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Security Analytics - Happiest Minds. Unified Threat Management Solutions - Happiest Minds. Network Function Virtualization And Software-Defined Network - Happiest Minds. NFV is an initiative to transfer the “Network Services” sector through virtualizing the network services by replacing the dedicated hardware with Virtual Machines.

Network Function Virtualization And Software-Defined Network - Happiest Minds

What that means is "NFV is to separate network functions from dedicated hardware devices"; to use Virtual Machines instead of physical routers, physical firewalls and physical load balancers. Once the Hypervisor controls the network functions, the services can be performed on standard x86 servers. The ability to scale up and scale down according to your needs and requirements. Big Data Analytics Tools,Big data Analytics Solutions - Happiest Minds. Big Data has become a key differentiator in helping organizations forecast and make strategic decisions to remain competitive and increase revenue, reduce risk and attain growth.

Big Data Analytics Tools,Big data Analytics Solutions - Happiest Minds

Let us have a look at how Big Data & Analytics play a key role in improving the efficiency. Travel The Travel industry generates a vast quantity of data around reservations, inquiries, itineraries, hotels, rental cars, trains, airlines, fare charts, customer feedbacks etc., thus leaving long trails of data. By utilizing this data using Big Data analytics the travel industry players can deliver a much improved customer experience and increase the business efficiency. Read more our blog on how Bog Data Analytics is redefining travel industry. Healthcare Big data is helping every industry to become more efficient and productive. Bimodal IT, Bimodal Information Technology- Happiest Minds.

Even though Bimodal IT approach will bring in greater flexibility for organizations to explore new advancements in technology at the same time keep the lights on in traditional IT environment, there are certain challenges with adopting Bimodal IT.

Bimodal IT, Bimodal Information Technology- Happiest Minds

Among this, the major challenge will be the lack of proper communication between the Mode 1 and Mode 2 environments. It is key to have an open communication, collaborative working style to align the priorities of both Mode 1 and Mode 2. SaaS is Changing The Way Tech World Operates. Gone are those days where one needed manual effort for almost every routine work.

SaaS is Changing The Way Tech World Operates

We are operating in an era of technology boom. No need to hunt for taxiwalas anymore, we have ola / uber who refers taxis to our doorstep. Likewise, there is no need to wait in queue for food parcel anymore. We have swiggy who could deliver the food parcel at our doorstep. Thanks to SAAS & its offshoots. Gartner defines software as a service (SaaS) as software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. Peer to Peer Marketplace. Why Data Management Platform has Become a Necessity: Top 5 Reasons. Personalized Marketing has become an important marketing strategy for organizations.

Why Data Management Platform has Become a Necessity: Top 5 Reasons

As per a recent survey, 86% of consumers say that personalization plays a major role in their purchase decisions. 94% of the marketers agree that personalization is important for meeting their current marketing objectives. But what is holding the marketers back? Legacy technology which is not suited for the digital transformation era, a CRM only approach which provides an incomplete view of individual customers, not having the right resources are some of the challenges faced by the marketers. A robust data management platform (DMP), which pulls data from disparate first, second, and third party data sources and allows organizations to define specific audience segments to which they can provide distinct marketing experiences, is the key to overcome such challenges.

Transforming the Digital Retail Space. The worlds of traditional commerce and ecommerce are merging.

Transforming the Digital Retail Space

Digital transformation is one of the hot topics in the retail space. The digitally empowered consumers have changed the face of retail, putting pressure on brands to adapt to this trend of digital transformation. The Digital transformation powered by the disruptive technologies including big data, predictive analytics and IoT is poised to make the entire journey of purchase and sale seamless and delightful. In short, the entire supplier to consumer value chain is experiencing greater interaction and productivity through the use of social media, smartphones and other digital platforms/ channels. Digital Transformation in the consumer journey With digital adoption, we can see a radical change in the retail consumer journey.. Wearables,Wearable Technology & Devices - Happiest Minds. Cyber Threat Intelligence - Happiest Minds. Cyber Threat Intelligence - Happiest Minds.

Real Time Store Monitoring - Happiest Minds. As the competition increases in retail space, the requirements of the customers are also increasing.

Real Time Store Monitoring - Happiest Minds

Customers are expecting the retailers to anticipate their shopping requirements and offer them a convenient shopping experience, which is completely personalized in nature. The insights generated from analytics helps retailers to customize their products and services and to engage in better interactions with the customers thereby making the selling- buying experience an unforgettable one. The retail in- store analytics strategies enable to boost the customer loyalty along with increasing the store footfalls and sales conversions. It also helps in the effective segmentation of the customers which makes targeted campaigns effective. It better maps the customer journey and helps build stronger connects with the brand.

What is Happening in the Cyber Threat Landscape? Cyber-crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated and ambitious in the current age of advanced persistent threats, zero- day attacks and advanced malware.

What is Happening in the Cyber Threat Landscape?

Highly sophisticated threat actors are focused on stealing confidential information including intellectual property, PII, Credit card information, medical records, customer information and state or federal information. If we analyse the key happenings in the threat landscape last year, we can see that businesses have witnessed the highest magnitude of online crime in 2015 with the average total cost of a data breach increased to $3.79 million from $3.52 million in 2014. Design Thinking for Collaboration and Empathy. The IT world is witnessing a sea of changes in terms of new business models as well as technologies.

Design Thinking for Collaboration and Empathy

However, for any organization, the challenge lies in structuring an IT organization and strategically managing the product/ service delivery expectations of the clients with limited financial as well as human resources. Here comes the relevance of a concept like design thinking, an efficient approach of building ideas from the scratch, to brainstorm and test solutions for the best possible outcome.

When we are delivering digital transformation solutions, design thinking needs to be put at the core. Let’s take a specific example which we all might have experienced. In any IT organization, at the starting of a project we all scramble with the objective of solving the business problem or client issue efficiently and yet want to keep the solution as simple as possible. Creating and Maintaining a Security Operations Center (SOC) In recent times organizations have realized that IT security cannot be treated as a surrogate function and it has started to get the respect it deserves.

Creating and Maintaining a Security Operations Center (SOC)

IT security as a whole and IT Security Operation centers, in particular, are getting much more attention and investments than they received historically. An IT Security Operations center (SOC) is now being considered as a nodal point for the rapid co-ordination and response in case of security breaches and related incidents. Like most departments of an organization, the establishment and success of a SOC depends on three key elements – people, processes and technology. Before even thinking about putting in place any of these pillars, the capabilities currently available in the organizations should be looked at. Security Operations Center – The Heart of Effective Detection. Organizations around the world are facing cyber-attacks at regular frequency.

Technology is evolving and so are safe guards, however, the threat perception is changing only for the worse. Even the latest security software and solutions have still not been able to substantially reduce either the frequency or the damage caused by IT security breaches. Experts have started thinking on those lines that are a bit different from the conventional IT security wisdom. Simplifying IAM Migration and Implementation Planning. Containerization Technology. Cloud as a technology has taken the world by storm. Cloud adoption is increasing at a tremendous rate.

Spending on public cloud (hardware and software) is predicted to reach $38 Billion in 2016 and $173 Billion in 2026. That is a CAGR of 18.3%. Worldwide Public IT Cloud Service revenue in 2018 is predicted to be $127 Billion. Although the dollar values might be hard to come by, the adoption of private cloud has gone up by 9 % over 2015 where 31% of the enterprises are running more than 1000 virtual machines.

So how does Containerization fit into the cloud puzzle? Taming the Elephant.....Building a Big Data & Analytics Practice - Part 2. The key aspect covered in the first part, was the journey of data to Big Data: Big Data Analytics Practice – Part 1. Defending Advanced Persistent Threats - Be Better Prepared to Face the Worst. We often hear news about emerging cyber security threats and attacks impacting every industry. With advanced malwares, zero day exploits and persistent threats, cyber-attacks are now becoming very sophisticated in nature.

Targeted attacks are seen from highly motivated attackers, well organized and resourced groups and even from state sponsored actors. Among these, the biggest security challenge that global security leaders are facing is Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). APT, with its sophisticated and mercurial way of achieving its focused objectives, represents a fundamental shift in the traditional cyber-attack models. The first step in the APT attack lifecycle is breaking into systems by exploiting an enterprise end point system vulnerability, establishing a foothold. What's your view on Digital Transformation. Many companies today are seeing that digital transformation can help them remain competitive and continue to create business value for their customers and themselves. Companies that are missing this opportunity risk losing their competitive position. And digital is not about technology anymore, it is about improving your customer’s experience and improving business efficiencies for your team.

As a way to start thinking about this, here are a few questions: Market Place of Everything. We have all heard of the examples of AirBnB and Uber as the leading lights of the brave new world of sharing, but this is just the tip of the iceberg – The sharing economy is poised to explode to $300 billion by 2020. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup - Content & Review. Jul 6th to Jul 12th.

The proliferation of Internet of Things, Software Defined Everything, the Next Generation Digital Enterprise and Billion Dollar Start-ups is fundamentally changing the way global organizations leverage technology to design products, foster collaboration internally and externally. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 18th to Jul 22nd. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 23rd to Jul 30th.

With operational expenses surging high, PLC shrinking, resources minimizing, global supply chain has been forever varying. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 31st to Aug 4th. Formulating policies in unchartered terrain can be a sketchy initiative, considering varying demographics, disruptive technology travelling at the speed of light and shrinking PLC’s. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup - Aug 5th to Aug 11th. Enterprises the world over, are taking a re-stab at their operating models to ensure that they deliver innovative solutions, which would in turn help their stakeholders to perform way better.

Disruptive Technology - Mobility Solutions,Mobility. Tamper-proofing Question Papers With Digital Technologies. The Internet Of Retail Things. IDC predicts that a mind boggling 50 billion devices will be connected to each other or to other people by 2020. This includes all kinds of devices, equipment – stationary or moving;living or non-living- that will connect to the internet with the help of some amazing innovations. The day is not so far out in the future when every industry and sector has its most important components linked to the internet for continuous monitoring. The Internet of Things is Vulnerable. A recent study shows that 70% of devices connected to the Internet of Things used unencrypted network services to relay information.

Internet of Things – Security: What, Why and How. Digital Transformation Blog. Get Connected with the Internet of Things. Why IoT Security Needs an Inside-Out Approach. Tips Before Making Investment in IoT. Changing Landscapes of IoT. How Does An Organization's Customer-Oriented Culture Deeply Impact Customer Experience. Anomaly Detection,Data Anomalies,Security Threats.

Sales Force Optimization leveraging Beacon and Big Data. A Key Element of Digital Strategy Today is Content Monetization. Building Intelligent Networks through NFV and SDN SERVICES. Reduced turnaround time for new loan applications for a new age Automotive Lender in the US. Streamlining identity and access management through unified identity and access governance solutions. Identity Relationship Management. A Key Element of Digital Strategy Today is Content Monetization. How Big Data Analytics is Redefining the Travel Industry. Digital Transformation - Bigdata, Cloud, Security & Mobility. Proximity Marketing Solutions, Beacon Proximity Marketing, In-store proximity marketing. Happiest Minds Saves $175,000 by Going Paperless. Identity and access management, Access governance. Identity and Access Management Tips For Security Professionals. Identity and Access Management. Identity and Access Management - Happiest Minds.

Digital Economy and its Impact on World Economy. Apps are Designed to Capture Mind Share. The Rise of Cloud-based Managed Security Services. Identity and Access Management Tips For Security Professionals. Stop Digital Marketing from becoming SPAM. DevOps, What is DevOps, DevOps Solutions & Services. Improving user engagement for an Online Jewellery Retailer. MQTT SN a Broker Based Protocols For IoT Sensor Network. Implementing Site Search for a leading online US Fashion Retailer. Top 5 Reasons for investing in Customer Experience.

Intelligent Site Search, e-commerce Site Search solution. Tips Before Making Investment in IoT. Tips to Choosing The Right Enterprise Security Vendor. Disruptive technologies pose challenge to Network Security. How to Approach Mobile App Development Efficiently? Why is Telecommuting 'in' Nowadays? Best Security Practices in IT Infrastructure Implementation. Transforming From Traditional IAM to Business Driven IAG. Enabling digital transformation through digital business platforms. Happiest Minds to Expand Overseas Business Set Up Second Delivery Centre. IT Services Firm Happiest Minds Actively Scouting for Acquisitions in US. Big demand-Supply Gap for Data Scientists: Puneet Jetli of Happiest Minds. Patient Experience Management: Key to Progress. Of Honeypots, Decoys and Red Herrings. Here's what will drive the retail sector in 2016! Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Feb 1st to Feb 8th.

Viewing Testing as an observation on "Data in Motion" M2M/ IoT Protocols: An Introduction. Network Security: A Key Imperative. Emerging Trends in Network Security. How to Select the Right Set of Devices for Mobile Testing? Network Security: A Key Imperative. Components of Agile Infrastructure. IMS Automation: Things To Keep In Mind. Managed Infrastructure Services – Happiest Minds.

Driving Revenues Through Personalised, Segmented Content. Digital Consumer Engagement – Happiest Minds. Business Intelligence and Analytics – Happiest Minds. Digital Transformation - Bigdata, Cloud, Security & Mobility - Happiest Minds. Top 5 Reasons Why Devops Will Transition Into Mainstream Strategy 2016. Navigating Your Way Around Beacon Technology This Christmas.

How to Smoothly Glide From Public to on-premise Cloud Services.