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Persist or Die: Learning in World of Warcraft : WoW Learning. Back in March, I gave an invited keynote at the JISC Scotland/Consolarium Game To Learn: Take 2 conference in Dundee, Scotland.

Persist or Die: Learning in World of Warcraft : WoW Learning

The abstract read: “All you need to understand is everything you know is wrong.” —Weird AlMy mother told me cleaning toilets builds character if done repeatedly. The other night five friends spent more than three hours dying over and over again while playing World of Warcraft (WoW). She never said anything about dying. The talk went very well and the slides were available shortly after the talk via SlideShare, but I was somewhat remiss in preparing a version for the blog. The original slides (slightly cleaned up) via SlideShare.The original slides and notes (slightly cleaned up) via SlideShare.A downloadable PDF version of this blog post.This blog post. The blog post version represents a written version of the original talk with some of the more important slide graphics reproduced in the body of the post.

Introduction [Title Slide] Arapah - Simple and Clean Joomla 1.6 Preview. One Click Screencasting. 5 Free Tools for Recording Google+ Hangouts.

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Lisa’s blog » A brief overview of XCRI, about to have a new boost. A call has gone out today for institutions to bid for funding to further enhance the sectors’ knowledge and application of open processes by implementing a standard format for describing course data, which is at the heart of many learning providers organisational processes.

lisa’s blog » A brief overview of XCRI, about to have a new boost

Open Education Is Transforming the Way We Learn: Ray Schroeder Speaks to Ray Schroeder is the Professor Emeritus of Communication and the founding director of the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Open Education Is Transforming the Way We Learn: Ray Schroeder Speaks to

His numerous awards and acknowledgements include the 2010 A. Frank Mayadas Leadership Award, the Sloan Consortium's highest individual award. XCRI: End of the beginning. There was a theme developing at the XCRI Assembly in June.

XCRI: End of the beginning

An extended period of beta testing and specification development is now drawing to an end: what comes next is adoption, use, and adaptation. Part of this is HEFCE’s investment of around £4m in course management across the sector which should see large numbers of courses being advertised in XCRI-CAP format. Greenwich Presentation on XCRI 6 April 2011. Eportfolios - J'accuse. This is a bit kicking a man when he's down as most people have turned away from eportfolio software now, but it still persists.

Eportfolios - J'accuse

It's also old hat - Jim was telling us this ain't your eportfolio mama, three years ago. But maybe now is a good time to reflect. I would like to one day do a series of posts about collective fantasies that grip educational technology, and why they don't turn out the way we envisage (learning objects anyone?). This post was set in motion by an email from a colleague asking whether I thought blogs were better means of achieving portfolios than specific eportfolio systems. City University London - IBM Client Success Story. Why JISC projects should blog « Steve Boneham's blog. February 11, 2011 I’m writing some guidance for JISC projects as part of the support work Netskills are doing for a programme. However, I’d like to think this might be of broader use for other projects. I’ve summarised my initial thoughts on this here , but would welcome any that you have, so please leave a comment or get in touch.

Most JISC programmes require the projects they fund to setup a blog. However, it isn’t always clear to projects why this a good idea and how it will help them, the programme and the community. XCRI: eXchanging Course-Related Information. Text knode: 11_04.doc. Pen - Simple Online Publishing. Page Sharing Service - About Us. Free Service Levels Anonymous - If you create pages on BO.LT without setting up an account, your pages will be served from the domain using a "short link"-type URL.

You can edit the page at the time your create it, but you can't rename pages and you can't change them later. Free Account - If you create an account, with a usename and password, you get the ability to share pages using your own "subdomain". For example, if your account username were 'matt', then your pages would be served under and you could rename the pages to make them easie to recognize when you share or post. You also get the ability to manage different versions of the page even after the link is posted. Affordable Plans for Your Own Domain Name If you are ready to start serving your pages from BO.LT, but want to use your own domain (instead of, you can join our service for as little as $49 per month . Contact us at to get started. Professional/Corporate Please contact for details. Handheld Learning - Game Changer: Is it iPad? The Apple iPad ushers in a new era of computing that leaves the world of offices behind, a profound paradigm shift that is difficult to appreciate until one has had the opportunity to live, play, work and learn with one.

Handheld Learning - Game Changer: Is it iPad?

Graham Brown-Martin, founder of Learning Without Frontiers, explains why he thinks this is the most exciting development since the original Mac and why the education sector should take note. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of an Apple iPad since early April and whilst Steve Jobs made it clear when launched that it was not intended to be a replacement for a laptop I wondered how close it could get.


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