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Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac

Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac

Keep Everything The best free Mac to-do list and task list app: Todoist The task manager designed for Mac Your Mac desktop is your base of operations. Todoist gives you one-click access to everything you need to do – today, tomorrow, and as far into the future as you choose. Watch a video At your fingertips A complete task list is always one click away. Watch a video Online / offline access Keep your task list in the cloud and access it whether you’re online or offline thanks to Todoist’s innovative HTML5 technology. Collaborate with others Get powerful task collaboration on your Mac desktop. Watch a video Access tasks anywhere With free apps and extensions for 13 platforms, your tasks are always where you need them – on your phone, tablet, browser, mail program, and more!

Found Notational Velocity SourceTree CodeKit — Help App Basics — Getting Started 1. Drag & Drop To get started, drag your website's project folder onto the CodeKit window. CodeKit is now watching for changes to all files in that folder. 2. Next, click the "Preview" button in the top-right corner of the window. If your project uses complex things like PHP, Cookies, or POST requests, there's one switch to flip. 3. The next thing you'll probably want to do is adjust the settings for your project. Set Defaults For New Projects When you add a new project to CodeKit for the first time, the app sets default options for that project. Config.CodeKit Files CodeKit stores all your project's settings in a file named config.codekit. App Basics — Browser Refreshing How It Works CodeKit has a built-in web server that hosts your currently-selected project. Important: Complex Sites If your site requires server-side processing (PHP, POST requests, cookies, etc), there's one switch to flip. The Server Popover Click the Server button in CodeKit's toolbar. No.

Dash - Documentation Browser, Snippet Manager - Kapeli 50 Tileable and Seamless Pattern Sets (500+ Patterns) There are no individual seamless patterns in this post, only complete sets, with each set containing anything from 3 patterns all the way up to 100, and are available in a variety of popular formats: .eps, .ai, .png, .pat, .psd and .jpg. You will find all kinds of varied patterns, such as fabrics, geometric shapes, flowery, retro, vintage, grunge, swirls, paper, dots, lines… and much more. And if all that is not enough we have also collected a selection of the best resources for you to discover even more seamless backgrounds. Seamless Paper Patterns – 6 Patterns (Photoshop & JPG) Fabric Inspired Vector Swatches – 4 Patterns (.ai) Abstract Gears – 3 Patterns (.eps & .png) Vector Panton Patterns – 16 Patterns (.ai) Monochrome Geometric Patterns – 100 Patterns (.ai) Mono Circles – 3 Patterns (.eps & .png) Vector Seamless Backgrounds – 6 Patterns (.eps) Retro Set – 3 Patterns (.eps & .png) Tiles Pattern – 3 Patterns (.ai & .jpg) Seamless Plaid – 20 Patterns (.ai) Halftone – 52 Patterns (.ai)