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CSS3 gradients - Adobe - The Expressive Web - Beta!/welcome

HTML5 Presentation In March 1936, an unusual confluence of forces occurred in Santa Clara County. A long cold winter delayed the blossoming of the millions of cherry, apricot, peach, and prune plum trees covering hundreds of square miles of the Valley floor. Then, unlike many years, the rains that followed were light and too early to knock the blossoms from their branches. The very own digital experiences from Epic agency Kineograph As part of a project for one of our clients, it was necessary to play animations in order to make the site more lively. Very quickly we thought about using spritesheets. We were unsatisfied with the existing solutions, therefore we [...]

40 Beautiful Free HTML5 & CSS3 Templates Dec 01 2011 Over the last few years there has been great collections of quality free HTML & CSS templates published on Noupe such as 50 Free High-Quality and “New” (X)HTML/CSS Templates (2009) and 40+ Elegant Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates (2010). There have been some great free templates released over the last year so we thought it would be appropriate to share some of these great new designs with you all.

Sous Mac OS X : MAMP - PHP - Général (PHP) Pour ceux qui ont un Mac sous Mac OS X, je vous conseille le programme MAMP (Mac Apache MySQL PHP). Il est vraiment très simple à installer et à utiliser. Vous pouvez le télécharger ici. Vous devriez avoir téléchargé une archive au format .dmg qui contient le logiciel. Lorsque vous l'ouvrez, la fenêtre de la figure suivante apparaît. HTML5 Canvas Demos and Applications To Make You Say WOW Our today’s post is on HTML5 Canvas Applications and Demos. Being the last day of this calender year, we were bit skeptical on topic to choose. After thinking for quite a while we chose HTML5 Canvas Applications over others as we wanted to portray a different subject. In this post, you will be able to check the power of HTML5. The Most astonishing facet of HTML5 is the HTML5 canvas. The canvas element is a drawable region defined in HTML code with height and width attributes.

Workshop / Chrome Experiments Unfortunately, either your web browser or your graphics card doesn't support WebGL. We recommend you try it again with Google Chrome. Cross-Browser HTML5 Placeholder Text One of the nice enhancement in HTML5 web form is being able to add placeholder text to input fields. Placeholder attribute allows you to display text in a form input when it is empty and when it is not focused (it clears the field on focus). This is a nifty feature, but it is not supported by all browsers yet. This tutorial will show you how to use Modernizr to detect if placeholder is supported, or else use jQuery to display the fallback placeholder text dynamically. Demo HTML5 Placeholder Download Demo Zip

Writing a Flexible Grid Script for Photoshop Being a capable web designer means having a solid grasp on grids, especially if you want to pursue responsive web design. In this tutorial we'll take a look at a Photoshop script for generating your own custom grids, plus we'll open the hood and look at how the script is actually made. It's quite likely that you've already used psd files from one grid system or another. You'll probably have opened the psd, complete with all its guides, then you'll have altered the document size to give yourself a bit of breathing room. In the case of our script, it will generate Photoshop guides irrespective of the document size. It will allow us to specify the number of columns, the gutter size and the layout width.

15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets 1911 shares 8 Must-have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers As a web designer or developer, it’s nearly impossible to remember multiple programming languages, frameworks, and keyboard shortcuts to various applications. This is where cheat sheets can be a life saver. Most cheat sheets are designed to be printer friendly, so you can have them laying around on your desk as quick reference cards. So… Dossier : comment apprendre le webdesign en ligne ? Inexistant il y a encore 20 ans, le métier de webdesigner suscite aujourd’hui de nombreuses vocations dans notre monde connecté. Si vous faites vos premiers pas dans le web ou que vous souhaitez vous perfectionner en webdesign grâce à Internet, cet article est fait pour vous. Depuis l’ouverture du blog, vous avez été nombreux à m’écrire pour en savoir plus sur les possibilités d’apprendre le webdesign. Quelles études suivre ?

CanvasText, An easy way to draw styled text into your HTML5 canvas. Natural Language Form with Custom Input Elements An experimental form that uses natural language instead of the usual form display. Values are entered using custom input elements. View demo Download source HTML5 Canvas Tutorials Les grilles dans le webdesign "Il y a quelque chose de différent entre ce site et le mien… Il a l'air de faire plus pro et je ne sais pas pourquoi !" N'avez-vous jamais eu ce genre de remarque ? Pourtant vous utilisez Photoshop (ou autres programmes équivalents) depuis un certain temps, vous connaissez les règles typographiques et celles du web, la palette de couleur a été choisie avec soin... Bref, rien n'y fait : votre site semble déstructuré / désharmonisé.