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Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design

Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design
CHAMPIONS is a collection of lacquered tables we produced for Galerie Kreo in Paris. The tables are made of aluminum (extrusions and folded sheet) with tops in float glass. PODIFY, the largest table, measures 3.5m in length. The graphics applied on the tables are fictional. They have no meaning other than to create an illusion which outgrows the objective reality of the product. Obviously, the tables are inspired by sport equipment like bikes, skis, and racecars.

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Vise Finishes - Bec Brittain Polished brass Brushed brass Medium antique brass Oil-rubbed bronze Polished nickel Satin nickel Dark pewter Polished black nickel Polished copper Miami glass - pink to aqua Bright Miami - bright pink to aqua Tesnus - apricot to blue Lanikai - apricot to pale green Big Sur - grey-green with gold Vise finishes All Vise lights are available in any of our standard finishes shown above. Alex Renfrew Design The Drop Defected Further Four Bixon SNBTS Annual Report Designers Alex Hellum Andrea Stemmer Bec Brittain Charles & Ray_Eames Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of this century. They are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design (e.g., the Eames Chair), industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts. Charles Eames was born in 1907 in St.

Bureau Bruneau Self-initiated typography experiment where I used an old train set, found in my grandmother's basement as the basis for creating letters. Contemporary European Architecture: Terminal Hoenheim Nord - Zaha Hadid To help fight against the congestion and pollution in the city, Strasbourg developed a new tram-line service that encourages people to leave their cars outside the city and take a tram to the more inner parts of the city. Hadid designed the tram-station and a car park for 700 cars. Her main idea was to create an attractive space with energy that is clearly defined in terms of function and circulation. Hadid did this by using 3D graphics of light and openings.

Scholten & Baijings New / WALLPAPER* DESIGN AWARDS 2015 New / REPRODUCING SCHOLTEN & BAIJINGS New / DESIGN IN FULL COLOUR New / OVER THE RAINBOW New / WE LET THE SAME INGREDIENTS GUIDE US New / BLOCKS AND GRID kazuhiko kishimoto: wind dyed house jan 16, 2012 kazuhiko kishimoto: wind dyed house ‘wind-dyed house’ by kazuhiko kishimoto, yokosuka kanagawa, japan image © hiroshi ueda designed by japanese architect kazuhiko kishimoto of acaa, the ‘wind-dyed house’ is perched midway upon a cliff overlooking the ocean in yokosuka kanagawa, japan. embedded within the contours of the sloping terrain, this residence is surrounded with groupings of trees, encompassing and framing the building within the landscape. the low profile intervention minimally impacts the environment, along with a sensitive and light appearance. deep roof eaves cast shadows which recede the visual prominence of the structure. front elevation image © hiroshi ueda

Little Paper Planes The work of Los Angeles bases, Lisa Williamson. She was part of Made in L.A. at the Hammer Museum last year. Working in several different mediums—sculpture, painting, drawing, video, and publications—Lisa Williamson (b. 1977 Champaign-Urbana, Illinois) creates works that are conceptually dense yet embrace a minimal and refined visual language as well as a lighthearted humor. Trafficking in the potential for abstract forms to conjure recognizable everyday objects, from architectural details to the human body, her works are placed in precise relationship to one another to suggest a setting where actions have occurred. Her use of language—in her cleverly ambiguous titles and in the writings that she occasionally publishes—and the diagrams visualized within her drawings serve to animate the sculptures.

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