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DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System

DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System
The idea of this striking DIY wall storage system belongs to a dynamic design duo Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson. It’s based on using of cardboard tubes, looks really chic and is quite flexible. Materials and tools Two four-foot-tall cardboard tubes, one measuring 10 inches wide and the other 12 inches wideContact paperWashers, bolts, plastic anchors, screws1-2 inch wood planksBracesJigsawDrillUtility knife Instructions Cut each cardboard tube into smaller tubes of varying heights using a jigsaw.Cover the outside of each tube you got with contact paper. Enjoy your modern and stylish wall storage system that is designed to accomodate your things.

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Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela Nit Night Stand Year / 2012 The scenario is quite common: You move into a new apartment, which usually requires the familiar trip to IKEA (or a similar furnishing store). The final outcome is some new furniture and a large stack of corrugated cardboard. So I tasked myself with creating a piece of furniture with the boxes that originally held my new furniture. Soft Kite Soft Kite Designer Jason Lansdale recognised the need for new intelligent soft seating that would keep pace with change, be easy to reconfigure and that could be mixed and matched in a multitude of ways in order to provide new way of work choices, within an open plan landscape. Choice With great fabric choices and three heights of back, Soft Kite provides you with the options to style your environment and create areas for touch down, privacy or idea sharing.

Recycled Cardboard Shelf To make the brackets start by cutting 1.5” (40mm) wide strips. For maximum strength cut the stips so that the corrugations run along the length of the piece like the grain in a piece of wood. Glue (school glue) them together in an L shape. Be sure to alternate where the joints are so that no two joints are directly on top of each other. DIY Cardboard Tube Ottoman / Side Table Why choose? Ottoman or side table, you can have both. These lightweight, one foot-tall daisies, with their edgy recycled finish, will be at home anywhere, and are even equipped with a handle to carry them from one room to another. Both sturdy and decorative, they are simply made from taped cardboard tubes.

Arcadia Contract - Seating and table products for public spaces, conference rooms and private offices Like with nature with its infinite reach, Leaflettes benches inspire any number of configurations. In two bench styles specifically designed for children, each component is available separately or can be combined with tables and lounge chairs to perfectly adapt to the needs of any space. Let the possibilities for work and play abound! Designed by David Dahl DIY Cardboard Shelves & Storage I like free, easy, earth friendly, and practical projects. So this instructable is in that vein. Make shelves and storage options with free existing cardboard boxes. You can turn it up a notch by painting or using contact paper to decorate the boxes if you choose to spend the extra time & resources, but for me simple works just fine. -  Demco Interiors Part of our family of brands, DEMCO Interiors works collaboratively with librarians, educators, architects and designers to create inspiring environments. We do this by combining a complete range of complementary services with the most comprehensive choices of quality furniture. DEMCO Interiors Services Include: Needs Assessment: Collaborative process uncovers your requirements Design/Layout: Unique design proposal developed specifically for your library Product Procurement: Extensive offering from 500+ suppliers Product Development: We can customize products to meet your needs Project Management: Coordination & communication from project quote to installation Installation: Experienced library installers assemble & position your furniture with care Below you'll find links to exclusive and popular brands, as well as additional services and our portfolio of spaces and designs at

Making A Magazine Stool Do you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine and you just don't know what to do with them after you've read them? At last week's P!D The Upcycle Village (which I blogged about here), we were taught how to make a Magazine Stool with old magazines! They had a lot of Her World back issues donated to them by the publisher, SPH. Design and technology: changing classrooms Face-to-face teaching doesn‘t have to mean you’re in the same room anymore, or even in the same city. With the right technology and a flexibility of space, teachers are encouraged to explore, and new learning spaces are giving them the opportunity and training to do so in the right environment. BVN was recognized as a leader in designing new educational spaces for the twenty-first century when we were invited to participate in an exhibition that formed part of the Imagine conference that was held in Vienna last September, organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Austrian Ministry for Education. The conference organizers maintained that the greatest challenge for governments and designers is to ensure that today’s learning environments are able to respond to the educational needs of future generations. The two scenarios that were explored were “Schools Without Walls” and “A World Without Schools.”