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Consolidated Invite Thread Version 2 Alpha : trackers Encoding Talk House Music Browsing all articles in House Music If the past decade is any indication, Axel Hedfors, best known as Axwell, is by all accounts a dance music icon of the highest calibre. Be it his widely known perfectionism or simply his vast creativity and uncanny sense for what’s a hit and what’s not, but an Axwell production has never had any problems in finding its spot amongst the créme de la créme of club music anthems. But more than three years in the waiting, Ax ups the ante to preview the remode version of his eagerly-anticipated solo outing ‘Center Of The Universe’, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Heart Is King’. As given a world premiere spin on tonight’s episode of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, the remode of ‘Center Of The Universe’ sees Axwell well in his element with a mix of resonant melodies and the renowned top line courtesy of Swedish singer-songwriter Magnus Carlson, replacing the original’s blissful synth work to create a slightly heavier-set version. Out on Beatport Out on Beatport

BTForumsDB ~ InsideBT Forum Name: ArabHardware Forum Link: CLICK HERE Registration: Open Signup Application: N/A IRC Interview: N/A InsideBT Review: NO Recruitments: NO Giveaways: YES Requests: YES Trade/Sell: YES Language: Arabic Forum Script: vBulletin Statistics: + 280000 Threads, +2100000 Posts, +240000 Members IRC Channel: NO INFO Forum Community: 3/5 Forum Activity: 3/5 Forum Name: Art Of Sharing Forum Link: CLICK HERE Registration: Open Signup Application: N/A IRC Interview: N/A InsideBT Review: NO Recruitments: NO INFO Giveaways: NO INFO Requests: NO INFO Trade/Sell: NO INFO Language: Greek Forum Script: vBulletin Statistics: + 2300 Threads, +11000 Posts, +2000 Members IRC Channel: NO INFO Forum Community: 3/5 Forum Activity: 3/5

15 Free Remote Desktop Software Tools (Updated June 2014) 1. TeamViewer TeamViewer is easily the best free remote access software I've ever used. There are tons of features, which is always great, but it's also extremely easy to install. No changes to router or firewall configurations are needed. With support for video, voice-only, and text chat, TeamViewer also allows file transfers, supports wake-on-LAN (WOL), and can even remotely reboot a PC into Safe Mode and then reconnect automatically. Host Side The computer you want to connect to with TeamViewer can be a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. A full, installable version of TeamViewer is one option here, and is probably the safe bet if you're not sure what to do. Client Side TeamViewer has a number of options for connecting to the computer you want to control. Installable and portable programs are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. TeamViewer also lets you also use a web browser to remotely access a computer.

Ten easy recording and mastering tips for improving the overall quality of your DJ mixes The line between professionally produced commercial mixes and amateur podcasts or soundcloud uploads is pretty blurred. As an amateur DJ, you may not be able to create production quality records – but who’s to say you can’t put together a killer, professional-sounding mix? Like most things, it’s just a case of technical know-how and having the right tools. Below are ten tips to help your mix sound more professional. 1 – Dynamics and headroom When your mixer lights up red, it’s because red is bad. On the flip-side, try turning your mixer’s gains down comfortably below the point at which you would set them in a club, and then use this as a baseline for your mix. 2 – Harmonic mixing Check out the Mixed In Key website to learn your way around this wheel – their forum has loads of great advice that’ll help you learn the rules behind harmonic mixing. Why do some transitions sound so good it’s like the records were made for each other? 3 – Recording software and hardware 4 – Consistency in timbre

TOP 100 Most Requested Invites in 2012 ~ InsideBT TOP 100 Most Requested Invites in 2012 So this was an interesting year in request sections. What we do checked? Not only simple request sections on invite forums but also recruitements threads and number of requests there, power users forums on private trackers where users can requests invites to other trackers. Among all other popular trackers, especially chinese trackers FTN still is most requested tracker in 2012. 2. This is a big one. 3. HDChina is one of the most popular HD trackers out there. 4. Most popular HD english language tracker among users. 5. BitMe going strong, and users still want to learn more! 6. This tracker has been around for 4 years now, and it is one of the biggest HD Spanish movie trackers out there. 7. One of the bigest HD tracker, with very good internal team and with big and active community. FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. 9. Tracker mainly specialize in the music style of Drum'n'Bass. 10. PTN is a ratioless movie tracker. 12. 13.

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