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Kom igång med programmering – Kodboken

Kom igång med programmering – Kodboken

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Using Paper Cutouts To Turn Famous Landmarks Into Art (10+ New Pics) Londoner Rich 'Paperboyo' McCor (previously here and here) has already transformed Paris's Arc de Triomphe into a LEGO man and turned London's 02/Millennium Dome into a delicious-looking cake. Luckily for us, McCor is still on the go and he isn't running out of ideas - the photographer is back with more famous landmarks interacting with his whimsical paper cutouts! Show Full Text Everything started when Rich decided to become a tourist in his own city. "My first idea was using a cut-out to transform Big Ben into a wristwatch," the artist wrote on Bored Panda. "Whilst I was there, a girl and her father took an interest in what I was doing and I showed them the photo on my camera screen.

Teachers, Try Learning These HTML Tags You might be surprised how handy knowing a few HTML tags might be. Here are a few tags that will help you to make your use of Web 2.0 tools a little less frustrating. The web is coded in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). For the most part you do not realize the code is there. For most Web 2.0 tools the user interface does not require that you know any HTML to utilize the product. With that being said, many of them ALLOW you to use HTML if you know it.

Turning Your Students Into Web Detectives Our students use the web every day—shouldn’t we expect them to do better at interpreting what they read there? Perhaps, but not necessarily. Often, stereotypes about kids and technology can get in the way of what’s at stake in today’s complex media landscape. 11 Best ESL Resources for Teachers Expectation: If you’re a native English speaker, then teaching English abroad must be a cinch, right? Reality: Not necessarily! One of the worst misconceptions about teaching ESL is that if you can speak the language, then you can definitely teach it. Teaching English to foreigners is more than just pulling songs out of your back pocket or playing Pictionary. In fact, many countries take English language learning very seriously, so if you want to teach English abroad, you should too! No two ESL classrooms are alike so there’s hardly ever a one-size-fits-all lesson that will reach all your students.

These 20 powerful photos of kids’ bedrooms will change the way you look at th... Like us on FB: Where Children Sleep is a powerful photo series by English photographer James Mollison. He traveled around the world capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries. The discrepancy is quite shocking, as in the series you will find photos of children like Kaya from Tokyo, whose mother spends more than $1.000 a month on her dresses, as well as photos of kids from Brazil or Nepal that barely have a roof over their heads.

Artists Share "Before and After" Evolution of Their Drawing Skills with Years of Practice Drawing, like all things, requires dedicated practice to master the craft and create amazing works that wow a wide audience. Although many people dabble in art when they’re younger, few people choose to hone their skills into their teens and adulthood. Those that do work on improving themselves have had impressive results—especially when comparing their refined techniques to their early work. Several artists have been sharing the evolution of their work online and the difference in the quality of their drawings is staggering—you’d never realize two particular pieces were made by the same person. An artist’s simple line drawing, created during their early teens, has since become much more detailed with just a few years of practice. The old portraits, which appear flat and unpolished, suddenly pale in comparison to someone’s proportional and photo-realistic drawing.

10 things to try right now with your child on Scratch and ScratchJr By Saskia Leggett, Scratch Outreach Manager, and Kaitlyn Leidl, DevTech Research Lab Program Coordinator at Tufts University Creating projects with Scratch and ScratchJr can be a way to reflect on experiences that you and your family have shared. Here are 10 things to try with your Scratchers right now before you get ready for the next school year. Use these hands-on activities and accessible tips to dive into new and creative projects together!

How can you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Step1. Learn to hear your fixed mindset “voice.” As you approach a challenge, that voice might say to you “Are you sure you can do it? Maybe you don’t have the talent.” “What if you fail—you’ll be a failure” “People will laugh at you for thinking you had talent.”

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