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Sheldrake - Cardboard Surfboards

Sheldrake - Cardboard Surfboards

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Cardboard Craft Gadgets: Disposable Design Statement? « Dornob Like life-size cardboard figure cut-outs used to advertise movies, these creative constructions are merely representations of other objects – but how far are they from the objects we so regularly throw away? We all realize the truth in this upon reflection, but it is still sometimes shocking to concede: we treat amazing technologies as disposable goods. Making things used to be about durability, design was made to last. Now no one expects even their suburban home to be well-built, let alone a phone or camera. Indeed, in a world of mass-production one could imagine to make another one-off gadget may now be more difficult than it is for someone like Kyle Bean to hand-craft a custom cardboard sculpture. Design for thought.

Super Natural Materials Our goal is to create high performance eco resins that optimize the sustainability of our customers' end products while improving performance and cost. We've replaced petroleum based chemicals with biobased renewable feedstocks. We are able to lower our resins' environmental impact from processing by employing bioderived materials sourced as co-products or from the waste stream of other bio-refining processes.

I'm building a 6'4'' Hollow Core Cardboard Fish I've been working on a 6'4'' Fish, made from router cuts in cardboard that Mike Sheldrake, the inventor of this board design creates in his garage. This board is unique in the way its designed, its core materials, and that it is being built in the Marshall Islands. Ive had the board kit for over 3 months, waiting on supplies. Now that they are here I have spent a few solid days getting it to the glassing stage. A few pictures to show where its headed. Im not the first person to built this board kit.

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Sony's new Action Cam rugged cameras go straight for GoPro's bread and butter GoPro is the name everyone thinks of when it comes to small rugged cameras that can be mounted virtually anywhere, but now Sony is aiming to grab a piece of that pie. The new Action Cam HDR-AS10 and Wi-Fi-equipped HDR-AS15, announced today, can shoot full 1080p HD video and 16-megapixel stills in nearly any weather condition. Both cameras weigh about three ounces and feature ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss lenses that can capture a 170-degree field of view and have Sony's SteadyShot image stabilization system. Sony claims that the camera's Exmor R CMOS sensor offers "stunning low light sensitivity with improved image clarity and drastically reduced grain," though we will have to see how that stacks up in real-world use.

Cardboard Tube Art Cardboard tubing, whether it be from toilet paper rolls or industrial strength tubing, is a versatile medium that many artists and designers have experimented with. Below are some amazing examples of what is possible with a cardboard tube. Toilet paper tube zoo scene by Anastassia Elias Mini sculpted masks made out of toilet paper roll tubes by Junior Fitz Jacquet. (Link via Village of Joy) Cardboard Bike Station Benedetto Bufalino made this cardboard bike station in Lyon (France) as a “social ephemeral” art installation. It looks exactly like the real ones you can find in the city of Lyon which was the first city in France to launch a bike sharing program (called Velo’V) a few years ago ! ++ Benedetto Bufalino

Packaging Lights: Recycled Green Lighting by Anke Weiss Extraneous packaging and poor packaging design are a couple of TreeHugger's least favorite things, so we're always glad to see examples of better packaging and creative ways to reuse old packaging and keep it out of the landfill. Falling into the latter category is the green lighting from Amsterdam-based designer Anke Weiss; appropriately named "Packaging Lights," it takes typically disposable packaging -- cookies, juice, and soap, just to name a few -- and gives it new life as lighting. We've seen this kind of thing done before -- creative recycling is always welcome on these pages -- but we like the balance this strikes between looking like the original packaging and taking on its own identity as lighting.

Collages Crafted inside Of Toilet Paper Tubes Toil paper rolls … every home has them, but artist Anastassia Elias put in the time and effort to turn these ordinary, dull-brown & disposable cardboard tubes into delicate and precise works of creative recycled craft. But be careful of paper cuts! Each piece has to be carefully cut from inside so as not to disturb the exterior of the roll – an almost absurdly gentle approach to one of the most commonplace waste materials on the planet … yet somehow reminiscent of the ancient art of painting inside of blown-glass balls, which had only the smallest of openings on one side. The scenes are intentionally domestic, a subtle reference to the source material (itself of modest and simple origins). People are shown idling at home or sitting, bored, in the midst of a meeting or classroom setting.