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Artist Hong Yi Plays with her Food for 30 Days

Artist Hong Yi Plays with her Food for 30 Days
For almost every day last month Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi (who often goes by the nickname Red) created a fun illustration made with common (and occasionally not so common) food. Her parameters were simple: the image had to be comprised entirely of food and the only backdrop could be a white plate. With that in mind Yi set out to create landscapes, animals, homages to pop culture, and even a multi-frame telling of the three little pigs. The project, which still appears to be ongoing, has been documented heavily around the web, but if you haven’t seen it all head over to her Facebook and read an interview on designboom.

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The Geometric Food Art of Sakir Gökçebag And I have trouble cutting a sandwich on a perfect diagonal for my son. From watermelons to green beans and apples to pomegranates, Turkish photographer Sakir Gökçebag slices common fruits and veggies to create striking geometric arrangements. To clarify: the photos you see here haven’t been digitally manipulated but are instead the result of meticulously precise cutting worthy of a surgeon. If you want to see more I strongly urge you to check out the installations and photography projects on his website. (via designboom)

Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas Cupcake pin cushion via (dollarstorecrafts) Magazine rolled up bowl Mosaic Ornaments from CDs Pallet – just stain and take out some slats. Write out your favorite song lyrics or favorite chapter of a book. Dipped pinecone placecard holder Painted vases Puzzle shelf Spoon ornaments could ad a unique twist to a Christmas tree. Turn a Bookshelf into a Shoe Rack! Brains Made of Toothpaste, Newspaper and Food by Kyle Bean Designer Kyle Bean (previously here and here) just finished this fun series of brains for Men’s Health magazine. Bean is known for his handcrafted commercial and editorial work for a number of large brands involving set design, sculpture, and illustration. Portfolios don’t get much more fun than his.

The 34 Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes Posted by admin on May 22, 2013 in Recipes | 0 comments Cooking doesn’t get much easier than this. BTW, these are mostly desserts. I hope you’re OK with that. I know that you will enjoy in this amazing food tricks. All these food ingredients are amazing and with them you will enjoy in delicous food. Cut Food, Cross Sections of Everyday Foods “Cut Food” is a photo series in which foods are shown properly cut in half, by food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès… Beth Galton | Charlotte Omnès «Cut Food» est une série photo dans laquelle les aliments sont montrés parfaitement coupé en deux, par le photographe alimentaire Beth Galton et la styliste culinaire Omnès Charlotte …

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Hunger Pains, Food Fashion Photography by Ted Sabarese “Hunger Pains” is an incredible series of portraits by NYC-based photographer Ted Sabarese… Ted Sabarese «Hunger Pains» est un incroyable série de portraits réalisés par le photographe basé à New York Ted Sabarese… What 200 Calories of Various Foods Look Like WiseGeek started a photo project that shows what 200 calories look like in different kinds of food… Sesame Seed Bagel (70 grams/2.47 ounces = 200 Calories) Apples (385 grams/13.58 ounces = 200 Calories) Avocado (125 grams/4.41 ounces = 200 Calories) Baby Carrots (570 grams/20.11 ounces = 200 Calories) Blueberry Muffin (72 grams/2.54 ounces = 200 Calories) Broccoli (588 grams/20.74 ounces = 200 Calories) 25. Canned Green Peas (357 grams/12.59 ounces = 200 Calories) Canned Tuna in Oil (102 grams/3.6 ounces = 200 Calories) Celery (1,425 grams/50.27 ounces = 200 Calories) Cooked Pasta (145 grams/5.11 ounces = 200 Calories) Doritos (41 grams/1.45 ounces = 200 Calories) Eggs (150 grams/5.29 ounces = 200 Calories) Fried Bacon (34 grams/1.2 ounces = 200 Calories) Fruit Loops Cereal (51 grams/1.8 ounces = 200 Calories) Grapes (290 grams/10.26 ounces = 200 Calories) Hot Dogs (66 grams/2.33 ounces = 200 Calories) Jack in the Box French Fries (73 grams/2.58 ounces = 200 Calories)

New Portraits Drawn with Coffee, Tea, and Ink by Carne Griffiths New impressive portraits drawn with coffee, Tea, Ink and Liquor by London-based artist Carne Griffiths… Carne Griffiths Nouvelle série de portraits impressionnants, dessinés avec café, thé, et encre par l’artist Carne Griffiths, basé à Londres…