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UiFaces. GraphicBurger. Pixeden. The Public Domain Project from Pond5. SpoonGraphics. 10 Free Retro Text Effect Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator Last week I shared a tutorial showing how to create a retro text style using Adobe Illustrator.


I had lots of fun producing that effect, so I’ve been busy crafting a number of additional colour combinations to create a collection of 10 free retro text styles for you to download. Apply them to your text elements with just a single click to produce a variety of colourful titles with faux-3D, halftone texturing and subtle shading effects. 12 Free Cinematic Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop I’ve been having fun working on a brand new set of free Photoshop Actions to transform your photographs with various contrast and colour alterations. Zomgimbored. You can download the vector set for free by clicking the image above or clicking here.


Get 34 more vectors in the Premium Vector pack! Click here or the image below. Only $3! Kitchen_Vectors_2013 by James Michael Viola is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Compfight. Stock.xchng. FreeVisualTools. XOO. LACMA Collections. Foter. Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use. Alphabets The Alphabets ClipArt collection offers 1,193 illustrations arranged in 43 galleries including decorative letters and numerals, complete alphabet sets, and several sign language systems.

Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use

If you are looking… American History and Government The American History and Government ClipArt collection offers 2,513 illustrations arranged in 26 galleries. The images range from exploration and Colonial America, to the American Revolution and Civil… Ancient and Medieval History The Ancient and Medieval History ClipArt collection offers 1,456 illustrations in 18 galleries from ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Byzantine cultures. Animals The Animals ClipArt collection offers 10,528 illustrations arranged in 96 galleries, including amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles. Arts and Architecture. Ookaboo! Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.

Free Range Stock Photos. Wikimedia Commons. PixelsDaily. World Digital Library Home. Stockvault. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 448 Free Art Books. You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 448 Free Art Books

Or you could pay $0 to download it at MetPublications, the site offering “five decades of Met Museum publications on art history available to read, download, and/or search for free.” If that strikes you as an obvious choice, prepare to spend some serious time browsing MetPublications’ collection of free art books and catalogs. You may remember that we featured the site a few years ago, back when it offered 397 whole books free for the reading, including American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885–1915; Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical Drawings from the Royal Library; and Wisdom Embodied: Chinese Buddhist and Daoist Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Related Content:

Freepik. World Map & Pin/Marker. Library of Congress Images. I'm always on the lookout for photo and illustration sources for work or personal use.

Library of Congress Images

When I saw this wall art idea in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, I followed the source of the balloon illustrations back to the Library of Congress's prints and photographs catalog. It's a gallery of digitized images you can download and print, sorted by collection. All the images I looked at had "no known restrictions on publication," and in most cases, you can grab high res files ranging from 3"x5" to 11"x16" at 300 dpi.

U.S. National Archives Albums on Flickr. Snap2objects. Welcome to the Freebies Pages.


Here you will find all the vectors, brushes, textures and all the different resources available on the blog and sorted by similarity. About the license is Creative Commons 3.0, that means that you can use them in personal and commercial projects as long as you give me the proper attribution. Icons by snap2objects or Mauricio Duque for example or a link back to the Facebook fan page. In case you are not able to give the attribution you should drop me a line asking for quote in the release of that license. So here are the efforts of more than 4 years in trying to bring original and useful freebies to you. Original Vector Template designs Culture Elements Vector elements. Animal Vector Graphics. Jump in and download these free animal vectors.

Animal Vector Graphics

We've rounded up an assortment of cute animal characters drawn in a quirky styles. There are a variety of looks represented, such as: flat vintage, shiny modern anime, childish crayon, chibi characters, and more. 22 Original Stick Figures. This is a really nice idea, Randy.

22 Original Stick Figures

I love the practice of visual note taking and simple representations. The humanistic and unassuming quality of hand drawn figures and scenes is really powerful. It strips away detail to communicate the soul of an idea without all of the cognitive baggage. LOVE IT. I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Dave Gray and Liz Burow (a couple of masters of visual thinking) earlier this year. One of the cool tricks Liz talked about was developing a signature style so that many of your representations flow automatically and reflexively. NASA GRIN. Gratisography.

Creative Commons U.S.