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DIY Cardboard Chairs & Other Seating

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DIY Cardboard Tube Ottoman / Side Table. Why choose?

DIY Cardboard Tube Ottoman / Side Table

Ottoman or side table, you can have both. These lightweight, one foot-tall daisies, with their edgy recycled finish, will be at home anywhere, and are even equipped with a handle to carry them from one room to another. Both sturdy and decorative, they are simply made from taped cardboard tubes. Where can I get cardboard tubes? Many businesses use cardboard bobbins and tubes: fabric stores, carpet sellers, printers...

Cut your cardboard tube into 7 pieces 1 ft (30 cm) long. Outline the daisy shape onto a sturdy piece of cardboard, and cut it out with a craft knife or box cutter. Cover the sides with strips of paper cut or torn from magazines. How To Make a Cardboard Coffee Table With Chairs. DIY Cardboard Captain Kirk's Command Chair. Okay, I am stuck here on Rigel VII for the summer, really me mum's house, so I had to scavenge some things to make this instructable.

DIY Cardboard Captain Kirk's Command Chair

I did not have access to to my usual spiffy designer materials so I made this with minimal materials on hand. I even had to raid Caitlin's art supplies to color this thing in. Materials: Dilithium Crystals - not really needed here but find some to build the ship.Lithium Rain - not really needed here either but will be around whether you like it or not. Your old dusty office chair. Don't worry too much if it is not black leather or is a high-back chair. DIY Cardboard Chaise Lounge. Recently my roommate and I moved into an apartment. We both lacked any furniture so we had somewhat of a shopping spree at the local IKEA. So with all that new furniture came lots of boxes. However, a box from IKEA does not equal the fun large box of my youth.

They are flat and kinda boring. But as we was obviously in need of some furniture I thought it would be good to reuse all that material to get a free piece of furniture.

DIY Cardboard Stools

Recycle Craft: Box Seats. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 2 to 3 hours Ages school-age Made from cardboard boxes covered with colorful paper, these pint-size furnishings are perfect for a playroom or a child's bedroom.

Recycle Craft: Box Seats

Light enough for kids to rearrange, they're also surprisingly durable. Plus, they can be "reupholstered" with a brand new layer of scrapbook paper or gift wrap whenever you're ready to update their look. What you'll need Scrap cardboard Measuring tape Utility knife Square box (12 by 12 by 12 inches) Hot-glue gun 4 rectangular boxes (17 3/4 by 12 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches) Drop cloth Mod Podge Foam paintbrushes Assortment of scrapbook paper or gift wrap torn into pieces (8-inch squares and strips work well) Variations: Easy End Table: You can complement your chair with a handy end table by gluing a square box atop a smaller one, as shown below. How to make it From the scrap cardboard, cut 2 pieces as specified in the diagram and fit them together to form an X.

DIY Cardboard Chairs

Cardboard Chair: Strapping Tape, No Glue. Cardboard Throne With Papier Mache. Introduction I believe in using all recycled materials during the creation of my pieces, so you will find that I only ever use cardboard for the armature.

Cardboard Throne With Papier Mache

It is an extremely strong material if manipulated properly. Generally, you can use any cardboard boxes from around the home to cut up and use but, for larger pieces of furniture, I mostly go to retail outlets and ask for the larger cardboard sheets they usually just throw away. Once they get to know you, they are usually helpful and will keep them for you on a regular basis. These larger sheets make it easier to cut multiple numbers of the same pattern as you will see as we go along.

As for the paste, paper strips and pulp recipes, you will find those here on this site. DIY Cardboard Chaise For Your Cat. Although we don’t claim to understand it, a cat that has installed itself in a cardboard box is a happy cat.

DIY Cardboard Chaise For Your Cat

You can exploit this mysterious fact to make a your own simple corrugated cardboard cat bed like this one, designed as a kitty-sized chaise lounge. Since it’s just cardboard, it’s also easy to modify this basic design to suit your own (or your cat’s) taste. There are already a bunch of high-end cardboard cat bed setups out there (example 1,examples 2-4), as well as other designs and even chaise lounges. So why bother? We are again motivated by the fact that cats like cardboard boxes. This chaise lounge is arguably a big step up from a plain old cardboard box, while remaining much simpler to build (and much much less expensive) than those other cardboard examples. To do this project, you’ll need (surprise!) You might want to start by downloading the 2-page PDF pattern: The pattern has two pages. Gomi Style - DIY Cardboard Chair Video.