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About » Quartz Composer. This is an independent website and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. This website has been created by myself, Miroslaw Artur Rusin (you can reach me at mirek [at] me [dot] com). On the website you will find educational materials related to Quartz Composer – a visual development environment application developed by Apple Inc. You will also find projects created by other people in form of: Mac Developer Tips » Finder and glob. I’ve found a really nice, well documented, AppleScript application that makes for easy work to use Unix path pattern expansion (glob) syntax along with Finder.

Mac Developer Tips » Finder and glob

This is the utility you want around when you need to select a specific set of files within Finder, and command-clicking just isn’t going to cut it. For instance, when you need to select files with a unique patterns such as: files that contain the string “test” (anywhere within the filename), or only those files where the name contains “test” and the extension is “rb”. The application I am referring to is lselect, and here are a few examples: All files with “test” in the name and the extension “rb” will be selected: PySol for Mac - Mac Free. ShapeShifter Mac OS X Themes (by date) The GUI Work of Max Rudberg. Mac Themes, Themes for Mac, OS X, Mac theme for Windows, Mac vis. Flash Webcam Tricks & Effects - Instant Photos - Play Games Online For Free With Web Cam.