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Fab Tree Hab Living Tree House This home concept is intended to replace the outdated design solutions at Habitat for Humanity. We propose a method to grow homes from native trees. A living structure is grafted into shape with prefabricated Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) reusable scaffolds. 1. Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTeam H.E.D. MOVIE: FAB QuickTime 1.4MBYouTube: Fab Tree Hab Video

Search. Explore. Experience ? Apture Shutl myFontBook Storific comment travailler à plusieurs sur un même d Pour une présentation client, une newletter ou un devis vous devez intervenir à plusieurs sur un même document. Mais en travaillant à distance, ce n'est pas simple et les mails en cascade vous font perdre à tous beaucoup de temps. Découvrez Google doc, l'outil collaboratif qui va mettre tout le monde d'accord. Tableaux, traitement de textes, intégration de photos dans vos documents, messagerie… Google doc met gratuitement à votre disposition une suite bureautique complète ! Mais quelle différence avec les applications déjà installées sur votre ordinateur ? C’est simple, avec Google doc, vous partagez ces ressources, mais pour travailler ensemble, simultanément sur un seul et même document. Comment créer et partager un document ? 1 - Créez votre compte Connectez-vous sur le site Google Documents. Pour créer votre compte, il vous suffit de vous créer une nouvelle adresse e-mail. 2 - Créez votre document Une fois inscrit, vous vous reconnectez à Google documents. 3 - Partager votre document

CloudSplit - Real-time Cloud Analytics. Real-time spending insig Welcome to Aviary Authentic Victorian Clothing as worn by the cowboys of the Old W Sources of public domain maps Libraries are a natural starting point in any search for public domain maps, especially university libraries and large public libraries (go to the reference section and ask). But if you’re looking for public domain maps online ... here's a list to get you going. Note: For each site offering public domain maps listed below, I tell you what you’ll find and what each site’s fine print says. (You know, the stuff nobody wants to read.) What fine print? Some sites have a mix of public domain and copyrighted items. American FactFinder | US Census Bureau What’s there: Customizable, printable, and download reference (geographic boundaries) and thematic (statistical data) maps based on the 2000 population census (the most recent decennial census) and other surveys. Using the maps: With rare exceptions, US Census Bureau materials are entirely in the public domain. Bureau of Land Management | Public Lands Information Center (PLIC) Map Center CIA World Factbook Map of Bhutan, 2005. John R. USGS Library

Audio Visuel | - l'actualite high tech et gadget au quotidien - ordinateurs, telephones portables, appareils photos, USB Posted in NSFW8 hr 40 min ago / 4869 views Can you guess how old she really is? Posted in Picdumps8 hr 42 min ago / 4921 views Posted in NSFW8 hr 43 min ago / 9821 views Posted in Gifs8 hr 45 min ago / 6101 views Posted in Picdumps8 hr 47 min ago / 2507 views Posted in NSFW8 hr 49 min ago / 3438 views Posted in Videos » WTF8 hr 38 min ago / 2913 views Posted in Picdumps8 hr 52 min ago / 2646 views Posted in NSFW9 hr 31 min ago / 3695 views Posted in Videos » WTF9 hr 49 min ago / 2660 views One more good reason not to do selfies next to a passing train... Posted in NSFW10 hr 5 min ago / 1845 views When you go out to watch a movie at night in Amsterdam, you have the choice to make this experience a little sexier. The world's largest game of Jenga weighs 8.1 tons (7.3 tonnes) and is composed of 27 600lb (272kg) blocks each. Posted in Picdumps10 hr 42 min ago / 3094 views Posted in Videos » Cute12 hr 28 min ago / 1444 views Posted in Random » POTD14 hr 16 min ago / 2214 views

TeK Computer Inc. It’s a Stylish Keyboard on the Outside, a Smart PC on the Inside Taipei, Taiwan, May 1, 2010 – ASUS today continues to deliver on its promise of cutting edge technological and design innovations with the launch of the EeeKeyboard PC—a fully-functional PC concealed within a svelte and stylish keyboard. First unveiled to a tremendous reception at CES 2009 and subsequently garnering 1st place at the CeBIT-PreView 2009 Awards, the portable 1kg EeeKeyboard PC works with any HDTV*, monitor*, or projector* to turn itself into a full-fledged PC. It provides users with a wireless computing platform, with Ultra-wideband (UWB) Wireless Display connectivity enabling it to stream HD 720p videos up to a 5-meter range (maximum 10-meter range for non-video transfers). Its built-in 5" multi-touch panel provides users with an interactive and intuitive means of directing the on-screen cursor to launch programs, send instant messages, and control its media player. Specifications