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DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse

DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse
Turn a cardboard box into hours of entertainment for your little ones with this DIY collapsible playhouse. This cardboard playhouse was created, especially with small spaces in mind, because when the kids tire of it, the house collapses down flat for easy storage. Cardboard boxes are a hot commodity in our home -- even my 8-month-old appreciates a good drum fest with empty cereal boxes. Pretty much the perfect toy, boxes are free, plentiful (if you eat the way my boys do, that is) and provide the creative possibilities that can be a great exercise for a child's imagination. My kids especially love making forts out of boxes, and it seems that for them, the smaller and cozier the better. While intended for my youngest, this easy-to-construct cardboard playhouse continues to entertain my older boys. 1. 2. Turn box on side so the opening is perpedicular to the floor. 3. Cut off the top entirely and save the piece. 4. 5. Retrieve the piece you saved for the roof of the cardboard playhouse. 6.

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Cardboard Blueprints (PDF) To make it you'll need: utility knife Download the PDF for full instructions, but keep reading if you'd like to see detail shots of some of my construction techniques... This is where I joined the two boxes together on the side of the house above the window (step 9). I overlapped the edges, ran a couple pieces of tape lengthwise on both the inside and outside, then wrapped tape around the seam to really hold it together. Folding Cardboard Play House The kids love a playhouse, and so do I! I don’t like to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but there are some of the boys’ games that I simply can’t get excited about, so I’m glad we can all agree that play houses and play kitchens are great fun. When I saw this collapsible playhouse by Jennifer Kirk at She Knows Parenting I was in love with the idea and just waiting for a way to use it.

Old Typewriter Letters Create 200 Foot Long Illustration Inspired by the first half of the top row on a keyboard, artist Pablo Gamboa Santos developed a series of 300 drawings, entitled Qwerty. He used an old typewriter to create layers of overlapping letters which interact directly with his detailed illustrations and function as either water or land depending on the scene. Presented at the Centro De Arte Contemporáneo in Quito last fall, the installation consisted of hundreds of pages arranged in a row along the wall.

Blog Archive » geometric straw ornament tutorial geometric straw ornament tutorial December 2nd, 2010 a lovely geometric straw ornament This is a traditional eastern european ornament and garland. The shape is simple, but a little tricky the first time you make it. After you get the hang of it many three dimensional geometric shapes are possible. How to Build Cardboard Castle We can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than building this colorful cardboard castle with your kids. Christiane Lemieux, the founder and creative director of DwellStudio and author of Undecorate, has shared this inspiring cardboard castle that was designed and built by her two young children. The castle strikes a great balance between Christiane’s fondness for luminous colors which DwellStudio is famous for and the unstructured design and patterns that have flowed from her children’s imagination. Who better to exemplify the essence of Undecorate than children, whose design choices are not limited by boundaries or expectations but rather motivated by joy and creativity.

Planetpals Craft Page: Recycle Boxes Make Buildings Make recycle building house doll house garage. Fun nature recycle project with the kids! Building plans, layouts, patterns, ideas, directions Make A Recycle Toy Play House Make a Building or House-Many styles to choose from At home or at school this craft is cool!

Making stickers out of recycled paper Making stickers out of recycled paper October 25th, 2011 I recently discovered this great tutorial by Amanda Wood on how to make lovely stickers from recycled paper. Paper fortune teller origami heart A heart, made of 18 paper fortune teller origamis – a nice present for a loving person! We used piece of paper 9cmX9cm, specially designed to fit this frame. But you can make it with any other size. We used also coloured printing paper. We have already showed how to make a fortune teller. If you have forgotten Cardboard Playhouse I've been wanting to make Abe a playhouse for awhile now, so after sizing up the competition finding some inspiration on Pinterest (see a few of my favorites here, here, and here) I got to work on my project for... Home Depot is generally the last place I'd think to look for children's toys, but it's the first place we always go when we're working on the house. This time I was working on a house for Abe, and I knew that, except for a few supplies I already had at home, they would have everything I needed. I used one glass knob left over from refinishing my old dresser, along with one of the original knobs that I had taken off that dresser, to make the doorknob. Abe has been very interested in locks and keys lately, so I added a keyhole - custom made for his colorful set of keys. Abe helped decorate the house as I was putting it together.

Spook Hill™ #1 - Stately Pane Manor Note from Editor: Howard Lamey, in Jacksonville, Florida, has retired from a full-time job in advertising that included designing window displays for a major retailer. Now he has turned those artistic talents to designing and building vintage-style cardboard buildings for his family and friends. (We have a brief introduction to glitterhouses and "putzes" in the article "What is a Glitterhouse?") Howard has started his own site, but he has graciously agreed to share his craft knowledge with our readers. Though I've been making little vintage-style cardboard houses and castles for Christmas for some time, I tried something new last fall.

How to Make ... Washi Tape! Are you like me and just can't bring yourself to spend a lot of money on things that even though they are really pretty, will probably just sit there for ages without use? I've always loved the look of washi tape but find it so expensive and hard to justify. So, I decided to get creative and make my own..

Paper ribbon L.O.V.E. snail A LOVE snail easy to make snails with hearts In order to make this snail you will need just two ribbons, cut lengthwise out of an A4 sheet of paper, and some glue. For the body: Fold one of the ribbons by the middle and stuck it.Cut a small rectangle from the one end and shape the eyes.Fold once again to shape the body. Cardboard Toy Pirate Ships Cardboard Toy Vehicles Calling all kids! Jump in and let's go somewhere! Kid's imaginations will take off in these fun filled cardboard toy vehicles. Toddlers to elementary school age children will have hours of fun painting, decorating and going on new adventures in a pirate ship, space shuttle, train, horse carriage, or sports car.

MAGAZINE ENVELOPES 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina. She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! They are so so SO simple and add a personal touch to your envelopes.