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80 Of The Most Useful Mac Tools and Utilities

80 Of The Most Useful Mac Tools and Utilities
Macs are awesome straight out of the box, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them a lot better with a few quality downloads. Today we’ve rounded up eighty of the most handy utilities to improve the basic functionality of your Mac in a number of ways. Below you’ll find almost every kind of utility you could need, from hardware controllers to maintenance software and file organization tools. Hardware Utilities Dimmer for Mac – Dimmer is a free application that allows you to adjust the brightness of your display. Don’t worry… I know that there’s two special keys on the keyboard that do that for you, but currently there are 17 different brightness options for you to select on a Mac which, by all means is enough. Dimmer for Mac Display Maestro – Display Maestro gives you full control over attached displays, allowing the usage of all available resolutions and bit depths. SMART Utility – SMART Utility is an application to scan the internal hardware diagnostics system of hard drives. Breeze

Refinery Revamp the Dock With Refinery, giving your Dock a whole new look is as simple as drag-and-drop. The Live Preview feature lets you see your changes as you make them, and you can export your favorite docks as Refinery Dock files, which you can import back into Refinery later. And it only takes one click to restore your Dock to its default state. Customize the Finder Change your Finder sidebar, toolbar, and alert icons easily with Refinery. Refine your System Have you ever wanted to change the background for the Login Window? Adjust your Apps Refinery allows you to enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X apps like Address Book, Dashboard, and Safari. Universal Restore With Refinery, you never have to worry about things going wrong. Refinery requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 (Leopard or Snow Leopard). Refinery is donationware (unrestricted shareware), so you can use it for as long as you like without restriction.

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10 Coolest Mac OS X Apps You Might Not Know About Important aspects of your life are stored within the data on your computer, the loss of which can turn into a nightmare. Some of these important files include photos, music and videos, e-mail archives, business related documents, financial records, and more. To protect yourself from hard drive crash or human error related data loss, back up your files. Get Backup gracefully combines various backup capabilities, such as disk cloning, scheduling, compression tools, the ability to restore an archive on any computer without necessarily using Get Backup, and much more. And, more amazingly, all of this comes free of charge. In addition to creating backup archives, Get Backup offers tools that allow you to automatically synchronize files and folders in two different locations. For hardcore users, and those in need of more tools, Get Backup Pro is available. View Movies about Get Backup Why use Get Backup? Features at a Glance: Diverse Backup Methods: Get Backup vs. More features…

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20 Beautiful Mac Apps Mac OS X is known for housing an amazing graphical user interface. Not only is the operating system beautiful in every way, but a large portion of the applications developed for Macs have great usability along with a stunning “face”. Below you will find 20 Mac Apps With Beautiful User Interface Designs for your inspiration. This is also a great reference for those that are looking to develop their own applications. TuneUp If you iTunes collection is a mess this app is a must buy. Download TuneUp Here Things The Things interface offers very easy navigation and simple flow of tasks. Pixelmator Pixelmator’s GUI uses a mix of transparent features, glossy Icons and sleek hover effects to capture the attention of the users. Daisy Disk This disk visualization tool takes disk analytic’s to the next level, while keeping usability and simplicity at its highest. iStatMenus iStatMenus has a dark and sleek interface. CleanMyMac For a cleaning application it sure has a clean and well organized GUI. Fontcase

Sparrow Post-Install Plugins to Enhance & Protect WordPress WordPress is a fantastic, easy to install application that’s packed full of useful features. It’s all ready to rock straight out of the box, but there’s a few easy customisations you can make with a cocktail of plugins that will enhance the functionality as well as offer crucial protection. This is my collection of post-install plugins that I immediately add to every WordPress install I work on – There’s no fancy gallery plugins here, just back-to-basics additions to improve speed, SEO and security. Akismet is so crucial to a WordPress blog it even comes pre-installed. What does it do? Akismet works on the front line in the battle against spam. Download the plugin Changing your Permalink structure is the first step you should take to a more optimised blog. The All in One SEO pack makes a few important SEO improvements to your WordPress blog, such as canonical URL redirection and reconfiguration of page titles. Download the plugin Download the plugin Download the plugin Download the plugin

20 Free Mac Apps For Web Designer’s Toolkit Nov 12 2009 Professional web designers on the Mac platform rely on commercial heavy-hitters like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and InDesign for their graphic design needs. And when it’s time to slice and dice, some depend on the excellent Dreamweaver CS4 for WYSIWYG design/development; while many Mac code jockeys swear only by editors like Coda, BBEdit or TextMate. Others prefer to mix, match or blend. Designers also rely on various supporting apps to accomplish every day jobs like FTP uploading, cross-browser testing (important if you’re designing/developing on a Mac platform only), screen-shot snapping, pixel measuring, and the like. While many of these programs are slick, they also of course cost … money. Free Photoshop alternative GIMP (Mac)In a nutshell, GIMP provides designers with the power to accomplish almost any task that Adobe Photoshop is used for. Also check out: SeashoreBased on GIMP, Seashore is a pure cocoa app which makes it very OS X friendly. Paparazzi!

Squire First of all, we would like to thank all of you all who took the time to send us your feedback, suggestions and good vibes. We’d also like to thank our wonderful group of alpha testers for spending their valuable time helping us. As you may have noticed, we’re just a few people doing all the work: Jonatan Castro (the designer) and Fernando García Torcelly (the developer). We’re grateful to have Fernando García Ramos on board as well, helping us build our database and web application. We’re working hard to create something different: a simple application that provides an engaging experience; one that anyone can use and enjoy. Yes yes, your grandma too! What’s Squire? Squire is an elegant, easy, simple yet powerful way to consume media. I’m sure you’re eager to see how it looks or how it works, so feel free to take a look at our screenshots and videos. How I can get my hands on it? This is alpha software, which means it is not yet ready for public use. When will it go public? 0$, 0€ (zero).

Licorize, un delicious en mieux? Organisez-vous Il y a quelques jour je testais Skloog J’utilise toujours l’outil aujourd’hui et c’est bon signe. Je crois que, quand on est un web addict comme moi, il faut utiliser plusieurs services pour mettre en favoris nos découvertes sur internet. J’utilise delicious pour ce blog, je bookmarque consciencieusement tous les sites donc je parle, de façon à ne pas en reparler plus tard, (ça m’est arrivé une fois déjà) Mais voilà, je partage mon compte delicious avec mes enfants et mon épouse, et je leur demande de bien mettre “en private” leur trouvailles afin que cela n’apparaisse pas sur twitter! Aujourd’hui j’ai teste une usine à gaz à bookmarques ou favoris pour expert du web et pour les personnes qui travaillent en équipe. La particularité de cet outil en ligne est qu’il permet de réaliser plusieurs tâches, pas seulement gérer les favoris, mais des tâches à faire (to-do), bookmarquer une image, écrire un note, contacter une personne, prendre un rendez-vous, créer un post-it….