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eTools for Language Teachers - PowerPoint Exercises

eTools for Language Teachers - PowerPoint Exercises
Over the years, I have created many different lessons for K to 8 French classes using PowerPoint presentations. I believe that PowerPoint is truly the best way to teach song lyrics because the children just follow along as the words come up and the images greatly facilitate comprehension. I recommend that you read the songs through once with the children, and then play it with the music the second time through. There are also two stories here on PowerPoint with sound effects that the students really enjoy. You can download any and all of the presentations in this section for free. Please note: I have not included the music files (mp3) with any of the presentations in order not to violate the artists’ copyright protection. Powerpoint Lesson Downloads You can use this menu to view specific samples, or scroll through them all: Bonjour MonsieurComment ça va? Bonjour Monsieur Based on the song "Bonjour Monsieur" by Matt Maxwell found on the CD "Comment ça va?" Download Now Get Song Top of Page Related:  Game-based learning/Gamification resources

eQuizShow Online Templates French Prepositions for countries, cities, regions Why do you say "Je vais en France" but "Je vais au Japon"? Like any inanimate object, continents, countries, and regions also have genders in French. The ending will usually tell you which is feminine or masculine and help you choose the correct French preposition of place. A – General Rule About French Prepositions of Places When the name of a region ends in an E, it’s usually feminine.La France, l’Angleterre, la Suisse, la Chine, l’Inde, la Californie, l’Asie To say you’re going TO it, use EN Je vais… en France, en Italie, en Afrique, en Floride…To say you’re there, use EN Je suis… en France, en Italie, en Afrique, en Floride…To say you’re coming from it, use DE Je viens de France, d’Italie, d’Afrique, de Floride… (There are many exceptions though, such as Le Mexique, Le Maine, Le Zimbabwe…) When the name of a region ends in any other vowel but E, or a consonant, it’s usually masculine.Le Canada, le Japon, le Portugal, le Burundi, le Luxembourg, le Texas

ArtThink | Tools and Games Describes subject matter that is presented in a brief, simplified, often distorted manner, with little or no attempt to represent images realistically. In La ngresse blonde (The Blond Negress) Brancusi dramatically simplifies a woman's face, delineating only her hair and lips. Mondrian's New York City 2 reduces and abstracts the appearance and energy of the city to a series of lines. Constantine BrancusiLa Négresse blonde (The Blonde Negress)1926bronze (polished)Gift of Agnes E. Meyer and Elise Stern Haas©Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris Piet MondrianNew York City 2 (unfinished)1941oil and tape on canvasPurchased through a gift of Phyllis Wattis©Mondrian/Holtzman Trust, c/o Beeldrecht / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Manfred Overmann - Whee! Free PowerPoint Templates | Power Point Backgrounds, Presentations Free PowerPoint Templates These are recycled and 100% free PowerPoint templates from past presentations. Use them for idea starters, or for whatever you wish. Enjoy! Corporate PowerPoint Template Place your own logo in the white space Circular Reasoning Round and round she goes. Golden Success Another free download. Faded Blue Jeans. Subliminal Success Pitch black .POT file. WackyBack A cartoon inspired background for child themes. Lightstripe Popular .POT background. - tan to light brown background. But Wait! Due to popular demand, the "Most Popular" presentations are one the following pages PowerPoint Backgrounds | PowerPoint Templates | PowerPoint Presentations | Golf PPT | Floral Backgrounds Read the fun PowerPoint blog "All About Presentation..."

Cours de conversation du jeudi 27 juin Differences between Gamification and Games This is an expanded version of the previous work on Serious games and Gamification below Ever since I first started considering Game Thinking, I have been trying to come up with a way to break down all of the parts that make it up. The first attempt was my article about the differences between serious games and gamification. Since then, I have been thinking about this a lot. This lead to me writing down a basic outline of what would fall under the other headings in my list. Game Inspired Design This used to be called gameful design, but this now has more gamification like connotations. Gamification Gamification is generaly defined along the lines of “The use of game thinking and elements in non game contexts“. Extrinsic gamification is the sort that most people are used to, where game elements are added to a system. Intrinsic gamification is more about using motivation (RAMP) and behavioural design to engage users. Serious Games Games / Play / Toys Ok, this is a bit more complicated.

Demystifying the French: Tip #2 | Writing from the Heart, Reading for the Road April 27, 2012 at 5:41 pm Here’s tip #2 for getting along better in France: use Polly Platt’s “ten magic words.” In her very helpful book, French or Foe? Polly Platt urges her readers to learn what she calls the “Ten Magic Words” that will open the doors of the French heart and soul, and turn potentially sour encounters into sweet ones. Here are the first five words: Excusez-moi de vous déranger. .. (No, it does not mean “Excuse me for deranging you.” Starting an encounter with a stranger like this (for example, a person on the street who you want to ask for directions) lets them know two things. 1) You speak at least some French; and 2) You have good manners (that is, you are bien élevé) With these two important facts established, you’re off to a very good start. Polly Platt says that, counter to their reputation of being aloof, condescending and cold, if you add the next five words “…monsieur, mais j’ai un probleme” most French people will go far out of their way to try to help you solve it.

The Power of Gamification in Loyalty Look around and you’ll see a lot of examples of gamification in marketing and in particular in loyalty programs. So is this just another gimmicky social media driven tactic by companies? Or is there some genuine strategic value that justifies its rapid infiltration into loyalty programs. It may seem gimmicky on the surface but gamification addresses two key strategic issues for companies running loyalty programs: 1. Jump starting loyalty programs with early member engagement 2. The impact of gamification on these two key challenges areas warrants a separate look at each. Jump starting loyalty programs Rapid early engagement is key to gaining visibility, understanding and momentum in new loyalty initiatives. Keeping program costs low to deliver ROI sooner PR programs are 1-step removed from actual revenue and also a bit hit-or-miss with respect to impact. Gamification drives loyalty program ROI

Gail's French Educational Links 8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education On Sunday, Tess Pajaron sent me a great article from Open Colleges about “The Virtues of Daydreaming And 30 Other Surprising (And Controversial) Research Findings About How Students Learn”. One thing that really struck me about this article is how many of these findings indicated benefits that can come from the use of gaming in education. Some of the findings directly addressed the subject, while others were indirectly indicative of potential positive outcomes of gaming in an instructional context. Of course, the “gamification” of education generally refers to the idea of incorporating gaming elements in instruction and instructional tools, such as the use of digital badges in an online learning application. 1. Mathematics can be a dry subject, “full of repetitive problems, formulas, and exams”. 2. 3. Research outlined in the Lookstein Online Journal indicates that “children show cognitive growth when they are given the task of creating their own video game. 4. 5. 6. 7. Patrick S. 8.

A teacher’s complete guide to using Google Voice to collect classwork and homework This entry will guide you through the process of setting up and using a Google Voice account for the purpose of collecting spoken homework, such as for a language class. After reading this guide, you will be ready to configure your Google Voice account and collect your first round of homework. The focus of this entry is not to give an exhaustive list of all the contexts and ways in which Google Voice can be used in education, however! Use your creativity and share your ideas in the comments. Google Voice is a completely free service which gives you a local telephone number with voicemail service. Students can call your Google Voice number from their own phones, be directly connected to voicemail, and record messages up to three minutes long. To create an account: Go to into a Google account. To set up your outgoing voicemail message: To share recordings with your students: Things to consider when implementing Google Voice in a language course: Further Reading: