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Free PSDs & Resources for Designers

Free PSDs & Resources for Designers

an army of ermas: February 2011 by Kathy Tirrell I live in the sink. My world is awash in dishes and bubbles swirling around my rubber-gloved hands. My objective: Scrub those pots and pans! 14 Amazing Free Photoshop .psd Resource Sites 14 Amazing Free Photoshop .psd Resource Sites. 1. .PSD Files on deviantART 2. 3. 33 FREE Well-Designed Navigation Menu PSD Startup Framework Close 2011, Sep 27 // Kevin Liew // 4 comments // Web Design 33 FREE Well-Designed Navigation Menu PSD Advertisement 11 Best Free Stock Photo Sites As designers and visual communicators, we need to make sure to use photos to help tell a story and to convey a message. While it's best to use high quality original photos whenever possible, sometimes they just won't fit into the workflow. Either you ran out of time, don't have access to the subject matter, or you don't have the equipment or patience to take a really great photo. Luckily, more and more Public Domain photo sites are popping up, where either all or a portion of the databases are completely free to use without attribution. Here are the best ones I've seen so far.

The ultimate 2013 calendar for designers If you're still looking for a 2013 calendar for your workplace, then check out this awesome-looking, designer-oriented 2013 Pantone calendar designed by Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and Brankica Harvey. Published by Abrams, each month of the calendar - which comes in wall and engagement editions - features pixelated images identified by their Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours, each tagged with the specific colour-code. The images are themed for the seasons and holidays - a penguin for January, rain boots for April - each month features a selected colour. In the engagement version of the calendar, the scale of the images increases throughout the month, so the views become more abstract as the colourations and specifications become more detailed. The calendar is available on Amazon now for $13.49. Pentagram have also designed a rather tasty Art of Andy Warhol calendar which is worth checking out too.

Fresh Ideas - nurture your ideas! Letterhead / flyer Mockup (psd) Today’s freebie has been designed by Jeff Johnson from Macrochromatic. It’s a flyer/letterhead mock-up created in photoshop. The file is fully editable and can be used for your personal and/or professional projects. We also asked Jeff to answer few questions to get to know him a little better and to shed some light on his creative process and... Slyd Slyd is an easy-to-use, highly-customizable slider plugin for WordPress. There are plenty of plugins out there that allow you to easily insert a slider into your WordPress using a shortcode but they require creating a custom slide for every post you write. With Slyd you can shirk those inconveniences. Slyd automatically pulls in all of your latest posts (or just the ones in a certain category).

Top logo resources for designers The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to learn about the art of logo design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked some top online resources that'll really help you get to grips with it. 01. Logoed 10 free 2013 calendar templates for designers It's good to be organised, so if you haven't find the time to create a calendar then you'd best get a move on! While ideally you'd free up a couple of hours to design something truly amazing, in the real world sometimes we all have to take a shortcut. These brilliant free calendar template designs are all customisable to suit your tastes, which means you can give your own creative stamp to your design without spending all day on it.

Browsing PSD Resources - PixelBin j Simple Shopping Cart Checkout Widget For download today, the newest member of our little family contributed this super sexy, pixel-perfect dark shopping cart checkout widget ready for you! 27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers Starter kits are great timesavers for web designers and they are particularly useful for those who often create mock-ups for project pitching on daily basis. If you are a designer-cum-programmer think of it as your code snippets So what’s in a starter kit? We think it varies – depending on what each designer routinely worked with. For GUI designers, keeping a copy of form elements (buttons, checkboxes, tab, drop down menus, etc) helps speed up the process of creating screens and layouts; on the other hand, browser (IE, Firefox Safari) templates with web safe area keep web designers reminded how/where they should prioritize their contents. Experienced designers will usually customize and keep a personal version of starter kit, some might have few too!

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