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Katsuyo Aoki: Porcelain skulls

Katsuyo Aoki: Porcelain skulls
Katsuyo Aoki’s porcelain skulls make death a beautiful thing With Halloween on its way and so much death imagery everywhere, it’s refreshing to see Katsuyo Aoki’s take on ghoulishness. Her porcelain skull sculptures feature meticulous vanilla white curly patterned details, that look like they could be made of coral–or maybe icing. (Mmm?) And if you look closely, you can almost make out blissful grins. Bringing light to darkness, Katsuyo Aoki’s skulls reminds us that life (and death) is beautiful. See more of Katsuyo Aoki’s skulls below.

EVOL's Rural City EVOL's amazing building stencils in the unlikeliest of places. This was done as part of MS Dockville. For more of his work in this series, check out the Dresden warehouse. Scraping Away the Skin on Skull Nickels By James on September 28th, 2011 at 3:07 pm Art, Picture Pages Welcome Stumblers! If you think this post is cool, you can find more of our latest and more popular posts in the sidebar to the right. If you want to receive updates from us in the future you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or sign up for updates via email (we’ll never send you any spam, we promise!). Help We Are Atomik grow! The term “Hobo Nickel” describes any small-denomination coin (though, normally soft nickels) that people carve to create miniature reliefs of…well, all sorts of things.

We die when we stop living. The best time to be alive is now We die when we stop living. The best time to be alive is now. External Stimuli : Elizaveta Porodina Photography Themes : Fashion, Humanism, Photography Nodes : ethereal, nude Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape Packing tape has gotten MacGyver out of many a jam, but he never managed to make an entire home out of the stuff. So he could probably learn something from Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen. The team uses nothing but packing tape to create huge, self-supporting cocoons that visitors could climb inside and explore. Installed three times in the past year, the next deployment will be next week from June 9–13 at DMY Berlin's International Design Fair, which is now in its 8th year. The installations, which look like the work of horrifyingly large arachnids, grew in scale and scope as the year progressed, first deployed inside a small Croatian gallery, then an abandoned attic during October’s Vienna Design Week. At the last installation inside Odeon, a former stock exchange building in Vienna, the group used nearly 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape. - Visual Arts Magazine... - StumbleUpon Sayaka Kajita Ganz was born in Japan but now she’s living and working in Indiana, USA. She use discarded objects, mainly made in plastic, like kitchen tools, hangers, etc, to create stunning sculptures inspired by animals and nature. She says about her work “It is a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together.”. Yuki Matsueda ‘While most designers are busying adding more and more elements into their artworks, Japan-based Yuki Matsueda has, however, managed to let some elements escape from his art pieces. The result seems quite amazing… A vivid 3D image is successfully created and all the elements are believed to be more shocking than those stay still on paper.’

Sculptures: Flash Memory « Chuk'num The amazing sculptures you are about to see were crafted by three artists including Liu Zhan, Kuang Jun and Tan Tianwei. These outstanding creations were part of an exhibition titled “Flash Memory” which is currently held in Beijing till December 31, 2011. the sculptures themselves are out of this world, instead of just sculpting the reality around us, these artists deformed it, or did not complete it in this case.

Illustrator Rob Dobi Thinks Your Scene Sucks! Jun 19, 2011 / Category : Misc / 22 Comments We are all victim to the atrocities of today's many scenes and subscenes. Whether you choose to accept it or not, this reality affects us all in one way or another. We all deal with it in different ways, some keep themselves locked up in isolation, holding onto the hope that the scene won't penetrate their stronghold, others simply give in and take on a life of scenesterism tragic. It's got to the point where you need to know what signs to look out for, where not to be at the wrong time, and most importantly, to know your scenesters.

Twelve Animals: World maps as Chinese zodiac 12 Feb 2009 In a series of illustrations entitled "Twelve Animals," graphic artist Kentaro Nagai rearranges the world map to create the beasts of the Chinese zodiac. Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Ho Quang, Vietnamese Photographer, Captures Poor Children's Dreams In Eerie Photos What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s the question Ho Quang, a 26-year-old photography student, posed to 10 children living in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Some live in large households with single incomes, others have sick parents and many suffer from malnutrition. Despite their difficult circumstances, they dream big. Many want to be teachers, musicians, mechanics, artists and doctors -- all with the intention of helping their struggling families. Quang, who studies in Australia and is from Vietnam, photographed each child in scenes that depicted their dreams while at the same time showing their gritty reality.