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DayOne - MAC & IOS only

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Sounds wonderful .. but may have shut me out without android or web-browser support (both are a must for me for effective adoption on linux and smartfones since I would never use an iphone)

3rd Party Integrations

What do you actually use Evernote for? Many Uses of DayOne. Automating DayOne. Templates. We’re always amazed at the ways users extend Day One.


These tools and techniques add functionality and features to support some unique and inspiring ways to use Day One. Of these tools and third-party apps, templates in Launch Center Pro, Workflow, and other apps have proven to be a great way to write quick, templated entries. Screenshot by Tim Broder. (Note: To use these templates with your iOS device, follow these steps: 1. Install Launch Center Pro on your iOS device; 2. Templates Additional Resources. Markdown Guide – DAY ONE / SUPPORT. Markdown Information Markdown, created by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, is the technology we chose to use to allow rich text within Day One journal entries.

Markdown Guide – DAY ONE / SUPPORT

Markdown allows italic and bold, along with several other simple formatting options that can be written using plain text and display properly in Read views. Day One Tools – DAY ONE / SUPPORT. Plugins Adobe Lightroom Plugin Tools (Not officially supported by Day One) Slogger Social logging script for Day One by Brett TerpstraDayOneViewer Basic Windows Client with Dropbox sync (use at your own risk; we have had reports of data loss with this – so please back up first)GiftttDy—Logging Social Posts using IFTTTDay One Export Export Day One journal entries into html, text, or another format using a Jinja template.Flava to Day One ImporterOhLife!

Day One Tools – DAY ONE / SUPPORT

Command Line Interface The Day One CLI makes it possible for programs and scripts to interact with a Day One Journal from the command line. Examples $ . $ echo "an entry from yesterday" | . $ . $ echo "an entry in my other journal" | . More Info To see available options and examples, use the --help argument. $ . Currently, there is one supported command: “new”. The CLI automatically uses the Day One Journal that is configured in the Day One Preferences window. When creating a new entry, the current time is used by default as the entry creation date.

Day One. A simple and elegant journal for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Nullstein / Day One Windows Client / Downloads — Bitbucket. Gregryork/DayOneViewer. Day One: journal app nirvana in the Twitter age. The hardest part about journaling is remembering to journal.

Day One: journal app nirvana in the Twitter age

A hundred times I've attempted to "start journaling," but I always gave it up after a few weeks. "But it's therapeutic," people say. "You should journal. " The word journal has taken on a new meaning — as a verb, and as a bragging right for those sitting outside coffee shops brave enough to stay off their iPhones. While Moleskines will likely never fade in popularity, I've learned that the act of journaling is shifting. What matters most is the act of saving and not letting the tiny private things in life evaporate. Bloom founder Paul Mayne asked if I'd want to try a new version of his journaling app called Day One (which launched yesterday). After spending a month and a half with Day One, I think I've finally found my solution — a way to record anything and have access to it all from any device I'm using. "No matter where you are, it only takes a second to record something.

" The very best journaling and logging app. If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.

The very best journaling and logging app

Day One has outstanding apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad that all sync. It has a clever and rich feature set that lets you integrate photos, current location, weather data, and more into your journal entries. And it’s built by a small team of people that are continually updating the suite of apps with well-implemented details. Advantages and the importance of journaling As a writer, I believe journaling on a regular basis is critical.

Over the years, most of the major, monumental milestones of my life were documented in a Moleskine. But don’t take my word for it. The My Therapy Journal website also states that “no particular personality type or individual difference appears to predict who benefits from journaling and who does not. A simple and elegant journal for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.