying on the ground and assume they are dead but chances are they are having a rest. Much like us, a sugary drink could boost their energy levels and a simple sugar and water combination will be a welcome treat. Hutchison heard this, and worried. And then Hutchison started drawing. At the Bee Station site (tagline: "There is no plan bee!") A bee 'landing platform' in the center of the base also pushes the nesting material up out of the way and keeps it nice and dry.

studio aisslinger Year: 2011 Account: supported by BASF Team: Studio Aisslinger At the exhibition „Poetry Happens“ in Ventura Lambrate, Werner Aisslinger presented the world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers – a project supported by the German chemical company BASF. The *hemp chair* has been designed for a lightweight manufacturing process stemming from the car industry: the renewable raw materials hemp and kenaf are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight and yet strong composite. Description: Today’s consumers are striving towards a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment. They want innovative products such as electric scooters and hybrid cars as well as new, environmentally compatible, light and durable materials. According to Werner Aisslinger, the development of the *hemp chair* marks a turning point in this trend. Acrodur lightweight, strong, easy-to-mold and eco-friendly.