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Gamification - When Your Customers Participate, Your Business Wins! - Bunchball

Gamification - When Your Customers Participate, Your Business Wins! - Bunchball

SCVNGR’s Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck Some companies keep a playbook of product tips, tricks and trade secrets. Zynga has an internal playbook, for instance, that is a collection of “concepts, techniques, know-how and best practices for developing successful and distinctive social games”. Zynga’s playbook has entered the realm of legend and was even the subject of a lawsuit. SCVNGR, which makes a mobile game with real-world challenges, has a playdeck. It is a deck of cards listing nearly 50 different game mechanics that can be mixed and matched to create the foundation for different types of games. Portal 対応OS 2000/XP/Vista DirectX 8.1以上要 Steamでの認証となるので、パッケージ版を購入したとしてもインターネットへの接続環境が必須。認証後はオフラインでのプレイも可能。Orange Boxとして購入した場合には、TF2やHL2:EP2と共通のCDキーでの登録になる。

s Omni-channel loyalty & first-party data solutions Omni-channel Loyalty & 1st Party Data Solutions Key Benefits Encourage & reward consumers for engaging with and exploring your brand across all your online, offline, social, mobile & transactional channels Gain a deeper understanding of the path-to-purchase with an aggregated view of how each customer interacts with your brand across channels Power CRM efforts with the most comprehensive view into each of your customers including implicit, explicit & 1st party data Use our advanced data & analytics tools to identify your existing customers’ unique characteristics & target new customers through look alike modeling

Nudge blog · Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness Just Letters - A browser based multi-user Flash game Just Letters is a free browser based Flash game. Here is what BBC's Clickonline said about it: We've all seen those fridge magnets that allow you to spell out words from a group of individual letters right? Well FlashcomGuru have made this work for the web. Just open the page and start moving the letters about to create whatever words you want. There is a catch though - you will be doing this with up to 74 other players all working from the same board - hence the title 'Someone keeps stealing my letters'.

How to Crowdfund Your Project: Campaigns, Causes, and Non-Profits Crowdfunding is growing fast: in 2011, a comprehensive review put the industry’s size at $1.5 billion, and projected that it would grow to $2.8 billion by the end of 2012. Crowdfunding is also becoming more diverse: platforms now exist that make it possible to put money towards everything from equity investments in businesses to interest-bearing loans for solar energy to donations for music, film, and art projects. Many new crowdfunding platforms are also aiming it to make it easy to fundraise for campaigns or non-profit organizations. Here are four sites that can help you get your project off the ground: Indiegogo While Indiegogo is a broad-based, big-time platform (a la Kickstarter), it also maintains a serious commitment to funding social change.

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute CJ 2007#14]上海で暮らす“奇才”アメリカン・マギー氏を訪問。彼が語る中国の魅力と,期待の新作「American McGee’s Grimm Tales」(American McGee’s Grimm Tales) ダークで混沌とした,独自の世界観を持つアクションゲーム「American McGee's Alice」(邦題:アリス イン ナイトメア)などで知られるゲームクリエイターのAmerican McGee(アメリカン・マギー)氏。もともと,id Softwareで「Doom II」や「Quake」「QuakeII」などのレベルデザインなどを行っていた経験がある。その後,Eidos Interactiveを経てElectronic Artsへ移り,そこで「American McGee's Alice」を完成させた。同作のリリース直後に独立し,「Scrapland」や「Bad Day L.A」といったタイトルをリリース。そして音沙汰がなくなったと思ったら,2006年に中国の上海へと活動拠点を移し,開発会社Spicy Horseを設立した。 上海に移ってからは,その地理的条件からかメディアへの露出がほとんどなくなり,“Grimm”(グリム童話の「グリム」だ)の噂や情報のかけらこそ出回っていたものの,オフィシャルな情報はほとんど伝わってきていない。 PricewaterhouseCoopers joins GSummit as a Sponsor PricewaterhouseCoopers is ready for Gamification As the market for gamification matures, there are a number of significant changes in store for our nascent industry. Chief among those is the increased attention from bellwether companies that signal broadening support for our view of increased engagement through great design.

Home (LD48 Game Programming Competition) Ludum Dare 48h Game Programming Competition The 48-Hour Game Programming Competition is a "mostly from scratch", timed, solo coding challenge where all willing game developers spend their allowed time making the best game they can under a common theme. Please see the rules for complete information about how the competition is run. Any questions should be directed to the forums. April 2005 Competition Theme was "light & darkness"! products We currently have four themes of eco action trumps available to buy singly or in bulk. They are available in the standard size and a giant version perfect for outreach and event activities. everyday eco actions: This pack covers a range of eco actions you can do at home.

Reward system Drugs of abuse target the brain's pleasure center.[1] Certain neural structures, called the reward system, are critically involved in mediating the effects of reinforcement. A reward is an appetitive stimulus given to a human or some other animal to alter its behavior. Rewards typically serve as reinforcers. Make Games and Gamification Away From Keyboard

Esempio di un'azienda che ha applicato il metodo del game al suo interno.Bunchball è una compagnia californiana che offre servizi chiavi in mano di “gamification” aziendale: i sistemi proposti includono punti, sfide, obiettivi per rendere il lavoro più interessante e gratificante. E’ molto interessante, in particolare, un’applicazione di questo sistema al problema delle spese medico-sanitarie delle imprese, che, in America, rappresentano una delle voci più pesanti all’interno del costo del personale. Studi mostrano come il 75% delle spese assicurative mediche derivi dalle scelte di stile di vita individuali (fumo, alimentazione, attività fisica). L’idea di Bunchball è la seguente: rendiamo il perseguimento di uno stile di vita più sano per i dipendenti di un’impresa un gioco, al fine di migliorare la qualità della loro vita e, allo stesso tempo, ridurre i costi per l’impresa. by nymeria Mar 11