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untitled How to create 3d paper models This page describes how to make 3d paper models from scratch. When I started this little project, I looked around on the internet and I stumbled upon which contains an extensive explanation for extracting models from computergames and building them with paper. On this page I use a simpler approach to create a few 3D paper models. Any 3d shape can be approximated bij a net of polygons. Polargraph Drawing Machine Well there have been lots of new drawing machines doing the rounds lately, there's a real thirst to see devices that leap out of the virtual into the physical. For me, it's all too easy to produce digital things which are interesting - programming or mash-ups or virtual experiments are devalued because they are intangible, you can run a hundred, a thousand, a million variations in a day - it's the proverbial roomful of monkeys with typewriters. The output becomes disposable, it get's hard to see the value, the craft. So 3D printers and other desktop manufacturing tools and technologies (laser cutters etc) have got more and more popular, it's hard to overestimate how much hunger there is for a tangible, physical, touchable, smellable product of all this clever-clever digital work.

Finkbuilt » Blog Archive » Kid’s Draw Bot As far as I’m concerned, you’re never too young to start mixing art with robotics. So, next time you and your budding young tinkerers need something to do on a rainy day, you should have no trouble scraping up the parts to put together this crude, drawing robot project that we saw at the Seattle Robotics Society Robothon. Update: Cathy Writes: Hi Steve. Your blog shows the ArtBot that FIRST Robotics Team 1318 was selling at Robothon. Light-Transmitting Concrete, Presentation by the Inventor Áron Losonczi, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York - January 30, 2006 January 30, 2006 - Hungarian Cultural Center, New York 447 Broadway, Manhattan, Soho, NYC LiTraCon - Light-Transmitting Concrete Heavyweight Transparency: Architecture with LiTraCon Presentation by the Inventor

Full cardboard addiction internship program - Tyran's Newspaper July-August, 2015 Cardboardia Personages are going to realize several projects in different countries around the Europe and invite everyone to join their free and variously directed internship programs. Under the guidance of Tyran, Minister of Education and Minister of Circus announce an opportunity to join them in order to prepare and carry out street performances. We will be creating cardboard objects and costumes, making up stories, learning to mix with audience, walking on stilts, joking silly, solving organizational issues. In the course of our work we'll take part in several Cardboardia street performance on different festivals. Preliminary schedule

Star Trek Papercraft - Borg Cube As I mentioned in a earlier post, I have started working on some papercraft based on 3D models from the video game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Elite Force is based on the characters and settings of the Star Trek: Voyager television show. I am starting out simple and working my way toward more and more complex models. This Borg Cube papercraft is the first to be finished. The special stand with an indentation to hold the cube is my own design. The Cube is the typical starship of the Borg, a race of cybernetic beings whose goal is to "assimilate" all other races they encounter. Privacy toolkit for librarians – Library Freedom Project Privacy toolkit for librarians EFF’s Introduction to Threat Modeling: Tor browser bundle: How to set up and run a Tor relay: Firefox:

Blog about Android, Tech, and more! I just Survived an Airplane Crash! I still remember very vividly. Recently I was headed from somewhere in Arizona to San Francisco on flight 824. As usual, the flight was pretty darn boring, and life was same as usual. Intricate Paper Sculptures of Cities There are many beautiful cities in the world and the way their existence came to be tells a story. There are cities that were built around water, some that were built on hills and some built after the invention of the automobile. All of these factors contribute in part to the development of a city. London based artist Matthew Picton, creates many works revolving around the “city grid.” His latest work, “Paper Sculptures” displays 3D grids of cities such as Tehran, San Francisco and Jerusalem. On his website, it is quoted that “cities are often described as living organisms; viewed as subject rather than object.”

Cardboard Toy Pirate Ships Cardboard Toy Vehicles Calling all kids! Jump in and let's go somewhere! Kid's imaginations will take off in these fun filled cardboard toy vehicles. Toddlers to elementary school age children will have hours of fun painting, decorating and going on new adventures in a pirate ship, space shuttle, train, horse carriage, or sports car. Card models - an introduction Welcome! This page gives a brief introduction to the world of card modeling (or paper modeling). Be sure to visit my free models page page and see some card models I and my co-designers have created! What is card modeling? Josh Burker's Blog of Musings: 3D Printed Sugar Skull Stamp Twitter is great at providing collaborative possibilities. After @zackboston and I collaborated around a LEGO WeDo SpinArt 'Bot design, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.I wanted to play with Tom Burtonwood's idea of 3D printed Play-Doh stamps and the Sugar Skull. I downloaded a good Sugar Skull from Thingiverse and made a prototype stamp.

3D Printed & Carbon Fiber QuadCopter I've always loved aviation and flying machines, so when small RC helicopters and multicopters became affordable, I knew that I had to buy one. They're absolutely a blast, and it wasn't long before I owned multiple flying toys. Once you prop, you can't stop! Flying mini and micro quads quickly made me want a full sized, more capable quadcopter that could support a camera gimbal, lift a payload, or do FPV racing. I'm a maker by nature, love designing and 3D printing, and enjoy solving problems, so I had no choice but to design my own quadcopter and build it from scratch! This project includes many unique facets and was a great skill-builder for things that I hadn't done before like casting silicone in a 3D printed mold, tuning PID settings, creating more than a dozen unique 3D models, cutting carbon fiber tubing, loading firmware through an ISP header, and lots of 3D printing!

ACDSleeve x Big Scary Monsters December 1, 2010 | 1 Comment Designed by ACDSleeve | Country: United Kingdom Tom Leggett started ACDSleeve out of necessity. After setting up a blog as a place to put all of his work, a pop up cd case concept was seen by the manager of one of his favourite record labels Big Scary Monsters who agreed to help set up ACDSleeve. The case is litho printed, matte laminated and then die cut/creased and hand assembled.

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