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Three Point Lighting Tutorial

Three Point Lighting Tutorial
Three lights: the Key Light, Fill Light, and Rim Light (also called Back Light), are adjusted to achieve the classic Hollywood lighting scheme called three-point lighting. This GIF Animation shows the role of the 3 lights. Here's how to set them up in your 3D scenes: 1. Start in Darkness. Make sure there are no default lights, and there's no global ambience. 2. Create a spot light to serve as the Key. The key light is brighter than any other light illuminating the front of the subject, is the main shadow-caster in your scene, and casts the darkest shadows. NOTE: Be sure to stop and do test-renders here. 3. From the top view, a Fill Light should come from a generally opposite angle than the Key - if the Key is on the left, the Fill should be on the right - but don't make all of your lighting 100% symmetrical! At most, Fill Lights can be about half as bright as your Key (a Key-to-Fill ratio of 2:1). Shadows from a Fill Light are optional, and often skipped. 4. That's it.

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Lighting tips from the Masters What do I know about lighting after all? After my previous post on setting up a three layer SSS shader, a few people asked for tips on how to light their characters to best show them off. As it happens, this something I’m rather interested in, and I’ve had a blog post on the subject brewing for a while, so I’ve finally found the motivation to finally write it up. I didn’t want to spend too much time talking about specific settings for this tutorial, so instead you can download this blendfile from for some ideas on the specifics of how to set up your scene.

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Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Rigging/Add Camera Rigs From BlenderWiki Description This script was designed to add some extended functionality to a camera by creating control rig with custom shapes and UI to easily access the cameras settings from the 3d window. After installing the add-on, it will place 2 menu items in the Add » Armature Menu. They are Dolly Rig and Crane Rig. 3D Studio Max Lighting Tutorials on Tutorial Outpost – Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials, and more! Learn how use Radiosity. Simple light setup you should know. Click here to view the full tutorial. Sometimes Omni’s and Spots just aren’t cutting it, what if you want to do some real lights emitting from real surfaces? This will show you how with Mental Ray. Click here to view the full tutorial.

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Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Advanced Tutorials/Introduction to Cycles Cycles is a renderer which first appeared in Blender 2.61. It offers more physically-accurate handling of lighting, based on a completely different handling of materials from the old Blender Internal renderer. A Simple Cycles Example[edit] Start with a new Blender document. From the renderer menu 3ds Max Tutorials — Modeling This is a basic vehicle modeling tutorial in 3ds max. In this tutorial you will learn the basic workflow for modeling the futuristic car. Thank you for watching. Toy Train ::: 3D’s Max Modeling, V-Ray Material and Rendering, Photoshop Color Correction and Compositing Video Tutorial Oyuncak Tren ::: 3D’s Max Modelleme, V-Ray Malzeme ve Görselleştirme, Photoshop Renk Ayarları ve Kompozisyon Video Ders

30 Magical Photos Of Children Playing Around The World No matter their cultural background, no matter their economic situation, kids will always find imaginative ways to have fun. Their wild imaginations and magical childhood moments, when captured on camera by talented photographers, can make for truly wonderful photos. These 33 images we collected will prove that childhood can be wonderful no matter where you go. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Procedural Eyeball in Cycles You previously learned how to model an eyeball using just procedural textures with the Blender Internal renderer. This page will redo the exercise using the Cycles renderer. Note: The BI version of the tutorial relied on a quirk of the Musgrave texture, in that a certain combination of settings produced a nice pattern of radial ridges for modelling the iris of the eye.