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Think back to the last time you played a game. What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Was it a simple game like tic-tac-toe, or something more complex, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess? Or maybe it was a game of basketball? Did you play with friends? Games come naturally to human beings. This blog is about games designed to help you get more innovative, creative results in your work. Chris Brogan video review of Gamestorming: “Most organizations would welcome more innovation, a greater ability to change and a more fulfilling and fun culture for their employees. “If you are a business owner or manager who wants to look at things in a new way and sharpen innovation in your company or on your team, Gamestorming is an excellent resource for you.” “If you’re a facilitator, corporate trainer, a team leader or in a creative role within a company, I’d say that this book will be valuable to you and that’s it’s worth checking out. “This is a really smart book. Related:  GamificationAutres ressourcesGamification

Gamification Blog Category:Creativity Techniques This A to Z of Creativity and Innovation Techniques, provides an introduction to a range of tools and techniques for both idea generation (Creativity) and converting those ideas into reality (Innovation). Like most tools these techniques all have their good and bad points. I like to think of these creativity and innovation techniques as tools in a toolbox in much the same way as my toolbox at home for DIY. It has a saw, spanner, hammer, knife and all sorts of other things in it, they are all very useful, but you have to pick the right tool (creativity / Innovation technique) for each job. This site will try and provide a little guidance along with each tool to let you know whether it's best used for cutting paper or putting in nails. For the future, the aim is to also have sub-categories which will identify Techniques for; Problem Definition - including problem analysis, redifinition, and all aspects associated with defining the problem clearly. Subcategories

How NASA Plans to Make Astrophysics Fun With an Ambitious Social Game Imagine if government agencies made social games. Who wouldn't enjoy the Federal Reserve's Asset-Backed SecuritiesVille, or the Census Bureau's World of FormCraft? Maybe not. But what about NASA? NASA's educational efforts have blossomed in the digital age. SEE ALSO: 4 Excellent Indie Games With Real Educational Value That's easier said than done. Private Development and Crowdfunding "NASA could have spent a million dollars [to make a game] a year or two ago, and you may not have seen anything that you wanted to play," Khaled Shariff, the CEO of Project Whitecard, tells Mashable. The project, currently titled Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond, has kicked off an initial round of crowdsourced funding, and thanks to a bit of social media buzz, has exceeded its initial goal of $25,000 in just two weeks. "It's an opportunity for us to experience the solar system [in a way] that, surprisingly, hasn't been done up to this point," says Shariff. The Crucial Balance: Fun vs. Science Gets Social

What Makes a Learning Game? capsule_2011_01_312 Pict-O-Caches | Trip's GeoAdventures If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list. They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? First, we need to establish what they are… Pict-o-caches are a class on their own. Taking cues from multi-caches, on-site puzzles, and visual puzzles, these puzzles definitely require an observant eye. Let’s look a bit closer. Obviously, this image shows a brick wall, so you would want to scan for brick buildings. Examining the photo, you at least now that it is near a window. Now, you can be certain that this is the corner of a building, and along the roof. This is the overall idea of this type of pict-o-cache. But I said that this the above method is just one type of this style of puzzle cache. I have not actually gone after one of this method. Either method provides an interesting caching experience. TripCyclone

Centres de Design : Le service design pour les PMI > Le réseau PRESENTATION DE DESIGN France Designfr@nce a pour vocation de regrouper les structures régionales afin de : - favoriser le rapprochement entre Innovation et Design industriel en région - mettre en commun nos compétences et nos bonnes pratiques issues de nos expériences respectives - mutualiser les actions régionales - mettre en place des actions communes en s’appuyant sur nos compétences respectives entre autre sur le plan européen - remonter au ministère (DGCIS) la perception du terrain (entreprises et designers) en provenance des régions françaises - proposer au ministère des actions inter régionales permettant de favoriser la pénétration du design dans les PME, les collectivités, le territoire et la recherche. - représenter auprès du ministère le design en région Le CREDO de Designfr@nce : Contribuer à intégrer et développer le Design dans tout projet en entreprise française. Faire reconnaître la valeur créative des territoires français dans le monde. > Les membres

Lemontree - University of Huddersfield How it works Lemontree automatically gathers information about your activities within the library when you link it to your library card. So when you visit library, when you bring books back or even when you log in to an e-resource, your actions — provided you’ve registered with us —will register on Lemontree and earn you points! During the week Lemontree will show your progress visually. The more you use the library, the hotter your library card gets! Grow your own Lemontree As you progress through your studies and use the library you will also progress through the levels in the game! You can also find your friends on Lemontree, things like checking in with them or recommending things to them earn you bonuses. About Lemontree Lemontree is a flavour of Librarygame™ that has been specifically customised for and licensed to the University of Huddersfield. Read more about their journey at Your privacy Please note