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Overdrive Interactive window dimensions: 1008x1002header container width: 960masthead container width: 960 Google Gallery Thank You John Smith 400 Smith's First Voyage Throughout Smith’s voyages of 1608, he and members of his crew kept a written narrative their 2,500-mile expedition. These accounts of the Chesapeake’s natural resources, waterways, and Native inhabitants have fascinated readers for centuries.

Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility While talking with young founders in Europe and the US over the last couple months, I have been asked the same question repeatedly -- how can an entrepreneur just starting out gain the necessary credibility to attract capital? It is an important question because, at its heart, a startup investment is an investment in the entrepreneur. And the earlier stage the investment, the more so this is true. We all know the allure of the elusive "serial entrepreneur" -- the rare breed who has done it before (successfully) and will not fall victim to the same business pitfalls (he'll have to discover new ones). I have backed serial entrepreneurs before and will continue to back them. They have valuable startup knowledge to bring to bear on the company building process that we in the venture business clearly covet.

Content Marketing History [Infographic] Those of you whose marketing careers started in the 1990s know all the about rise and fall of the Internet bubble and its impact on the industry. Sites like, and ruled the web and gained substantial profits before the bubble’s collapse on March 10, 2000. The majority of these organizations became extinct, though a few got bought out by Yahoo! Worst Foods for Diabetes - 10 Bad Foods for Blood Sugar Certain foods can send your blood sugar level on a roller coaster, with insulin rushing to keep up. The good news is, while there are some surprises, most of these foods fall under the same category: processed food, such as white flour and sugar. "Refined flours and sugar cause huge spikes in insulin and get absorbed quickly, which causes problems," says Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution (Little, Brown and Company). Look at the whole meal instead of just individual ingredients, adds Jackie Mills, MS, RD. Pairing carbohydrates with protein, fat, or fiber helps slow down the absorption process. Watch out for these 10 blood-sugar saboteurs.

100 Must See Interviews With the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs At Under30CEO we think big. We recently published a list of our Top 50 Most Motivational People on the web and things got a little nuts. The article created incredible buzz all over the web and most importantly we fired up our audience to go out and make something happen. As young entrepreneurs it’s important that we keep swinging for the fences. Super successful investors like Ron Conway say they’d rather invest in an 18 year old Mark Zuckerberg than a 31 year old seasoned entrepreneur because the young Sean Parker types truly think the sky is the limit. At Under30CEO we’re going to carry that mentality into the interviews that we conduct on the site.

How to Reach Influential Bloggers The web is all about connections. Like it or not, who you know is an important part of increasing your influence and presence online. Some people assume you can succeed online simply by offering a great product or great content; but too many online businesses fail because they’re believing this myth and operating in a virtual bubble. The 15 Top Social Networking Sites Was initially intended for college students -- it branched out, and now allows everyone membership. 500 million members. 130 million members. This site is massive, boasting the largest membership of any social networking site on the Internet. 75 million members -- a powerful tool for business networking. 90 million members. Friendster was considered the top online social networking service until around April 2004, when it was overtaken by MySpace.

Eight Ways To Start A Creative Project Or Business Idea For Under $100 Source: Natalie on Pinterest If you’ve decided on a new idea that you just must unleash to the world, you’re probably thinking about these key things: - How do I develop and ship it in the least amount of time - How do I effectively build and market it for the least amount of money - How do I make sure it’s going to have a big impact on hundreds of people The great news is, it’s all entirely possible. In fact we’ve never had a better time than now to create project and products within days, on a tight budget, that we can spread far and wide.

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