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10 Must Have Tools for Business Owners. Technology has successfully become a crucial part of any business owner’s success.

10 Must Have Tools for Business Owners

Whether it is business plan software or accounting software, technology has completely overtaken the playing field making it feasible for the small business owners to compete with their well-established rivals. The same technology is used by almost all type of business owners for boosting their sales and productivity. However, there are certain tools that help in using the complete potential of the technology and without them; it wouldn’t be easy for the businesses to compete with their rivals in this highly aggressive cutthroat marketplace. If you are also an owner of a small business and want to ensure that you business boosts its sales by saving your valuable resources and time, then using the best online tools will surely help you in generating significant outcomes in short time.

Expert tips for selecting the perfect theme for your website/blog. One of the advantage of using WordPress platform is the fact that it has plenty of quality free themes, along with custom and premium themes.

Expert tips for selecting the perfect theme for your website/blog

A good theme of any website not only improves its first impression, but also helps in search engine optimization. With plethora of WordPress themes, choosing the right for your business can be a time taking task. After reading this article, you can easily choose a perfect theme that is worth your time, business and money. Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms because it is not only free but it has a sufficiently large community, which is flexible, powerful enough to cater the varied requirements of website developers and owners.

Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress

However, with the bundle of benefits associated with this platform comes a major drawback as well, which is the website’s security concern that runs on WordPress. This is simply due to the fact that the websites running on WordPress are targeted by most of the hackers, spammers and bots. So, the vital question is how to avoid the hackers, bots and spammers from targeting your WordPress website? This could be achieved by using WordPress security plugins that help in concealing the fact that your website is running on WordPress. Top 5 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Small Business In 2015. Although we saw the social media marketing landscape constantly fluctuating in the past year, we’re yet to see some more interesting changes in 2015 along with newer trends that are likely to impact SMB’s in the upcoming months.

Top 5 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Small Business In 2015

With a whopping 90% of small businesses now relying on social media marketing services from a focused digital agency to find, target and communicate with consumers online, CEO’s are pushing their marketing departments to embrace social media platforms in enhancing customer engagement on their official websites and other digital entities. As per the latest news about Google indexing Facebook updates, Twitter tweets and online content posted on Google+, SMB’s are planning to head towards 2015 with a strong social media strategy in order to get an instant boost in their search engine rankings. Also, various trusted sources indicate that 80% of users prefer to connect with brands online on Facebook while 34% of internet marketers generate leads via Twitter.

Digital Marketing in 2015 - Biggest Challenges and Even Simpler Solutions - Ahrefs Blog. Marketing using the digital channels is set to increase in 2015.

Digital Marketing in 2015 - Biggest Challenges and Even Simpler Solutions - Ahrefs Blog

Both small and large businesses will allocate more funds to spend on digital marketing in 2015 and ahead. Digital marketers are set to face some tough challenges because of constant algorithm updates made by Google and latest feature additions on leading social platforms like Facebook. Let’s discuss the biggest challenges that digital marketers will face in 2015 and the possible solutions for those. Challenge 1 – How to Promote a Small Business On a Limited Budget? Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress. Complete Guide To Multilingual And Multiregional SEO. How Influencers Play a Role in Devising Content Marketing Strategy. February 25, 2015.

How Influencers Play a Role in Devising Content Marketing Strategy

Need A Website For Small Business? Where Should You Start. When you have a fantastic business idea in your mind, you’re enthusiastic to implement it as soon as possible.

Need A Website For Small Business? Where Should You Start

In order to sell your products/services online, the first thing you’ll need is a professionally designed website that can reach to target customers and bring potential traffic almost instantly. Whether you need an online store or a restaurant website, there is countless number of small businesses on the web to take ideas from.Even if you don’t know anything about the web, coding or design, you can always establish a small online business by consulting a full-service digital agency that can help you with everything from custom website design to development, digital marketing to ecommerce solutions and conversion optimization to analytics.

Analyse the market, strategise your business idea and formulate a detailed business plan around your goals. How to Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress. Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly. In today’s mobile web world, missing a mobile friendly website is not acceptable as it will impact the overall performance of your business pessimistically among your competitors since, the usage of Smartphones and tablets have tremendously increased in the past decade that have changed the scenario of SEO completely from desktop focused to mobile focused services.

Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

But the main question is what if your website is also counted among the millions of website running on WordPress? In that case, you will need plugins to make your website mobile friendly and easily accessible for the Smartphones and tablets users. With tons of plugins available for WordPress, there is nothing that can beat the charm of WordPress websites, but your ability to choose the best plugins is the only way of making your website more manageable and interactive. 1.WPTouch Other advantages of WPTouch plugin includes: 2.WP Mobile Detector 3.JetPack Advantages of Using JetPack as a WP Mobile Friendly Plugin are: Comments.

Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly. Laravel Framework: Best PHP Framework for 2015. When I was going to start working on PHP projects, I have so many framework in my mind, but ultimately I choose Laravel framework for moving ahead with my project and the reason that compelled me to do so was it helps me in developing my website in simple and clean code.

Laravel Framework: Best PHP Framework for 2015

As a PHP developer, you might choose the PHP framework depending on its reliability, stability, extensions and support and Laravel has it all. Designed for the latest version of the PHP Framework, Laravel is regarded as an extremely interactive and easy syntax for developing web application development, which is designed especially to make the website development easier. For a PHP developer, if there is a framework that can help them in writing better codes in less time, then it is definitely the Laravel framework, which includes all the fundamental development elements for offering developers a highly expressive interface to work with. What makes Laravel leads over other PHP Frameworks? Best Webmaster Tools Features You Should Use for Better Website Optimization. If you are a beginner or an expert of this IT industry and understand the various techniques of Search Engine Optimization, then you must be aware of Google Webmaster Tools, which are considered as most powerful tools for performing SEO of websites.

Best Webmaster Tools Features You Should Use for Better Website Optimization

Beating its competitors with its unperturbed performance in the field of search engine optimization, Webmaster Tools is a shining gem in the online marketer’s toolbox that helps you in evaluating and maintaining your website’s presence in the search results. For successful website conversions, it is necessary to have planned CRO strategies and using webmaster tools effectively is one of the most important strategies for improving the leads to your website. Before going in-depth of the different webmaster tools features that you should be using for better optimization of your website, we must have to fully understand the potential of these tools in the field of SEO. The key benefits of using Webmaster tools are listed as follows: Final Note. The 5-Step Competitor Analysis Strategy That Never Fails! Competitor analysis is a vital part of marketing. Whether it’s organic or inorganic, digital marketing channels play a key role in boosting conversions and ROI.

A successful marketing strategy is based on analyzing the customer behavior, doing extensive competitor analysis, channelizing market segmentation and carrying out sales forecasting. Without competitor analysis, a business might not understand which channels it should target and what strategy it might plan in order to generate the maximum conversions. 5 Important Google Analytics Reports To Increase Conversions. Have you ever been wondered how to use the Google Analytics (GA) reports efficiently for enhancing the conversions of your website? Due to the immense data available on the different advantages of using Google Analytics reports efficiently, it sometimes becomes difficult for social media experts to decide which of these GA reports will go in favor of their businesses and their successes.

Google Analytics reports are frequently used by ecommerce sites for assessing their site’s performance and conversion rates, but it is not so easy to predict as to which of these reports really help in boosting conversion rates of their websites. Web Design Trends 2015 – (Infographic)The Top 6 Predictions. With 2014 almost on the verge of completing its 12 months of celebrations and vows, the time has come to think about adopting the latest Web Design trends for 2015. When we look back at 2014, we could see that some interesting web trends have emerged in the web design landscape. With most of the web trends are momentary, but there are some selected and revolutionizing trends that all web designers must follow in their workflow for meeting with the trending changes. This infographic will show you the top 6 predictions of web design trends for 2015 that will definitely open doors to a new era of web design.

You will also find here some stats for web design trends of 2014 to now what trends will continue to flourish its presence in 2015. Comments. Companies Expected To Enhance Their Digital Marketing Budget in 2015. 9 Magento Go Alternatives for Your E-commerce Store. Magento Go is going to discontinue from 1 February 2015, and if you are among those website owners who are still on Magento Go platform or looking to migrate to some other platforms, there are various good alternatives available, but the choice completely depends on your own set of requirements and preferences.

How to Set Up Your First Website Using Joomla. Joomla development framework has gained immense popularity in recent years as one of the most flexible and adaptable frameworks for developing simple as well as ambitious web presence of businesses over the internet. Running in the same veins as Drupal and WordPress, Joomla gracefully holds its significance among the website developers and owners for offering an interactive platform to create website that works and looks well.

5 SEO Strategies That Will Still Work In 2015. Responsive Design – No. 1 Mobile Configuration Strategy Webmasters Will Use in 2015. The introduction of smartphones and other smart devices have shifted the internet usage from the desktop PCs to the hand-held devices. It is predicted by experts that the year 2015 will witness internet usage on smart devices to match the usage on the desktops. It means all the businesses should ensure that their company websites are compatible with these smart devices. Recently the Google Webmaster team on Google+ asked their followers which mobile configuration strategy they use. 81% out of the 774 votes (at the time of this writing) responded with responsive web design. 4% said dynamic serving, 7% said separate mobile URLs, and only 8% said their site is not mobile friendly. In a research post of Guy Podjarny, web performance researcher and evangelist at Akamai’s Web Experience business unit, some figures are presented.

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2015. With new financial year already upon us, businesses across the globe are busy revamping their current digital strategy for enhanced ROI while some of the world’s biggest brands move forward to reorganise their digital integration plans in 2015. This blog peeps into the major online marketing predictions based on true facts and figures so that you can prepare for a grand 2015 FY and put all your digital efforts in the right direction. From market research and conversion strategy to integrated organic tactics and full funnel analytics; this piece will help both SMB’s and large scale enterprises to execute winning digital campaigns in 2015. Based on a recent Digital Marketing Trends 2015 survey conducted by Smart Insights, the screenshot of which is shared below, we’ve predicted top 6 Internet Marketing trends while keeping in mind the drastic transformation digital marketing landscape has undergone in the past year.

Recently news arrived that Facebook has finally killed organic reach. 5 Key Tips To Use Visual Content On Social Media For Maximum Impact. Google Disavow Tool Hidden Facts: When and How You Should Use It. Google Disavow Tool also known as “Google Disavow Links Tool” is obviously one of the most inexplicable tools of Google since its announcement in October 2012. 4 Ways to Boost Conversions with Google Analytics Reports. Reconsidering Blogging Values For Improved Productivity. 7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business. Handling a small business Ecommerce store is not an easy task. Small businesses often have constraint budget and if they want to push their sales online, they must use successful Ecommerce solutions.

Best Customer Retention Practices for Improving Ecommerce Sales. 13 Content Marketing Strategies Every Business Must Implement. 5 Digital Marketing Trends SMBs Should Consider Budgeting For in 2015. Wordpress web design trends for 2015. Top 5 New Year Pledges For Paid Search You Must Take In 2015. How to Write Effective Meta Descriptions to Get Sufficient Click Throughs? 5 SEO tips for optimising your Magento store. Top 10 Incredible Magento Extensions For Your Online Store. Google Breaks its “No Holiday Updates” Promise- Rolls out Penguin 3.x Continuously tisindia.

Skyrocket Your Online Store’s Sales with Top 5 Pinterest Strategies. Understanding Multi-Screen Tracking Behavior with Google Analytics. Top 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Myths Debunked. Promoting Your Brand on Holidays – 21 Extraordinary Ideas. 10 Most Appealing WordPress Themes. Web Design Trends 2015 – (Infographic)The Top 6 Predictions. Tips to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment & Recover Lost Sales.

Holiday PPC Campaign Optimization Tips To Boost Sales. Engage Existing Customers With Your Brand And Sell More. Facebook Bans "Like Gating" - How to Reset Your Organic Like Strategy? Best Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Business Productivity - LoginRadius. Seven Most Popular WordPress Theme Framework You must Consider. Best 7 Joomla Template Framework Solutions for Developers. 11 Best PPC Strategies to Launch Successful Paid Advertising Campaigns & Improve ROI. Lean UX and MVP - Why Having The Right UX Strategy Matters for Businesses.

How to Increase Your Magento Online Store’s Conversions & Sales. Confused by Hashtags. 5 Expert Tips for Marketing with Hashtags. 12 Amazing Mobile UI Design Patterns Unleashed from industry popular Apps. Google Unveils Penguin 3.0 Update After One Year Gap. Avoid Publishing Thin Content To Save Your Website From Panda 4 Penalty. Boost Christmas Sales With These 18 Ecommerce Optimization Tips. Anti-Metric Survey of Panda 4 Reveals Secrets of Quality Content. Google Might Include Mobile UX To Its Ranking Algorithm. Mobile Social Campaigns- Is Your Social Media Campaign Mobile Friendly? How to Create the Best Content by Spying On Your Competitors. How to Create the Best Content by Spying On Your Competitors. Understanding Big Content Marketing Mistakes Often Committed. How Influencer Marketing Impacts Your Business Branding. Find 10 useful seo tips for increasing sales of your ecommerce siteEcommerce SEO Tips to Drive More Sales – 10 Secrets Shared.

How to Create a Successful Logo For Your Brand. Panda 4.1 Update Is Sneaking Out Through Google Soon. 10 Key Strategies For Increasing Visitors Time on Blog. Using CSS Media Queries in Wordpress Responsive Themes. Landing Page Secrets That Helped to Increase Sales. How to Build Compelling and Powerful Startup Website. Responsive Web Design- Basic Patterns, Principles, and Examples. Top 5 Essentials of a Good Website Design. Google Penguin 3.0 Update Expected to Hit Internet in 2014. Is your business struggling to achieve optimized digital marketing results? Find proven tips and techniques. New Benchmark Reports Approaching to Google Analytics. Google Authorship has ended ! But Author Rank Is Not. Mobile Email Optimization - Is Your Email Mobile Friendly? Best PHP Frameworks For Developing Agile Software Applications.

Drive User Engagement by Opting for Infinite Scrolling. “Growth Hack” Your Business with Effective Google Analytics Techniques. Google Pigeon Update - All You Want To Know. WordPress Plugins For Small Business Websites - Install The Best Ones. Revealing Pros and Cons of Joomla vs. WordPress « Vinaora - Free Templates, Extensions and Tutorials.

Google Pigeon Update- All You Want to Know. 3 Reasons Why the Little Things Matter. Top Ways to Upgrade From Classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics. Is your business still lacking Mobile site? Custom Joomla template development & module programming. How to Drive Leads to Your Website and Generate Greater ROI. Create a WordPress Featured Post Carousel Using Plugins or Coding. Importance of Mobile SEO For Your Business. The best free WordPress plugins for August 2014. Customer Based Marketing Strategy - The Ideal Marketing Approach. How to Deliver the Right Traffic With SEO - SEW. TIS India Unveils New Website Design : Brand New Logo, Complete Design Makeover & Freshly Updated Content - - TIS India Blog.

Bigcommerce or Shopify: What is the Best Option for Magentogo Store Owners? - - TIS India Blog. 25 Mobile App Designs Featuring Grapch and Charts. 10 trends that will impact your mobile commerce strategy.