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Shelf Life studies on Pyrolysis oil derived from wood by Praveen Ghodke. Miniature gas-to-liquids plants offered via 'early adopter' program. Products. Giant Marble Harvests Energy from Sun and Moon. It looks like a giant, glass marble.

Giant Marble Harvests Energy from Sun and Moon

But this globe is no game. It's a sun-tracking, solar energy concentrator created by Barcelona-based architects and, according to the designers, is able to collect not just sunlight but moonlight as well. The Rawlemon project revolves around a weatherproof sphere that's designed to rotate and follow the sun across the sky. It's so sensitive to light that at night, it can even harvest moonlight and convert it into electricity. Andre Broessel, the architect and designer, says his spherical, sun-tracking glass globe is able to concentrate sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times and that the system is 35 percent more efficient than photovoltaic designs that track the sun. Via Design Boom and Inhabitat Credit: Andre Rawlemon ANALYSIS: Solar Panels Light Up the NFL. Primus Green Energy’s STG+ patent for liquid fuel synthesis from syngas approved. ENERGOS treatment of residual waste and its conversion to renewable energy.

Waste to Energy: Support. Westinghouse Plasma. Gas Liquefaction. The Gasification Technologies Council. Supplier of: tire pyrolysis plant, plastic pyrolysis equipment, waste pyrolysis recycling solutions. The Hoskinson Group. Technology Transfer: Available Technologies. Fulcrum BioEnergy. Fulcrum’s business strategy of remaining flexible with our technology platform allows us to deploy the best available technology for each of our projects.

Fulcrum BioEnergy

We have successfully developed, demonstrated and proven our technology and process of converting municipal solid waste (MSW) into low-carbon transportation fuels utilizing novel technologies in an innovative, clean and efficient thermochemical process. Our technology platform has reached the four most critical achievements of any technology: proven, efficient, scalable and flexible. Proven: Our gasification and Fischer-Tropsch processes have been demonstrated and proven on an integrated basis at a scale consistent with what will be deployed on a commercial basis. Efficient: We use the heat created by our process to generate electricity for the plant, not only lowering the cost of production, but also shrinking the carbon footprint of our fuels.

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South african WTE companies. MODERN PLASMA GASIFICATION FACILITY POWERED BY WPP.pdf. Shortlist of Large WTE Technologies. Mobile gasifiers. Teru Talk - December 2013 News. Balboa Pacific Contacts. Build A Gasifier - Gasifier Downloads. Use the search form below to locate a specific topic or subject you are looking foron the site.

Build A Gasifier - Gasifier Downloads

If you have additional material you wish to add please contact me with details and I will add to the library. NOTE: Some files appear to need a password... You DO NOT need a password, it means you have an older version of Acrobat Reader. Please ensure you have the latest version of Acrobar Reader installed on your computer. RRECYCLE ENERGY CO., LTD. - CONTINUOUS WASTE PLASTIC CATALYTIC CRACKING OIL PRODUCTION and CATALYTIC CRACKING BIODIESEL PRODUCTION- The ordinary biodiesel production process is known as transesterification with methanol added, however, we are now considering a new way to convert fat and fat contained biomass into environmentally friendly fuels by adopting of unique catalytic cracking.


What is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils or fat contained biomass for using to diesel engine. Biodiesel is considered to be carbon neutral. It simply means that plants absorb carbon dioxide when it glows up even though carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when biodiesel is burnt. [RTB series] Comparison between the ordinary method and the new method. Global Waste-to-Energy Plant Market Fuelled by Legislation and Energy Security. Biomass to Liquid (Btl) biofuel production in Europe. Status update of selected demonstration plants (thermochemical value chains) - updated February 2013 Ingvar Landälv, Vice-chair EBTP Steering Committee, Vice-chair of WG2; Lulea University of Technology & CTO, Chemrecthermochem Introduction The term BtL is applied to synthetic fuels made from biomass through a thermochemical route.

Biomass to Liquid (Btl) biofuel production in Europe

The objective is to produce fuel components that are similar to those of current fossil-derived petrol (gasoline) and diesel fuels and hence can be used in existing fuel distribution systems and with standard engines. They are also known as synfuels. Although the processes for production of BtL are well known and have been applied using fossil-feedstocks, such as methane (GtL) or coal, commercial advanced biofuels based on these technolgies are not currently widely available in the market place. Two BtL advanced biofuels projects to be supported under the first NER300 call. Energer - BENEFITS. The installation of BMGLUX in isolated areas, with no access to the conventional electricity generation network: • favors life quality improvement, through social and digital inclusion;• provides greater access to education, with night classes;• enables greater community interaction;• significantly improves people’s health, thanks to soot retention.

Energer - BENEFITS

BioSynergi ApS - BioSynergi Proces ApS. Biomass CHP. Gasification Technologies Ltd. - Home. Agni Energy Services (P) Ltd. Our Company has been in the business of providing Energy Services (using bio mass gasifiers) for various industries for 10 years.

Agni Energy Services (P) Ltd

We implement these projects on shared savings basis; wherein we install, operate the gasifiers at our cost and share a portion of the resulting energy cost savings with the client. We have been working primarily with industries that use liquid and gas fuels (Furnace oil, Light Diesel Oil, High Speed Diesel and Liquid petroleum gas) to fuel furnaces, kilns, dryers, etc. with temperatures ranging from 80 C to 1200 deg C. We try and replace these fuels with the gas generated from biomass gasification.

In order to give an idea of the cost benefits, I am listing the present cost of various sources of fuels in India. Furnace Oil - Rs. 18.oo / litre LDO - Rs. 32.00 / Litre HSD - Rs. 32.00 / Litre LPG - Rs. 27.00 / Litre Biomass Gas - Rs. 8.00 / Litre. Biomass Boilers Systems: Wood, Pellet, Gasification - Uniconfort Boilers. RETech - English - Service - News Waste Management Industry Environmental Technologies. << back|next >>|1|2|3|4|5|..|21 Nippon Steel has taken over waste incineration specialist Fisia Babcock 24.03.2014 - The thermal waste treatment and flue gas cleaning technology specialist Fisia Babcock Environment GmbH (FBE) is under new ownership.

RETech - English - Service - News Waste Management Industry Environmental Technologies

Nippon Steel has acquired 100 per cent of its shares effective 19 March. ‪Falls business turns plastic into fuel‬‏ WTE Canada. Continuous Batch Oxidation System (cBOS) Waste = a useful resource – post recycled waste, unprocessed municipal solid waste, commercial, industrial, agricultural, biomass, RDF, hazardous or bio-solid waste are all feedstock for our sequential and continuously fed Batch Oxidation System (cBOS) which has proven beneficial over many deployments.

WTE Canada

Increasing recycling is also part of solution yet only if there is a feasible market for the recyclables and the energy required to recycle emits less greenhouse gas emissions than treatment. We frequently work with Materials Recycling Facility and Anaerobic Digestion technology for optimal waste solutions. Different waste streams can be viewed in different ways, steel for example, is highly recyclable. WESTINGHOUSE PLASMA GASIFICATION IS THE NEXT… « Ecolateral by Peter Jones. Fastox Waste Gasification. The United States, alone, creates over 250 million tons of waste each year.

Fastox Waste Gasification

Landfills are exceeding their capacities all over the world. Not only that, they are major emitters of greenhouse gases and sources of harmful environment contamination. Coaltec EnergyCoaltec Energy. Thermal gasification/FICFB Reactor - Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH. The GRE Multi-Fuel Plant, the logical advancement of the plant developed in Güssing and in use there since 2002, reliably provides energy with system relevance – i.e., a minimum of 7.000 hours per annum – and, in addition to the feedstock wood, also allows waste materials rich in hydrocarbon, dried sewage sludge, and the like, to be used as feedstock for gas generation. The energetic exploitation of waste otherwise unusable as a material is increasingly becoming of interest to communities, as waste management presents an enormous logistic and financial burden which will still increase in the future. In gas generation the toxic potential of the waste is eliminated without causing harm to the environment.

AESI Biomass Gasification Solutions, Services, and Technologies. Plastic Waste Fuel. Plastic Fuel All around the globe companies and individuals are starting to produce fuel from waste plastic. As only 8% of waste plastic is recycled in the U.S., 15% in Western Europe, and much less in developing countries, this reuse of plastic could potentially keep enormous amounts of plastic out of landfills and out of the oceans. North American Clean Energy - The Path to Hydrogen: Producing clean, storable fuel from biomass. By Samuel Sterling New methods of hydrogen production are being deployed, which are helping increase the efficiency of biomass facilities, creating high value, clean energy from sources of waste. Seems only natural, considering hydrogen is at the core of every energy source—from the sun that shines upon us, to the gas that powers the majority of our cars.

Thanks to older, dependable technologies that are simply being used in new, unconventional ways, biomass can now easily be converted to hydrogen. Good Earth Power. Waste-to-energy production allowing us to clean up the environment by processing waste in order to produce clean energy. Our innovative and unique thermolysis-gasification technology allows for energy generation from waste sources without incineration, creating little or no harmful emissions. What is emitted is captured in a closed-loop system and disposed of harmlessly. Key elements of our power generation capabilities include: 1 Portable Our power plants can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a new location in under 4 weeks. 2 Modular Our power plants are scalable from as little as 1 MW to 500MW or more depending on requirements.

KBR: A Global Engineering, Construction and Services Company. Analysis on environment, business sustainability and cleantech in Asia. Waste Gasification - ENERGY archives - MDG 2008-09. Transforming any organic or synthetic waste that contain carbon in energy (heat and clean combustible gas) is now a proven technology, and it starts to be widely commercialized around the world. The process is self sustaining, it means that it needs no external classic source of energy, and it produces much more energy that it needs, from the Plasma Gasification of carbonic elements. Corporation - Plasma Gasification Technology. Plasma Arc The Leading Light? Thermal Plasma Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) 1. Introduction. Feasibility Studies. Most governments and municipalities as well as larger companies very often lose out on vital information and end up spending hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars when it comes to alternative energy evaluations.

The reason for this is because of the feasibility studies they have contracted for tare biased. Many companies supplying alt. Waste to energy technologies. 52829. Waste to energy by WPP Energy Corp. Next Generation Technology for Energy-from-Waste - Covanta Energy. Waste to Energy (Energy and Renewables) Equipment on Environmental Expert. Current filtering criteria You can remove a filter by clicking on the x. Welcome - European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology.