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Sea and Sky - Explore the Oceans Below and the Universe Above

Sea and Sky - Explore the Oceans Below and the Universe Above
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NASA Kids Club Skip to main content NASA Kids Club › Text Only Site Space Racers Watch. Angry Birds Go Look! Buzz Lightyear Returns From Space Play Now Space School Musical Watch Now! For Parents and Teachers Teach your kids and students safe surfing habits. › Tips for Parents › Tips for Teachers Children's Protection Act Learn about what you can do to protect your privacy online. › Tips to protect your online identity Local Weather from - Your Day Starts Here™ Introduction to Shark Evolution, Geologic Time and Age Determination Sharks are one of evolution's most enduring success stories. Although they have few hard parts that can survive the insults of geologic time, sharks have left a long and rich fossil record. Some 2,000 to 3,000 species of fossil shark have been described. A 'fossil' is any remains, trace, or impression of ancient life, preserved in rock. Shark teeth provide paleontologists an unusual suite of advantages and drawbacks. Cleaned and dried jaws of the closest living ancestor of Hemipristis serra, the Snaggletooth Shark (Hemipristis elongatus). If a fossil tooth is well-preserved, it affords numerous characters that can be used to identify the species (or at least the basic taxonomic group, such as genus, family, or order) to which it belongs. A deformed fossil tooth of Carcharocles megalodon. No matter how well preserved, individual teeth cannot display the full range of variability in a given shark species. Most fossil shark teeth are found as isolated specimens.

Planets For Kids - Solar System Facts and Astronomy Simple, easy to use touchscreen computers for seniors “Over the years I've looked at several computers which were "senior friendly". In the past, they all pretty much were shells over Windows, which essentially added another layer of code that could go wrong. This computer is Linux-based, and everything is coded from the ground up for senior use. Although my mother is not a complete technophobe, she is not comfortable with technology, and my father retired early rather than deal with computers in his business, so he would never allow one in the house. Then my mother spotted this computer in the aarp magazine (it is marketed there under another name -- but it is the same machine-at the same price,). On the day I was set to help her set it up, she opened the box, and, following the pictures in the manual (which runs to almost 100 large-type pages), had everything connected before we got there. To begin with, she was impressed with how bright the screen was (although it can be adjusted) and how easy everything was to read.

ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research Home Stellarium Senior Cell Phones | Snapfon ez One | Cell Phones for Seniors The History of Sound Cards and Computer Game Music | MacGateway Jul 13, 2012 All modern computers have the ability to play high-quality digital sound, thanks to the presence of a dedicated sound card or an audio chip on the motherboard. Today’s computers produce lifelike, realistic audio, enabling us to listen to digital music collections, watch online videos and play action-packed games. However, the audio capabilities of today’s computers are the culmination of decades of development, and it took a significant contribution from the computer game industry to get us here. Without that contribution, anyone who isn’t a professional musician might still be listening to little more than beeps on his or her computer today. Table of Contents 1981: PC Speaker If you had an IBM PC computer or a 100-percent compatible clone between 1981-1988, you were most likely listening to — or cutting the wires of — your computer’s internal speaker. Listen to the PC Speaker Silpheed (1988) J. Composed by Charles Deenen and Kurt Heiden. Space Racer (1988) Unknown composer.

3D Solar System Web Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly Resources - 21 Terrifying Deep Ocean Creatures Scary Seas: 21 Terrifying Deep Ocean Creatures Article by Marc, filed under Destinations & Sights in the Travel category. The last true frontier on Earth is deep in the ocean. Any expedition to the dark depths is incredibly expensive, yet invariably comes back with a host of newly discovered species that are about as alien to land dwellers as it’s possible to get on this planet. (Images via thedailygreen, seasweetie, wikipedia, uncommondescent, weird-funnythings) The Kiwa is a blind, furry crab that resides 5,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. (Images via thedailygreen, unknownskywalker, xcitefun, fuckyeahstrangecreatures) This marvelous creature looks like a jellyfish, but it’s actually a sea cucumber called the Pink See-through Fantasia. (Images via mongabay, oceancaresolutions, listverse, seaslugforum) This snailfish’s fins look wing-like and majestic, but the only flying it will do is 7,000 feet underwater. (Images via rocketboom, thetruthbehindthescenes, yahoo, whentalking)

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