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Highrise is the easy contact manager for small businesses

Highrise is the easy contact manager for small businesses

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Blogger Resources Do you have a blog or want to start one? I’ve been blogging in some form or other since 2001 and I’ve tried a lot of different services. Here are my favorite blogger resources to get started, to reach out, and to monetize. Launching With Social: A Study of What Works and What Does Not Are you planning to launch a new blog, product or service? Do you want to know how to organize and execute a successful launch with social media? To share ways you can use social media to launch or celebrate anything, this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast gives techniques and insights learned from the launch of My Kids’ Adventures‘ Parenting Adventures podcast. More About This Show

A Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Visual Content 2.3K Flares 2.3K Flares × We love setting goals for improvement here at the Buffer blog, and one of our most recent challenges has been this: Every post gets an original image. This might not sound like such a tall task until you consider that Courtney and I are journalism majors whose skills lie in painting pictures with words and not so much in painting pictures with Photoshop. SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard SyncSpace for Android provides a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real time over the net, a sort of shared whiteboard. Turn on synchronization and send a link to the document to others who will be able to see your drawing and also make changes using SyncSpace. The resulting drawings can be emailed as images or saved for later editing. It's the perfect whiteboard replacement for distributed teams. Discover more about SyncSpace for Android and iPad at Note: The iPad and Android versions are compatible however the iPad version has some features not yet available on Android such as exporting to PDF and adding images/photos.

Special Offer - Big Content Search Attention Marketers: Are You Tired of Wasting Your Precious Time and Money on Content? "Discover How To Get Access To Unlimited Content, Create Hundreds of Niche Websites Easily, Generate Tons of FREE Traffic and Watch Money Flood Your PayPal Account" So You Can Spend Less Time Online and More Time Enjoying The Internet Lifestyle! Dan Lew Dejan Murko From the desk of Dan Lew and Dejan Murko 5 Google Sheets Settings Essential for Teamwork Services like Google Docs and Google Sheets have taken digital natives by storm and are used across the globe to collaborate on school and professional projects alike. Google Sheets is the online equivalent of Excel and it’s not the first tool that comes to mind in the sphere of teamwork. But when you’re collectively supplying data, the spreadsheet as an information processing tool becomes inevitable. This article will take you through Google Sheets functions and features essential for group projects. Some are universal and can be found in Excel, others are unique to Google Sheets and the collaboration options it offers. Here's The NEW WAY To Get As Many Customers, Clients, And Sales As You Can Handle. ...Even if you hate selling, even if you hate writing copy, and even if you've struggled in the past! Dear Friend, How to Build a Blogging Content Studio For the past year, we at Articulate have been constructing an efficient and repeatable process for producing and promoting remarkable content for our blogs and for our clients. The key point here is "efficient and repeatable." Our blogs, Bad Language and Turbine, have been around for a long time, but we updated them only sporadically. We found it easier to recommend marketing and copywriting techniques to clients than to do it for ourselves (we were, in a sense, like a doctor who smokes).