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DIY Cardboard Chairs

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Cardboard Chair - A New Weave Design. Recycle Cardboard Into Furniture With Papier Mache - Throne. Introduction I believe in using all recycled materials during the creation of my pieces, so you will find that I only ever use cardboard for the armature. It is an extremely strong material if manipulated properly. Generally, you can use any cardboard boxes from around the home to cut up and use but, for larger pieces of furniture, I mostly go to retail outlets and ask for the larger cardboard sheets they usually just throw away. Once they get to know you, they are usually helpful and will keep them for you on a regular basis. As for the paste, paper strips and pulp recipes, you will find those here on this site. You will need - Large cardboard sheets- Sharp craft knife- Strong adhesive tape- Newspaper- Strong adhesive- Staple gun- Pencil- Clear waterproof exterior varnish Let's begin Cut out 12 circles from cardboard all exactly the same size (choose to use a different shape if you wish - these are for the base and seat).

Combined circles Cut out a long piece of cardboard. Roll tightly. Cardboard Chairs 101. There are two basic ways to resolve the structure problem: an interweaving, carton-like grid of sheets, or laminating a massive amount of sheets together and carving out a chair shape. The latter solution is the most common one (see Frank Gehry). However, I think it's kind of a cheap way out, because you are not forced to deal with the actual properties of the material.

It also makes for a lot of cutting, a lot of cardboard, and a very heavy finished product. This first chair is actually made from corrugated plastic campaign signs, held together with hot glue and epoxy. Campaign signs have great potential for Pop-Art designs. To make the support structure, I cut a regular pattern of slits in a series of sheets so they'd all notch together. Then, two top sheets acted as a floor plate does in a house, locking everything in place. The second example is pure cardboard. DIY Recycled Cardboard Armchair. Cardboard Furniture - Pattern - Rocking Chair. Toddler Chair From Fountain Soda Syrup Box. DIY Wiggle Cardboard Chair. QUICK INTRO:(OF COURSE you can just skip to the pictures :-D) This instructable is about making a die-cutter to make THE WORLD's BEST CARDBOARD CHAIR. The chair design is simple --a profile cutout that is stacked. The project can be found here as well: Our goal was create a project that was relevant to college students and, as always, to challenge conventional thinking about sustainability.

We found that as college students, we deal with very little reality. Overall, we want to present cardboard furniture as a viable option as opposed to currently available dorm room furniture. Our first prototype is based on Frank Gehrys Wiggle Chair," popularized in the 1970s. Cardboard Cantilever Chair. This cardboard chair explores variations on some techniques first thought up and worked through here. The structure uses a hybrid of two types of cardboard: traditional corrugated from boxes and sheet stock, and hexagonal-cell cardboard used in packaging of imported stainless-steel sinks. I combined stack lamination with embedded threaded rods to provide clamping pressure, tying the layers together.

To further unify the structure and reduce the variations in the layers, the whole thing is wrapped in five layers of paper-mache, which was polyurethaned and waxed. This chair is unusual in that it is a cantilever chair, a traditional modernist form first pioneered by the Bauhaus. Cardboard can be very strong, but the cantilever form presents several challenges in using a paper material. First, the entire chair is essentially in tension: the weight and force of the sitter is pulling on all three of the critical joints, at the floor, the knee, and the junction of the back and the seat. DIY Cardboard Ball Chair. With a special jig, a good bit of time and a LOT of cardboard you can make the very comfortable, very groovy ball chair. Since the bulk of the material is scrap cardboard this also makes a nice recycling project. You can upholster the final chair like I did or just paint it and fill it with pillows.

The plans for this instructable are for a 4' diameter chair that will (just barely) fit through a 30" doorway. You could scale it up or down easily depending on the size of person it's for and how much "surround" you want. The chair stands on the base by gravity alone and the unattached design allows for easy readjustment of the ball. I like sitting in it more upright, and my daughter likes it kicked farther back.

I made this for my daughter's 13th birthday and it was a big hit. Cardboard Chair 1994 Project. Cardboard chair 1994. Cardboard is a surprising material for building furniture, but a number of designers have found its lightness, strength, warmth and environmental benefits very attractive. Laminated cardboard chairs can be seen in various museums including the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Detroit Institute of Art. Frank Gehry designed several. Here I've produced a chair which is easily strong enough to take an adult's weight, but without using lamination. In response to lots of questions about how to design a chair, I've written a FAQ with a brief guide and photographs that describes how to make a chair, and a diagram of how to cut out the parts.

For more on cardboard furniture look at this site or this in the UK. This design was listed in "Critics' Choice" of the Education Guardian 24th January 2006: Art and Design - Take a Seat [ Design ] How to Make Cardboard Beach Chairs. Recycle Cardboard Armchair - Real size. DIY Cardboard Bench. Cardboard Adirondack Chair. How to Make Cardboard Chairs Under Two Pounds. Cardboard Furniture - Pattern - Chair. Make A Cardboard Chair For Children With A French Designer. ... Children like to glue, mines (a girl 4 and a boy 2) for sure ... So very often, we -mum and children- make cardboard furniture together. We cut, paint, decorate, custom them ...

In short, have fun ... And above all, this activity is not expensive ... You need Cardboard (recycled and recycable) Tape craft Wallpaper glue Color paper Scissors (for them) and a cutter for you... You also need to cut and prepare the patterns without the kids (we'll wait until the age of reason -7 for French kids- before they are allowed to cut the cardboard with the cutter!). Time for each seat: 2 to 3 hours (including the painting ...) For the red chair: Two large boxes (at least 40 cm) To make a solid cardboard furniture, there are some really important rules to follow : the chair will be resistant if you use the cardboard in the right direction: up.

H –for the measures- is the right side. When making cardboard furniture, don’t forget you’re the designer. Your chair is built. Little Princess Throne From A Pampers Box. Vendredi 6 mai 2011 5 06 /05 /Mai /2011 07:26 Voilà une idée géniale : transformer un carton de couches en trône de princesse. Avec un petit changement de couleurs, ça peut aussi faire trône de roi ou joli fauteuil tout court.

C'est écolo ! C'est solide. Tous les détails en images sont ici : Pour le texte, il va falloir vous mettre au russe ! Le seul souci ? N'ayant plus besoin de couches, je n'ai pas pu tester ce tutoriel. Pour d'autres jeux d'imitation à fabriquer, c'est ici : Des jeux d'imitation à fabriquer soi-même : c'est possible ! Pour en savoir plus sur les jeux d'imitation et les enfants, c'est là : Les jeux d'imitation.

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