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DIY Cardboard Tables & Shelves

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DIY Cardboard CD Rack. Cardboard Catch-All Shelf (2nd Ed) Super Simple Cardboard Table. DIY Cardboard Wine Rack. Cardboard DIY Inventory & Storage Bins. Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela. Nit Night Stand Year / 2012 The scenario is quite common: You move into a new apartment, which usually requires the familiar trip to IKEA (or a similar furnishing store).

Nit Nightstand - Adrian Candela

The final outcome is some new furniture and a large stack of corrugated cardboard. So I tasked myself with creating a piece of furniture with the boxes that originally held my new furniture. Make A Pipe Carton Bench/Table. Cardboard Tube Shelf. DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System. The idea of this striking DIY wall storage system belongs to a dynamic design duo Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson.

DIY Stylish 'Wood' Wall Storage System

It’s based on using of cardboard tubes, looks really chic and is quite flexible. Materials and tools. Cardboard Mushroom Bookshelf (Hot-Glue Method) Circular Cardboard Bookshelf. DIY Cardboard Bookshelves, Like A Carpenter. DIY Cardboard Shelves & Storage. I like free, easy, earth friendly, and practical projects.

DIY Cardboard Shelves & Storage

So this instructable is in that vein. Make shelves and storage options with free existing cardboard boxes. You can turn it up a notch by painting or using contact paper to decorate the boxes if you choose to spend the extra time & resources, but for me simple works just fine. Recycled Cardboard Shelf. To make the brackets start by cutting 1.5” (40mm) wide strips.

Recycled Cardboard Shelf

For maximum strength cut the stips so that the corrugations run along the length of the piece like the grain in a piece of wood. Glue (school glue) them together in an L shape. Be sure to alternate where the joints are so that no two joints are directly on top of each other. How To Make A Cardboard Nightstand.