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Avec, la libération des livres numériques est en marche ! J’en avais parlé dans S.I.Lex en juillet 2011, alors que le projet, porté par Eric Hellman, s’appelait encore Gluejar. Le site vient de lancer ses cinq premières campagnes de "libération" d’ouvrages, en combinant de manière inventive le crowdfunding et le recours aux licences Creative Commons. Le principe est simple, mais innovant par rapport à d’autres formules de financement participatif, que l’on peut trouver sur des sites comme Kickstarter ou Unbound, par exemple.

Quel droit de prêt pour les livres numériques en bibliothèque ? L'arrivée des livres numériques et audio dans les bibliothèques soulève la question d'une nouvelle rémunération des auteurs, à la hauteur de l'emprunt de ces exemplaires. Les auteurs britanniques, par le biais de la Society of Authors, ont interpellé le gouvernement sur ce vide juridique, « terriblement injuste ». En Grande-Bretagne, les auteurs sont rémunérés au prorata des emprunts de leurs titres papier en bibliothèque : le Public Lending Right (PLR) est « le droit pour les auteurs de recevoir une rémunération [...] pour le prêt de leurs ouvrages par les bibliothèques publiques ». Il est versé chaque année aux auteurs inscrits au programme, dans une limite de 6600 £ (environ 8000 €). Le montant de la somme perçue est calculé d'après un « taux de prêt » obtenu en divisant le nombre de livres empruntés par le nombre de titres disponibles dans le catalogue.

Books.Blog - Skip Graduate School, Save $32,000, Do This Instead -... Three years ago, I invested $32,000 and the better part of two years at the University of Washington for a master's degree in International Studies. The verdict? It wasn't a complete waste of time and money. Once I accepted that 80% of the course requirements were designed to keep people busy, I enjoyed the other 20% of the work. Neil Gaiman's Next Children's Books Announced Neil Gaiman's next childrens books have been announced, and it includes some typically offbeat titles. According to industry bible Publishers Weekly, HarperCollins will publish three novels and two pictures books by the cult author. The picture books will star a panda with a flying helmet and a giant sneeze called Chu, the first of which, punningly titled "Chu's Day", will be released on January 8th 2013. The books' illustrator, Adam Rex, unveiled the book's cover last month on his blog.

Top 30 plus belles bibliothèques du monde en photo Avec la dématérialisation du savoir, on en oublierait presque le plaisir que l'on peut prendre à feuilleter religieusement un ouvrage, à la recherche de précieuses informations. Plaisir décuplé lorsqu'on se retrouve à travailler dans un lieu magistral chargé d'histoire. Pas de doute, les bibliothèques qui suivent vous pousseraient presque à avoir le nez en l'air plutôt que dans un livre. 21st Century Tools Through the Lens of Bloom’s Taxonomy Over this past weekend, I attended the 1st Annual Wyoming TEC Conference. TEC stands for Technology in the Evolving Classroom. During this conference, I had the fortunate opportunity to sit in on Angie Spann‘s session on 21st Century Tools. Angie is a Librarian and Media Specialist at Sweetwater School District #1. Here is the session’s abstract, “Our students need several skills to help them learn and become productive in the 21st Century.

20 Best Science Fiction Books Of The Decade Now, my question is, and not to criticize this list or the authors on it, what makes these books "Books of the Decade"? I would daresay I have a vested interest in the literary world, yet some of these books are foreign to me (Glasshouse, Quicksilver, The Mount). But perhaps I don't get around enough. Others I've heard of, but have yet to read (Oryx and Crake, Rainbows End). And, like I said, this is an honest question and not a criticism.

The Top 10 Best Science Fiction Books Before the comments fill up with “Why didn’t you include this” and various slights against our personal and professional integrity, this is just a list of ten great science fiction novels, not in order, and by no means the top ten ever produced. ‘Ten of the best’, not ‘the ten best’. That being said, please post up your own favourites, as we’re always looking for new things to read. 10. The Moon Is A Harsh MistressPublished: 1966 Author: Robert Heinlein Awards: Hugo (1967), Nebula (1966), Prometheus, (1983)Buy it on Amazon 15 Books You Should Have Read in 2010 - Culture - GOOD Image by Jane Mount, Courtesy 20x200 Yes, we read Freedom this year and yes, it was good. As Esquire put it, it “was one great slab of a book, at a time when most books have given up on greatness.”

The 15 Best Speculative Fiction Books of 2010 The only book I've read here is the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm surprised not to see more discussion about it. It certainly seemed to tear up the site as it was being released (I was behind the curve—it was very frustrating catching up, but so worth it). There were problems with the worldbuilding, but the emotion of the situation hit home for me, and hit hard. I spent a lot of time weeping (FUCK OFF, I'M HARD CORE) during the second book. Now I have to decide which books from this list look good.

A Treasure Trove of Edward Gorey by Eve Bowen While working in the Anchor/Doubleday art department in the 1950s, the illustrator and writer Edward Gorey discovered a long-forgotten cache of material by an earlier artist, the Krazy Kat creator George Herriman. These were Herriman’s original drawings for Don Marquis’s book about a poetry-writing cockroach and his cat companion, Archy and Mehitabel. In a 1999 interview with Steven Heller, Gorey recalled: I could scream now, because nobody knew they were there, and I anguished but finally took three of them…. You can’t believe how much stuff there was…you know, old bookjackets from the ’20s, the ’teens.

¿Dónde comprar? Los eBook de LcL se pueden adquirir en esta web y en las tiendas y plataformas que le indicamos a continuación. Desde aquí actualizamos nuestro catálogo de eBooks y las librerías digitales donde se pueden adquirir. Solo las descargas desde nuestra web y desde estas plataformas con las que tenemos convenio garantizan al lector que el eBook es el original, que la obra es completa y no ha sufrido ningún proceso de alteración. Es un producto con nuestro sello de calidad.

Los 21 libros del 2012 >> Vano oficio Debo admitir que me encantan las listas. Sé que son arbitrarias, que al fin no son significativas, que apenas sirven para levantar el ego de algunos y desinflar el de otros. Pero me gustan.

je ne sais pas tu dis qu'ils ne sont pas à jours, ça veut dire que les tiens sont à jour, d'où ma question, je suis preneuse si c'est le cas by cytrouille Feb 27

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