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Watching Karla Homolka Forums

Watching Karla Homolka Forums

Stories about famous serial killers and murder cases at the Crime Library. on The Frankford area of Philadelphia was once a town older than the City of Brotherly Love itself. At one time, it was a prosperous area, but by 1980 it had become a crime-ridden slum populated by prostitutes, junkies, and small businesses struggling to survive. This was the area that Sylvester Stallone selected as the setting for his film Rocky. Personalize your ProBoards free forum with Premium Features To accommodate the wide range of ProBoards forum owners, we offer a few additional premium options which include the ability to use your own custom domain name, change your forum's URL, or remove all advertising from your forum completely. Custom Domain Name Want to access your ProBoards forum with your own custom domain name? Instead of using as your forum URL, you could use

Project Aon Forum - Home Criminal Psychology, Forensics, criminal profiling and Scams & Hoaxes - The Crime Library on While it appears to be true that some people who immerse in horror imagery feel provoked to commit the same aggressive crimes they just viewed, it's also true that there is no evidence of a causal factor, and millions of people watch such films without feeling instigated to act. Some people process external images into aggressive behavior, others might gain catharsis, and still others remain altogether unaffected. A few become horror film makers or novelists. It's not easy to know just what effect a specific film might have. Whatever results, research shows that it has more to do with the viewer than the material viewed. It stands to reason that violent imagery will affect certain people in a way that inspires them to act out.

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