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The Art of Making and Why Cardboard Modeling is Fantastic. - SolidSmack It use to be that nothing made us happier than duct tape, a pile of cardboard scraps and a pair of sharp scissors. We could make anything. Just this past week, I watched as my kids made a jetpack from a cardboard box, PVC pipe and an ample amount of broken toys and colored duct tape. Jude Pullen is a Product Designer at Dyson who still knows the possibilities a pile of discarded material holds. He’s following up on the passion with a new site that introduces Design Modeling with the tips, tools and techniques to make you the master of cardboard cuts, joints, folds and more. Cardboard modeling

Planetpals Craft Page: Recycle Boxes Make Buildings Make recycle building house doll house garage. Fun nature recycle project with the kids! Building plans, layouts, patterns, ideas, directions Make A Recycle Toy Play House Make a Building or House-Many styles to choose from At home or at school this craft is cool! A lesson in engineering and architecture. *Reshape it!

Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed As the title suggests, I’ll be covering a lot of ground in this blog post. My intention is to describe and show practical examples of a number of crucial building blocks for 2D/3D projects. In that sense the tutorial is more a general reference, rather than a step-by-step towards a singular end-result. All of the shared code examples are fully commented, so reading them will tell you what each line of code does. This makes it easier to understand and adapt sketches yourself.

Card Decks Chair For Poker lovers ! Over 350 retired Las vegas playing card decks make up this unique lounge chair called Deuces Wild Chair. Available in different colors. Made by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. Paper Model of a Globe globe (.PDF) Print the PDF file to make the paper model. On the globe are drawn meridians and circles of latitudes (parallels) every 10°. Paper models:globe-like polyhedron (hebdomicontadissaedron)globe-like polyhedron (hectohexecontadihedron: 162 faces)

Folding Cardboard Play House The kids love a playhouse, and so do I! I don’t like to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but there are some of the boys’ games that I simply can’t get excited about, so I’m glad we can all agree that play houses and play kitchens are great fun. When I saw this collapsible playhouse by Jennifer Kirk at She Knows Parenting I was in love with the idea and just waiting for a way to use it. With baby J’s birthday coming up, I decided to make him a play fire station. The folding house was a perfect foundation for a fire station. Projection mapping lesson 01 – introduction and fundamentals Posted on Sep 25, 2013 by Jason in Teaching What is projection mapping? Projection mapping is the process of warping or aligning projected images and videos to match the dimensions of physical objects. Essentially it is the use of real-world objects as projection surfaces and using software to correct for distortions. How does it work? The Problem When you take an image and project it onto an arbitrary object you will find that the image simply doesn’t match up with the object.

Postage Stamp Bowl - by Amanda Hone from Repurposed art exhibit Postage stamps - I love them. In the UK, we have two different types of stamp in general use. Commemoratives which are issued every other month or so and as their name suggests are used to commemorate important events and anniversaries and Definitives. These stamps are the regular every-day stamps issued in a variety of different values so that any combination of postage can be made up from them. They are also known as Machin stamps after the artist who originally designed the queen's side view portrait used on them. Since they first appeared they have been issued in a huge variety of colours and I have always been very attracted to them for use in mosaics and papier mache. Origami Dinosaurs, a list of online, origami-dinosaur diagrams & dinosaur books Origami Dinosaurs: children love dinosaurs and they love paper folding too. Put them together and you get paper dinosaurs! Unfortunately, most of the models on this page are too complex for children. The only exceptions are: - the Mammoth (Nick Robinson). - the One Fold Stegasaurus (Joseph Wu), and - the snapping dinosaur head (traditional) Stephen O’Hanlon's dinosaurs diagrams are particularly noteworthy. His web site has many dinosaurs with their bio’s too. Dinosaur Books

DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse Turn a cardboard box into hours of entertainment for your little ones with this DIY collapsible playhouse. This cardboard playhouse was created, especially with small spaces in mind, because when the kids tire of it, the house collapses down flat for easy storage. Cardboard boxes are a hot commodity in our home -- even my 8-month-old appreciates a good drum fest with empty cereal boxes. Pretty much the perfect toy, boxes are free, plentiful (if you eat the way my boys do, that is) and provide the creative possibilities that can be a great exercise for a child's imagination. My kids especially love making forts out of boxes, and it seems that for them, the smaller and cozier the better.