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Important Tips for Using PPC to Build Your Business. The ultimate aim of any business owner is to increase sales through various channels of marketing. But it is often challenging for many business owners to find and use the right strategy for marketing. Out of many techniques, online marketing is the most important one and it is the best and quickest way to gain sales. For online marketing, pay-per-click campaign is an important marketing strategy that every business owner should be aware of. Pay per click is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website rather than earning those clicks through search engine optimization. A small fee is paid to Google whenever a visitor clicks on your ad. Before choosing pay per click method, business owners should consider the nature of their business. Let us consider five different business scenarios. For new and local businesses PPC is very important. HTTPS for Benefits Including Search Engine Optimization.

Encryption of the Internet seems the right way to go – it gives more freedom for users, enabling them to browse without fear of getting hacked. It also becomes an influencing factor in search engine optimization. On June 29 Reddit moved towards HTTPS (SSL) from HTTP. Privacy has always been a major concern for users, and it isn’t hackers alone who worry them, they are also concerned about the claims that the government is snooping on Internet activity. Indeed it is the US government that has raised concerns against encryption, stating that criminals would be able to operate without being detected, and is now controversially wanting some kind of guaranteed access to all digital communications – a desire vehemently opposed by tech experts. HTTPS Employed by Government and Social Media Platforms Paradoxically, the government has also stated that all its websites would only operate through encrypted connections by 2016-end.

Things to Know Before You Choose the HTTPS Route. How to Write Winning Content - Best Strategies. How to Make Your Blog Post in WordPress SEO-friendly. WordPress can be used either as a content management system (CMS) or as a blogging platform. Since 2003, it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. Compared to other CMSs, this popular platform provides advantages such as- no set-up costs, easy to use and flexible, no coding or design knowledge required and there are hundreds of themes to choose from.

But Is It SEO Friendly? Though WordPress has over a dozen amazing SEO plug-ins, it is not fully SEO friendly. Here are certain tips that will help you write perfect search engine optimized blog posts in WordPress sites. Optimize your title – Your page title is very important as far as the search engines are concerned. SEO content writing services offered by established SEO companies can help you implement these tips and increase the number of visitors to your blog as well as business. Most Popular WordPress SEO Plug-ins Yoast SEO Squirrly SEO. Yahoo Offers Improved Browsing Experience for Mobile Users with Its New Update. Google recently announced that more searches now happen on mobiles than on desktops in the U.S. and nine other countries.

It seems like it is the perfect time that Yahoo has unveiled its new mobile search experience. With this latest update, Yahoo displays mobile search results in a way that will help people quickly find what they’re looking for. This search engine assembles the most relevant information such as images, videos, news and additional details related to the search, and display them up front.

The update reminds one of Bing’s messaging to help users “take action right away.” According to Andrew Poon, Yahoo’s vice president of product management, “We know when you’re on the go, you’re often searching for a specific piece of information. So rather than delivering endless links for you to sift through on a small screen, we beautifully assemble the most relevant information in a way that allows you to take action right away.”

Source: Google Local Pack Fall from 7 to 3 listings. Recently Google updated its Local Pack to show only 3 business listings instead of 7. This change will reduce the sales and phone calls of those who were displayed earlier in the pack of 7 whereas it would bring more sales for those businesses which are among the top three. The updated local pack has been redesigned to suit the mobile user interface. Google’s focus on mobile users is evident, which once again emphasizes the need for mobile website optimization (SEO). Google has removed specific addresses from the list. A searcher has to click through to the website to get the exact address. Another change is that the phone numbers are no longer accessible to searchers.

They can get the number either from the websites directly or click through the listing. The other changes in the updated Google Local Pack are: When a user clicks on any place or business on the list other than website link, it shows additional local listings and the map. 20 local listings are available per page. Google Glass Being Improved, Could Transform SEO One Day. Wearable technology has the potential to transform SEO, social networking and Internet marketing. The greater the comfort factor of the device, the more would it benefit the user. When Google Glass came out in its experimental Explorer Edition there were issues that needed to be ironed out, but it did give a glimpse of its potential. Say Hello to Google Glass Enterprise Edition And now, Google Glass is set to be reborn as the Enterprise Edition (EE). The rebirth was already predicted by Google when its initial version was discontinued. Reliable sources reveal that an upgraded version is being worked on which is, however, aimed at enterprises and not the general consumer.

Prism with larger displayExternal battery pack connecting capabilityIntel Atom CPU The plan is to sell the device to companies that want to improve their efficiency and provide their staff with smart technology that would enhance their performance. Greater Battery Life and User Comfort for All Day Use. Time for Website Redesign If the Phantom Update Has Struck. Website redesign and optimization would be sorely needed by webmasters who’ve experienced sudden ranking drops with an update about which Google was initially tightlipped. Towards the end of April and the start of May 2015, search experts and webmasters did notice a significant algorithmic update which Google never confirmed initially.

It was only when a significant drop in rankings was noticed for some websites that people realized something was going on. Using the available clues, experts tried to piece together what had happened. Update Targeting Mobile-Friendly Sites too What seemed obvious was that it wasn’t an effect of the mobile-friendly update Google launched in April 2015. That’s because mobile-friendly sites were also among the websites affected. But Google denied this, though they came short of explaining what exactly was going on. The Phantom Returns! So how is Google assessing the quality of websites? Quality Defining Elements Improve Quality and User-Friendliness. Keyword Research - What’s New in 2015. Keyword research is not the same now as it was in the previous years.

So what has changed? In the past, Google’s Organic search results were based on the keywords on a site’s pages and in its links, and a company’s performance could be easily assessed based on how it ranked for its target keywords. This uncomplicated, one-to-one relationship which meant that liberal use of keyword could earn higher ranks, is no more. Now, the objective of researching keywords should be to provide better answers for your audience. Traditional Research – Why Is It Irrelevant In the former selection process using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, the focus was on the words on the lists instead of the audience.

Google’s old structure relied solely on keywords. Tips to Ensure an Effective Keyword Strategy Here are some key points to keep in mind while developing your SEO strategy: So tweak your keyword research strategy in keeping with changing SEO trends to attract more targeted traffic and improve your ROI. How to Write an Effective SEO Content? Content creation is still one of the most sought after SEO services for the simple reason that content remains the king when it comes to search engine performance. It gets, or should get you the audience, the traffic and thereby the income. Compelling, high quality content is important for SEO. Fresh and rich content is something the search engines hold in high regard, but it also has to be convincing enough to facilitate better conversions for websites. Conversions come through quality traffic, and quality traffic is the result of links.

Quality links are important, while low quality ones can bring down rankings massively. This is the crux of a successful content marketing strategy. Steps for Effective Writing A few intuitive steps could go a long way in ensuring result-oriented content development. Compelling Stories and TestimonialsStories are great things to add in content, because they engage readers. Outsourcing Content Writing. Rise in Mobile Search Prompts Google’s "Buy" Option. Google’s mobile oriented activities plus the search engine giant’s recent declaration that mobile search has, for the first time, surpassed desktop search in US, Japan and other 8 countries, has put mobile app development in the limelight. In its ever increasing focus on mobile user-experience, Google Shopping could now become an e-commerce platform for mobile users.

Google Eyes Mobile E-Commerce Google has set its eyes on retail, and is on the move to secure a large share of the pie enjoyed by Amazon and eBay. With rumors getting stronger and stronger of Google Shopping transforming into a marketplace, news is out that it is set to add “Buy” buttons on paid search ads on mobile phones. It doesn’t take long to figure out that this move may rake up controversy since Google could move from just referring e-commerce traffic to facilitating the actual buying process, like eBay, Amazon or other the retail platforms out there.

Mobile Experience Takes Center Stage Steps to Keep Retailers Happy. Google Tells Mobile Searchers When to Visit Stores. Mobile search engine optimization has been the focus of many of Google’s latest innovations. The search engine giant has been working to make the mobile experience better for consumers looking for shops or businesses in a geographic location. Taking Local Mobile Search to the Next Level Google Maps will now not only provide searchers with locations of stores, malls or businesses, but also recommend them on the most crowd-free time to visit it. Users clicking on a business in Google Maps will be shown how busy it is on a daily and hourly basis. Google will use the locations of mobile users who have activated location data sharing to identify whether they are visiting the business. Knowing the Best Time to Visit the Store Google says that this information will not be provided for all businesses, but only for those that tend to get busy and whose foot traffic shoppers are usually worried about.

There is no questioning how beneficial this will be for consumers. “Nearby Businesses” Listings.