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Terrific Science

Terrific Science
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Science Matters Yah, I know some of us are winding down from schooling for the summer months, but I can’t help but stay on the lookout for resources I know I’m going to be needing again all too soon. I’ve come across some interesting science things of late that I want to check out – perhaps you, too, can find something useful. For your perusal: Free Online Textbooks and Curriculum Chemistry Packets: 13 units of chemistry; also has links to YouTube chemistry videos Classic Science Life: free life science e-textbook to download; either download by chapter (there are 36) or by unit (9 units); online courses also offered MS Nucleus: free science curriculum, K – 6 and some secondary Science Interactives and Videos Annenberg Learner : animations on a number of topics, including volcanos, DNA, the rock cycle and others; also has interactive on subjects other then science wickED: animations about the earth, including plate tectonics, the rock cycle Bytesize Science: chemistry videos ilabcentral: virtual lab

Ten Recent Advances in Evolution By Carl Zimmer Posted 10.26.09 NOVA To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, here's a list—by no means exhaustive—of some of the biggest advances in evolutionary biology over the past decade. These advances include not just a better understanding of how this or that group of species first evolved, but insights into the evolutionary process itself. Ten significant leaps forward in evolution research in the past decade, as chosen and described by noted science writer Carl Zimmer Enlarge Photo credit: (Earth) © NASA; (text) © WGBH Educational Foundation Darwin envisioned natural selection acting so slowly that its effects would be imperceptible in a human lifetime. If he were alive today, Darwin would be astonished at the pace and nature of discoveries being made in evolutionary biology, including the witnessing of evolution in action. Thanks to powerful, cheap DNA sequencing technology, scientists can now pinpoint the molecular changes underlying this rapid evolution.

K-12 Science Welcome to SERC's portal for K-12 Educators. We've scoured dozens of educational project websites hosted by SERC to find the activities and resources of highest interest to K-12 educators. On this site, there are hundreds of classroom activities organized by grade level and topic as well as guidance on effective teaching. Search for Activities Here, you will find hundreds of lessons, activities, lab investigations, and field trip ideas on a wide range of topics to use in class. Interested in how the Next Generation Science Standards were informed? Resources for AP/IB/Honors High School Teachers On this page: Finding Lessons for Teaching | Finding Resources for Teaching Teaching with Maps On this page: Example Activities | Mapping Activity Collections | Resources from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers Collections of Lessons Improve Teaching and Learning How Students Learn On this page: Engagement, Learning, and Motivation | Teaching Controversial Topics Teaching Strategies

Educational Resources Climate Change and Citizen Science This animation describes how citizen observations can document the impact of climate change on plants and animals. It introduces the topic of phenology and data collection, the impact of climate ... Reading Antarctica's Rock Cores In this activity, students learn about the tools and methods paleoclimatologists use to reconstruct past climates. Solar Panels for Your Home In this video segment from NOVA's Saved By the Sun hour-long video, students learn about photovoltaics and see how two families are using solar technologies in their homes. A Warmer World for Arctic Animals This video documents the challenges that climate change presents for four specific Arctic predators: polar bears, Arctic foxes, beluga whales and walruses. Flashlights on Earth This three-part, hands-on investigation explores how sunlight's angle of incidence at Earth's surface impacts the amount of solar radiation received in a given area. Carbon Journey Game Earth's Albedo

MAKE HOMEMADE SCIENCE TOYS AND PROJECTS Cell Cycle & Cytokinesis - Cell Cycle Regulation and the Control of Cell Proliferation (Cell Growth + Cell Division) Cell Cycle Research - General resource with links to relevant recent literature, news and job listings. (Ion Channel Media Group) Cell Division - Undergraduate-level lectures on cell division. (Cell Biology Lectures, Mark Hill, University of New South Wales, Australia) The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer - Introduction to the eukaryotic cell cycle as it relates to the genetics of cancer. (Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University) (Just above Beginner's Level) ICRF FACS Laboratory Cell Cycle Analysis - Methods for cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry. (FACS Laboratory, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK) The Interactive Fly: Evolutionarily Conserved Pathways (Society for Developmental Biology). See also the Apoptosis, Cell Senescence and Signal Transduction pages. Mitosis, Meiosis and the Mechanics of Cell Division See also the Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility and Motors page. Cancer Resources - National Science Digital Library Bibliography and Resources Bidarki Specimen If you would like to show your students a preserved bidarki specimen, they are available for about $2.00 at Nasco. Product number LS02624MH. If you would like students to dissect a preserved bidarki, detailed anatomical information can be found at Invertebrate Anatomy OnLine. Fishing Photos and/or illustrations of traditional , previous and current fishing technology. Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch has seafood guides to help consumers make choices that are good for them and also good for the ocean. Audubon's What's a Fish Lover to Eat? Popcorn Scarcity is an activity that further explores what happens when people compete for finite resources. Use the NOAA Fisheries: Office of Science and Technology website to download actual data on fish caught from year to year. NOAA's Fisheries Feature: Bycatch has a wealth of information. U.S. and International Seabird Bycatch Reduction Efforts has many links to sources of information. Seabirds and Longlines information and reports.