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Welcome to the Freebies Pages. Here you will find all the vectors, brushes, textures and all the different resources available on the blog and sorted by similarity. About the license is Creative Commons 3.0, that means that you can use them in personal and commercial projects as long as you give me the proper attribution. Icons by snap2objects or Mauricio Duque for example or a link back to the Facebook fan page. In case you are not able to give the attribution you should drop me a line asking for quote in the release of that license. So here are the efforts of more than 4 years in trying to bring original and useful freebies to you. Original Vector Template designs Culture Elements Vector elements Kawaii Vector Ilustrations Icons Related:  banque d'images

Médiathéque Ecoemballages Composition d'emballages en métal Barquette plastique transparente éduquer aux bons gestes de tri 16 sites pour trouver des illustrations vectorielles gratuites - Pour tout designer / webmaster / auto entrepreneur web qui se respecte, le problème des images pour créer un site est récurrent. Il existe une multitude de sites pour trouver des photos stock, mais beaucoup sont malheureusement payants. Il existe heureusement quelques alternatives, qui feront l'objet d'un billet ultérieur Pour ce qui est des illustrations vectorielles, ou vector files, le problème devient un peu plus épineux. Ces ressources valent généralement cher, et sont peu nombreuses. Faites chauffer les bookmarks ! Snap2Objects, propose des silhouettes de personnages, ainsi que bien d'autres ressourcesLogoTemplater : des illustrations pouvant servir de base à un logoDesigners Revolution : pas mal de packs IllustratorTHePixlPusherCreatSK8Vibr8Bros : pas mal de badges / stickersFree LogoTypes, pour retrouver les logos des grandes marques en format vectoCoolVectorsVector4Free, des vectoriels dans pas mal de catégoriesGoMediaZineGarcya.usDezignus une mine d'or.

35 Quality Business Card Design Templates for Free! Resources December 28, 2011 Though gadgets exist these days with features that aim to replace this basic promotional medium, old school printed business cards are still relevant, even important, for branding and advertising your identity. A well-designed and effective business card can be an excellent marketing tool for any business of any size. Today we are showcasing 35 examples of quality business cards and also giving you some links from where you can download these beautiful business card templates for free. If you’re in need of a business card for yourself or your client, you may be able to find a cool template that will meet your needs or at least serve as a starting guide that you can edit. Direct download: transparent business card Direct download: wood industry business card Direct download: QR Code Business Card Direct download: blue business card template Direct download: Bokeh 2 Business Card Direct download: personal business card Direct download: typography business card

Compositing V-ray Render Layers in Photoshop In this tutorial Ahmed Fathi takes a look at how to composite together V-ray render layers using blending-modes and masks in Photoshop. Once completed, this process allows you to change or tweak any aspect of your image in seconds without having to re-render a thing! Ahmed also covers a few extra post production techniques such as Chromatic Aberration and Depth Of Field, as well as how to emulate a Cross-processed look. Republished Tutorial Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in July of 2010. Additional Files/ Plugins:Download the Project Files for this tutorial Step 1 As this is a compositing tutorial, not a lighting/rendering tutorial, I'll assume that you have at least a basic knowledge of V-ray, and that you are able to render out your own scenes already. Step 2 We'll start with the VRayZDepth element. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Step 12 Step 13 Step 14 Step 15

fuzzimo Banque de liens vers des sites de photos gratuites, libres de droit, logothèques, sites de didacticiels etc Les images que vous trouverez sur Internet sont en résolution écran (72 dpi), ça va sans dire; mais leur dimension en pixel peut permettre l'impression à un certain stade. Si vous désirez imprimer vos travaux sans «voir» les pixels, vous devez travailler avec des images à 150 dpi minimum (pour une imprimante courante) et donc trouver des images ayant au minimum 600 pixels de large = 10 cm imprimables après redimensionnement en Photoshop. Prenons l'exemple d'un A4 : 1200 pixels de large = 20 cm imprimables après redimensionnement en Photoshop. Mais si je désire imprimer en offset je dois doubler la dimension… Photothèques gratuites et libres de droit sur la toile Les images de ces sites présentent plusieurs résolutions possibles. >>> Un article qui recense ces sites chez Canva <<< Liste des sites Flickr Site de partage de photos. - riche bibliothèque. - contient des images libres de droit, mais qui changent tout le temps. Liste des sites payants Autres sites CC FFFFOUND!

METROPLASTIQUE imagined by SupaKitch & Koralie Vector Logos Here you can find a great collection of vector illustrations in Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF and SVG format: vector signs & symbols, design elements, clip art, flags, maps, silhouettes, ornaments, vector backgrounds & wallpapers. All the vectors on this page are free for your personal use. If you want to download more free vectors, register for free & have unlimited access to the Free Vector Member Gallery, the coolest collection of vector art. Free Vector members have an opportunity to participate in the contests and win valuable Times of Design vector packages. Apple Free Apple vector brand logo. In our online Logo Gallery you can download famous brand logos, all in the best vector quality (Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF & SVG). Technology vector logo of the company Intel. Uploaded: 27/09/12 Views: 2408 | Downloads: 2073 Logo of, a website dedicated to sharing reliable information about the best hosting services on the web. Uploaded: 09/07/12 Views: 1838 | Downloads: 915

Making sense of VRay Settings Recently Ryan Lintott and I went to a VRay training seminar by the man himself Vladimir Koylazo (one of the makers of VRay) who went through a number of facets of VRay including a step by step way of breaking down your render settings into logical steps to get the best combination of quality and speed. I thought this was just too gooder process not to share so have decided to put together the following tutorial taking people through these steps he explained so VRay will hopefully become less complicated, and so you can better critique what is happening within your scenes. The real core of this is every scene is different and has different requirements in terms of detail resolution and Global Illumination. There are many settings posted on the web (I have done a few myself) outlining suitable settings for VRay, and much debate over which setting is best. So here are the steps: In order to break up your scene use the following approach: NOTES on WHOLE PROCESS So what are you looking for?

24 Free High-Res Textures   If our freebies have benefited you personally or have helped you earn a profit please consider donating via paypal. Donate Now I’ve been playing with my camera and I have a bunch of High-Res textures for all of you! About Jay Hilgert Formally trained at Oklahoma State, Jay Hilgert is a graphic and web designer, font designer (Link), software developer (Brush Pilot™), and the founder of BittBox. If our freebies have benefited you personally or have helped you earn a profit please consider donating via paypal.

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