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Edmodo. Redes sociales para el aula

Edmodo. Redes sociales para el aula

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Providing Every Student in Your Class With a Voice I was the quiet student who always sought out the back row. I never willingly participated in class discussions, not because I didn't have anything to contribute, but because I preferred to communicate my thoughts in writing. Many of our students sit in class quietly as their peers dominate the discussions, wishing they could add to the conversation. Some might lack the confidence to speak in front of their peers while others prefer to formulate their thoughts in writing. There are plenty of digital tools that allow all students to have their voices heard. Sometimes we refer to these tools as backchannels because they allow conversations to happen at the same time as the main conversation or event that is taking place.

19 Classroom Management Anchor Charts Whether you’re getting ready for back-to-school time or you need enforce a few more rules in your classroom, classroom management anchor charts can be a great solution. We pulled together our favorite charts on classroom rules, procedures, expectations and more, along with a few of our own emoji designs. Don’t forget to watch the emoji video at the end to see how we put them together! Plus if you have a favorite classroom management anchor chart that’s not on our list, put a link in the comments! 1. Dos and don’ts Google's "Be Internet Awesome" Curriculum is Now Available in Spanish At about this time last year Google introduced Be Internet Awesome. Be Internet Awesome offers an interactive site called Interland. Interland is a game in which students navigate a virtual world by correctly answering questions about internet safety. Starting today that game is available in Spanish and English. The rest of the Be Internet Awesome curriculum has been updated along with Interland game. The written curriculum guide has been expanded to 69 pages from its original 48 pages.